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Oct 17, 2016 11:38 AM ET

Archived: emdee – Non-urgent medical and wheelchair transportation

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 17, 2016


Non-urgent medical and wheelchair transportation


Welcome to the future of non-urgent medical and wheelchair transportation.

Why should anyone’s wellbeing be put at risk in transit to an appointment? Our drivers are trained to assist passengers in and out of our vehicles and have access to emergency medical care.

We recognize the vital role transportation plays in healthcare, and we have created a simple, efficient and affordable platform that will ensure everyone can travel to receive the care that they need.

With emdee, never again will anyone miss an essential healthcare appointment due to a lack of suitable transportation.


As the population ages and more medical care is provided on an outpatient basis, there is growing number of people with chronic conditions that must make trips to medical appointments. Whether going to routine appointments, returning from hospital emergency rooms, or being transferred between care facilities, access to transportation is fundamental to sustaining the system.

Organizing transportation to and from health care appointments is cumbersome. Patients typically have to ask a friend or family member to drive them to their appointments and then back home. But those willing to lend a hand can’t always take time off or might be unavailable for a variety of reasons. Others simply don’t have someone to call. Frequently, patients don’t want to bother others by asking for help. With emdee, patients always have a source of transportation they can turn to without hesitation.

While taxis and on-demand ride services such as Uber or Lyft might allow patients to conveniently summon a vehicle, drivers typically don’t assist patients in and out of the car. Nor are drivers prepared for medical emergencies. Hence, these services don’t truly offer medical transportation. Emdee drivers are trained to help and prepared for medical emergencies.

Local wheelchair ride providers and charter services also prove problematic. Even for patients in the Medicaid system who are supposed to receive rides as part of their care, it’s often unclear who is responsible for arranging and paying for transport. The individual? The hospital? The marketplace is extremely fractured, so there’s no particular service to seek out. What’s more, scheduling is inflexible and there’s no guarantee of finding a ride at the appropriate time. For those without access to a vehicle, the cost of wheelchair service is prohibitive.

The time is now for a new solution.


We provide people with an online platform and phone app to easily hail or schedule a ride (for themselves or another person) with a CPR certified driver who has access to an on-call nurse in case of an emergency.

Our drivers are trained to assist patients to and from the car, and offer a personalized and caring experience for patients.

Here’s a look at the highlights of the emdee solution:

With emdee, patients have options to arrange a ride however they like: by phone, chat room, phone app, e-form, or they can have the doctor’s administrative team arrange a ride for them. Drivers rely on GPS to easily find their way.

Patients can select their driver, vehicle type or wheelchair accessible van.

Drivers are vetted by emdee, CPR certified, and trained to assist people in and out of vehicles. They are sensitive to patients’ conditions and prepared to handle emergencies, with an on-call nurse available through the dispatch system. (In the future, drivers may even take people home and settle them into their houses with proper medications and tech where they need it).

Hassle-free payments
With fixed pricing, people know in advance what they will pay for the same ride, regardless of the time or traffic. (This is an added comfort for those who have recurring appointments.) Riders also don’t have to worry about having cash on hand, as they have their preferred forms of payment kept on file.


The emdee platform benefits not only the patient but everyone involved in a patient’s care. By improving their quality of care with the addition of our service,care providers can easily distinguish themselves from competing services and attract new clients.

For these reasons, there is immediate potential for emdee to be implemented in high-impact settings, as the founder of emdee has strong ties in both the healthcare and health insurance industries.

In addition, the web platform has been built and tested. The emdee mobile app is currently available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

It won’t be long now before emdee is recognized as the premier provider of non-urgent medical transportation.

For more information about the future of emdee and how you can be a part of it, please request access to to the Business Plan page of this profile.


Gus Van Dender moved to the US from Belgium almost 14 years ago because of the supportive environment for creation and innovation. He began focusing his energies on the healthcare industry for the potential to directly affect the health and wellbeing of individuals.

While running a home healthcare business over the last year and a half, he identified many different opportunities to improve the quality and delivery of care. He personally encountered the need for emdee while dealing with the frustrations of trying to organize transportation for his clients on a regular basis.

Gus Van Dender – Founder
Gus is a business advisor and serial entrepreneur. He is an expert in product and business development. His extensive executive experience includes his current work at Practic Solutions Inc, CareGap Solutions, and Elite Health Group. He has  previously founded  Workforce Matters Inc, EvoPro Solutions Inc (a subsidiary of iSystems LLC), and co-founded Payday Workforce Solutions.

Contact Information:

Gus Van Dender - Founder

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