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Oct 16, 2016 8:08 AM ET

Archived: TRASH project: Clean Up Maximalism 2017 – Turn your waste into a city wide art installation! April 2017, Clean up your street and generate a Maximalism. Our mission is to create a super conscious state of awareness around current issues that deal with all aspects of waste.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 16, 2016

TRASH project: Clean Up Maximalism 2017

Participate! Take part in a city-wide art installation in April 2017.

About this project



Turn your waste into a city wide art installation! April 2017, Clean up your street and generate a Maximalism.

TRASH project is organizing a collective day of action set for April 2017 (TBA). Our mission is to create a super conscious state of awareness around current issues that deal with all aspects of waste.

By activating public space with sculptures of color, we can engage in awareness about waste, sanitation, and consumption.

Participate in the project, and enjoy more cleanliness.  Please, join us and our vision of a world where people notice the alternatives to the ordinary and realize that change is simple and inspiring. Our collective action will bring us closer to the change we want to see today.


All action will take place at the same time. The date of the Maximalism will be announced to all participants prior to April 2017. Choose a Clean Up or Maximalism or both, and follow the instructions to join the project.


Take a moment and clean up your street/park, or any place you want to see more clean. Join the project by organizing your friends, and give back to your community.  
Clean Up Date: TBA


TRASH Maximalism is the act of transforming trash piles into vivid sculptures of color.

Line your household waste trash cans with the pink project trash bag. Place only your household waste into the pink project trash bag.

Take out your trash on set collection day (TBA) along with other participants. Be in accord with your city sanitation code. 

If you do not handle the trash in your building, give the pink project bag to your super or person responsible for sanitation.

Your collective action will generate a #Maximalism.
Maximalism Date: TBA


TRASH project is an ongoing art work started in 2008 by artist Adrian Kondratowicz. It produces Maximalisms, Clean Ups, and Collaborations that work to inspire mindfulness about waste creation.

CLEAN UP MAXIMALISM 2017 is a new campaign that will unite participants in NYC, Thailand, and India to take part in one global action that highlights our current waste culture.

All your kickstarter support will go towards producing the project bags and organizing the campaign until the participation date in April 2017.

By 2025 there will be 1 lb of plastic for every 3 lbs of fish in our oceans. An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic escapes our sanitation system every year.

We need to improve our sanitation infrastructure and increase trash collection rates in our communities around the globe. Still, most importantly, individually we must use less, reuse, and recycle on a daily basis, in all areas of our life. That is not to say we can’t enjoy modern life – we can, but we do have to find new ways of enjoying packaging, disposable goods, and trashy habits. If we mind our food, we should mind our plastics, as it will eventually end up on our plate.

This is just one issue among many that is caused by our current contemporary lifestyle. Our waste stream has to be refined into a true waste cycle. There is no one stop solution. Since waste problems are many (agricultural, industrial, personal), we need to work together across all sectors to evolve a better waste culture focused on sustainability. 


GrowNYC Recycling facts 

Plastic Waste

Circular Economy

For your support and for your participation in the project we need lots of bags. The reward is a tool for taking part in the project. Use some and share some. Create with them.

1 XL bag // 45 gallon // 36×45 in // scented 

S roll / 10 bags // 13 gallon // 24×29 in // scented

XL roll / 9 bags) // 45 gallon // 36×45 in // scented


In favor of your patronage you will have the pleasure of choosing a street in NYC for Clean Up Maximalism 2017. Your support will be mentioned on our website and in our 2017 report. Plus, receive updates on secret maximalisms before April 2017. 


Imagine the city streets lined with vibrant magenta pink trash bags in April. #TRASHproject




Risks and challenges

You might ask how to produce a project of such scale? The bag is a tool for expressing the TRASH project ethos by turning an ordinary trash bag into a power object through color. If we all agree to use it at the same time then we can all make a visible change.

We have a dedicated production partner to make sure all the bags will be strong and durable to use in the project so that there are no messes or spills. The bags will be made in a state of the art production facility that has been accredited the highest safety and eco standards. We will take the utmost care to work for the environment in all the steps of the way.

Contact Information:

Adrian K Studio

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