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Oct 17, 2016 3:30 PM ET

Archived: Wallum U1: Your New Simple Wallet. The New Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Wallet with a Resistant Fiberglass Money Clip. No Screws. Made in Austria.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 17, 2016

Wallum U1: Your New Simple Wallet

by Wallum Ltd.


The New Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Wallet with a Resistant Fiberglass Money Clip. No Screws. Made in Austria.

About this project


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W orldwide travelers

A drenaline junkies 

L ife embracers 

L overs of the night 

U nique individuals 


They all wanted the same thing: a credit card holder that is functional, resistant and modern – all at once.

So Wallum started with the idea of building a lighter, simpler and more practical wallet.

Front Pocket Wallet vs. Traditional Wallet
Front Pocket Wallet vs. Traditional Wallet

Wallum, meaning “wal” for wallet and “lum” for aluminum, quickly became more than an idea. We used our deep knowledge in working with metals as well as our passion for entrepreneurship and launched our first prototype on Kickstarter in 2013.


After the first campaign, Wallum was officially founded. Our high quality products, produced in Austria, were met with incredibly positive customer reviews. This motivated us to keep expanding and improving Wallum.

Now we are back on Kickstarter since we developed a new unique production-material-design wallet that will be lighter, easier to handle and more resistant than any other wallet before. Not to forget the design: it will look modern and cool.


All our card holders are produced in Goetzis (Austria) to offer the best quality possible

We directly supervise the factory production process to make sure each Wallum matches our prototype specifications. Each Wallum gets manually checked for quality at each production step.

We use highly efficient high-tech-CNC machines to produce our Wallums which let us offer our products for a reasonable price. 



Once the Wallums have reached their final form, they get sand blasted and anodized in Germany for their matte and cozy surface. Finally, we assemble, pack and ship them directly to your door.


While competitors focus on product diversity instead of quality, we have a set product line to optimize product quality and protect the environment.

Aircraft grade aluminum is not only extremely light, but also as strong as steel. Compared to other materials such as nickel and carbon, aluminum doesn’t compromise looks and strength for environmental friendliness.

Why are we so sure?

As the son of a metal, plastics and ceramics craftsman, Max – the founder of Wallum – hasmany years of experience and expertise making high quality products. His experience makes production, quality control, and design paramount.

Minimalism is our style – for this and for the advantage of becoming the ultimate light-weight card holder, we kept our design stylish and simple.

Our Wallum U1 consists of two parts only – the aluminum body and the clip. We don’t use any screws or extra parts that might get loose or break.

With the size of a „U“, the Wallum impresses with its smooth curves and radius on the edges as well as its universally matte surface.

Our Wallum has notches in both corners to safely store your cards by clicking it into place. The “click” marks that your cards are locked in and will not fall out under any circumstance.

It doesn’t matter how many cards you have in your Wallum – they will be locked in andsecured.

For its completion we’ve placed an elastic fiberglass money clip in the middle of the „U“.

In order to fit into any pocket, the U1 is only a little bigger than your cards


  • 100 pieces sold:  Premium Packaging for every U1 
  • 300 pieces sold: Kickstarter logo can be laser engraved on the side (optional)
  • 600 pieces sold: Two RFID blocking cards will be delivered from now on for each sold Wallum U1 Credit Card Holder
  • 1000 pieces sold: The money clip will also be available in black
  • 1200 pieces sold: Additional anodizing color: BLUE
  • 1400 pieces sold: Additional anodizing color: RED 
  • 1600 pieces sold: Additional anodizing color: PURPLE
  • 1800 pieces sold: Additional anodizing color: GREEN
  • 2000 pieces sold: TITAN VERSION: For an extra charge we can offer our first card holders out of high quality titan. This has less weight and the same hardness as standard version
  • 3000 pieces sold: 12-CARD VERSION: With no extra charge a 12 card aluminum version will be available for people who have more cards in use


We have carefully calculated costs to make Wallum a success. In order for you to understand what we will do with your money during and after the campaign, have a look at our pie chart: 



















Risks and challenges

The Wallum U1 Credit Card Holder is the newest prototype of our company which was established in 2013 and since then we have continually improved our processes. Therefore we are well prepared and aware of potential obstacles.

Remaining risks are:

• Buying raw material and packaging from suppliers which might be delivered too late or will not fulfill our desired quality standards
• Delay of the production process by overutilization due to high demand or machine failure
• Delay in anodizing in Germany
• Shipping delays

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Contact Information:

Wallum Ltd.

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