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Oct 16, 2016 1:35 PM ET

Archived: Dyslexie Font: Improving Reading for Dyslexics – Makes reading more accessible. Now, introducing 3 new tools to help!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 16, 2016

Dyslexie Font: Improving Reading for Dyslexics

Dyslexie Font makes reading more accessible. Now, introducing 3 new tools to help!

About this project


Dyslexie font is a new typeface designed to improve the reading skills for anyone who has difficulty reading.

You might not be aware of it but one in every five people will have difficulty reading this sentence.

And it’s not because they don’t know how to read … it’s because they have Dyslexia.

We’ve developed an easy and simple solution: the Dyslexie font.

Our Alphabet
Our Alphabet

The font breaks all the rules of typeface design to make reading simpler and more fun.

Each letter (character) is different making it easier to recognize. This prevents readers from flipping and twisting letters while reading. The letter weight is bolder at the base, letter openings are wider, capitals are larger, and spacing between letters and words varies, so dyslexics see letter and words the right way up. This significantly improves the processing of words and texts.

The Dyslexie font team is already making reading easier for thousands of home users, students, schools and organizations around the world.

Quotes of reaction on the Dyslexie font
Quotes of reaction on the Dyslexie font


This last year we’ve been testing and measuring how we can improve reading experiences. What we’ve found is that our users are missing certain options – like converting any document so the text appears in the Dyslexie font or the ability to browse the Internet while reading in our font. So we’ve come up with a toolbox containing awesome features that help dyslexics read with more ease.

Campaign goal: The PDF Converter

If we reach our target, the first tool we will develop is the PDF converter. This gives users the ability to change any document typeface into the Dyslexie font.

Our users have made it very clear that this is the feature they miss the most. Just think about the amount of PDF reports, articles, quotes or what not you get on a weekly basis. How great would it be to change the typefaces in all of these so you can read them!

 project video thumbnail

Stretch goal 1: The Browser Add-On

If our target is doubled, we’ll also create a browsing Add-on. This enables everyone to browse the Internet in the Dyslexie font on any computer.

Stretch goal 2: The App

But we also want to make browsing available on smartphones and tablets. So, if we triple our goal, we’ll develop an App for IOS and Android, giving you the ability to see the whole web in the Dyslexie font.

And it doesn’t stop there – there are many other features we can improve. So get us started and let’s make reading accessible for everyone!


We pledge, that if we raise enough funds to develop the PDF converter, the Browser Add-on and the App, we’ll provide this toolbox to all the schools that are already using our font! To reach this goal, we’ve created some cool rewards through which you can back us. 


For individual backers, separately available are the PDF Converter the Browser Add-on, and the App for IOS & Android – or the entire toolbox of all three for home use. We will do everything possible to reach stretch goal 2 (development of the App).

Dyslexie Font Books

Covering different age groups and available in English or Dutch, The Hardcopy Starter Collection and The Hardcopy Reader Collection offer three collections. You can choose whitch one you would like to receive. All the books are printed in Dyslexie Font.

The Hardcopy Starter Collections are:

  • LexieMouseDesign collection age 4 to 16, English – 11 books total
  • Dyslexicbooks age 16+, English – 3 books total 
  • Lorena Veldhuijzen age 7 – 16, Dutch – 3 books (publisher of the first book in the Dyslexie font ever) She brings out a complete new bundle of story books

The Hardcopy Reader Collections are the same as the Starter Collection but include more books:

  • LexieMouseDesign collection age 4 to 16, English – 21 books total
  • Dyslexicbooks age 16+, English – 6 books total
  • Lorena Veldhuijzen age 7 – 16, Dutch – 6 books (she published the first book in Dyslexie font ever) brings out a complete new bundle of story books.
Books and Educational Material
Books and Educational Material


Be the first to receive the educational cushion collection. The three-cushion set displays the full Lexie Font alphabet, and each letter has a supporting picture (e.g. C = cup). Sized 50 cm x 60 cm.

Education packages

For backers who want to create a big impact, we also have the option to provide these awesome tools to an entire school (or multiple schools). This could be the school your kids attend or the school/college/university you went to or any school you choose. Check out the various packages available: Teacher, The Project Lover, The Fan Club, and Educational.


For backers who want to give everyone around them the opportunity to read with ease, you can choose from several options: City Mayor, BIG City Mayor, The Governor (US only) or The President (excludes the US). You’ll provide the toolbox and license for all the home users and schools in your area for free. Together with you, we’ll set up a campaign showing you’re the one supporting the talent of the future.


Dyslexie font was created by Dutch graphic designer, Christian Boer, who is dyslexic himself. Wanting to make reading less of a task, he developed the font in 2008 for his final university thesis project. Since then, the font has won awards and global recognition. Nowadays, Christian and the Dyslexie team dedicate their time raising awareness of Dyslexia and sharing the font worldwide.



The team is involved in many activities to make reading accessible for everyone. The Dyslexie font can be downloaded and used in any program, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Adobe InDesign and many more.

By working together with publishers around the globe, the number of books available in Dyslexie font is growing steadily. Also, educational material is being printed in the font, enabling teachers to better work with students with Dyslexia. Various companies and governmental institutes are also using it to improve the working life of their employees.

Our dream is that one day everybody will benefit from its use. We want to let people know that they needn’t struggle with reading and to offer them a solution. We believe it is important to step up development and with your support we can continue to improve the daily use of the Dyslexie font.

So let’s improve the future for dyslexics together. Join us today!

Education Material
Education Material


Risks and challenges

As we’ve been distributing the font for a while now, we have a pretty good idea of what we’re doing but challenges still arise. The biggest we see are:

1. Converting text shown in images within documents
2. Browsers might cancel the possibility to implement Add-Ons
3. We’ll be flooded with calls from potential Governors and Presidents

And this is how we believe we can manage the challenges:
1. Develop, develop, develop… And be as creative as possible.
2. We cannot foresee any changes browsers might make, but if this should happen we’ll do our utmost to get the new codes working as soon as possible.
3. Expand our customer service team.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress in changing the world, even if it’s one letter at a time!

Contact Information:

Dyslexie Font

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