Mr. Greenheart's Treehouse - Family TV Show: A kid’s TV show pilot that inspires families to go on adventures together. Amplifying values of nature, play, wellness, & creativity. - iCrowdNewswire

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Oct 13, 2016 2:30 PM ET

Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse – Family TV Show: A kid’s TV show pilot that inspires families to go on adventures together. Amplifying values of nature, play, wellness, & creativity.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 13, 2016

Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse – Family TV Show

Mr. Greenheart's Treehouse - Family TV Show project video thumbnail

A kid’s TV show pilot that inspires families to go on adventures together. Amplifying values of nature, play, wellness, & creativity.


About this project

We want to invite you into Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse—a new kid’s TV show…

Mr. Greenheart's Treehouse
Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse

Research suggests that there is a lack of conscious programming on television that parents can trust. There is an increasing number of distribution channels, but a lack of quality options.

We want to correct that…

We need quality programming now more than ever.

"It is easier to build strong children, than repair broken men." —Frederick Douglass
“It is easier to build strong children, than repair broken men.” —Frederick Douglass

The realistic solution is not NO TV, though, but BETTER TV. The ideal is television which brings you and your child closer together.

That’s why we are creating a new kid’s show—Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse—a half-hour pilot episode which focuses on building strong values, while encouraging parents and children, alike, to use their imagination and go on meaningful adventures.

Our production team believes that we have a responsibility to feed our families nourishing media that helps us all grow and thrive together. Your support helps fuel this project, creating a better future for us all.

Our Creators and Crew:


High Fives leading a Parade!
High Fives leading a Parade!

 Jefe Greenheart is a professional circus artist, entertainer, and adventure filmmaker from Austin, Texas.  For years, he worked in primetime television before taking a hiatus to make documentaries for non-profits in South America with his wife, Kelly.  This transitioned him into a life path of creating meaningful media.  Jefe’s iconic work behind the lens still lands him commercial projects for top brands like Whole Foods, REI, & YETI. He has a passion for telling stories that include international travel, outdoor exploration, and mindfulness. Jefe has been trusted filming with the families of three US Presidents, his hero Jim Carrey, music legends like Paul MacCartney and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and sports icons including Shaq and Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson.  But he’s most excited to continue developing impactful content that connects with your family.  

The Cast:

We are working with a multi-talented cast who have years of experience.  Beyond acting, they are musicians, circus artists, mimes, and all-around authentic people with caring hearts.  We know you’ll love them just as much as we do.  

We are so fortunate to be supported by the creative consultation of the international artist, Facundo Gimenez, the lead performer of Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios—

Facundo is working directly with our cast to help take their performances and this project to a new level of excellence.

The Location:

We are blessed to have the support of Cypress Valley Canopy Tours and Artistree Homes who will be hosting our cast and crew at their amazing treehouse and zipline facility in West Austin.

The incredible treehouses at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours put the Swiss Family Robinson to shame. We could not have asked for a more perfect setting for this show. These treehouses will be the foundation for the creativity, imagination, and adventure that Mr. Greenheart and his Treehouse Tribe represent.

How Your Donation will Help:

We are already putting in a great deal of our own money into this project. Meaning, it’s happening and we’re already gearing up for production.

Our team is so excited, ready, and already rolling. However, producing quality content at a level ready to be picked up and syndicated on network television can be somewhat expensive, which is why we’re asking those of you who support our mission to put conscious messaging into millions of homes to assist us in funding our pilot episode.

If you have children in grade school, we’ll also be tapping the community that helps us make Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse a reality in helping cast “Kid Correspondents” who will help Mr. Greenheart tell important stories. We’ll also be featuring children’s artwork and letters in the show and its ancillary content.

One children’s television episode has the potential to reach millions of young minds, and our first episode will be at network television quality, ready to pitch for distribution to major television networks like, Netflix, Amazon, and many other potential creative partnerships. We feel very confident that we will find the right home for Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse, positively affecting millions of children. That has been the dream and vision from Day 1.

There are a wide variety of major television networks seeking quality programming, right now.
There are a wide variety of major television networks seeking quality programming, right now.

Walt Disney once told us that, “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.”  

By supporting conscious programming, like Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse, you have the opportunity to not only influence your own children in a positive way, but together we can bring these messages of hope, inspiration, creativity, and conscious living into the homes of millions of children worldwide.

Your donation of any level, small or large, is so very appreciated and goes to pay for Visual FX, locations, equipment, cast, crew, costumes, props, set and architectural design, green screen and graphics, musical talent, editors, writers, and more.

At the viewership levels we’re aiming to achieve, every $1 dollar that you donate helps us put this conscious content and positive messaging into the hearts and minds of thousands of children. And hitting our donation goal means we’re infinitely closer to reaching millions.

Whatever level you’re able to contribute, the best way to help support this project is to share this campaign with your family, friends, and social network of influence. You can really help to spread the concept of media literacy for our children by writing about it on your blog, posting on social media, and writing some good old-fashioned emails.

Be sure to sign up for updates and behind-the-scenes video at:

We can’t wait to invite your family into Mr. Greenheart’s Treehouse!

Risks and challenges

Of course, with a project of this size, there are always some Risks & Challenges…

We are fortunate to have a seasoned cast and crew with decades of experience to help mitigate those risks as much as possible.

When it comes to producing a passion project like this some of the main risks we are to safeguarding against are:

1) Running out of money. A project can have all of the right people, locations, writing, and goodwill going for it, but if the money runs out before all footage is in the can, the project can suffer. Being unable to finish a project at the quality a television show like this deserves is paramount. Your donation helps alleviate this risk and allows us to see this project through in a way that makes us all proud.

2) Time constraints are what prevent many filmmakers who are just starting out from getting the shots they need to tell a complete narrative. We are fortunate to be working with a group of producers and crew who are very familiar with creating a shooting schedule that is both comfortable and manageable, while still challenging everyone involved to bring their A-game. We never want to pass over an opportunity to get the narrative beats we need to tell a compelling story. The budget put together would allow us the time to get it right, moving confidently into post-production and the editing process.

3) Keeping spirits high, cast and crew encouraged, and making the experience something magical for all involved. We’re calling in a lot of favors on this project. We feel so blessed to have worked with and built strong relationships with so many talented people. On passion projects like this, however, there’s always the chance of overwhelm and long hours can lead to high emotions. Achieving our budget goals means we are able to provide cast and crew with food, beverages, and yummy healthy snacks! Fortunately, we don’t have any divas working on this project, only dedicated creatives who believe that together we can usher in a much needed message to millions of families.

4) Integrity on set. We have very carefully selected those who will be contributing to this project. While this show has a beautiful, funny, educational script that we all love—it isn’t JUST a script. The cast and crew have been selected because they embody the themes and values that we’ll be portraying in the show. A major risk of a big film project of any kind is when people think it is okay to start cutting corners or working out of alignment with their own integrity. A misaligned cast and crew can easily push the entire production out of balance. We’re softening the possibility of working outside of our integrity by setting clear intentions and a vision that everyone agrees upon. We’re setting the bar high and choosing who we invite to the party based on their ability to meet those high expectations.

5) Going over budget. While we have seasoned pros crunching the numbers for us, there’s always a chance that a project can encounter unforeseen obstacles that push it over budget. Should that happen, we are prepared to call in favors, create strategic partnerships and barter opportunities, and trust that the moral amplitude of the show will open windows if and when doors are closed. We’re also ready to throw all of our charge cards down to cover any overages to make this project a success. Obviously, our vision is that we’ll stay under budget and overachieve on our creative vision with your support.

6) Creating a show that isn’t “network ready.” It’s disheartening when you work really hard on a creative project, only to find out that the technical specs and format you produced it in does not match the marketplace that is buying content. Given our production’s decades of experience, we’re doing this one by the book. When we complete this first pilot episode, it will be ready to shop to major networks and distributors. Your financial contribution also goes into fueling the brain power and resources that must follow the completion of this first episode as we begin taking meetings with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Kids, PBS, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, FOX Kids, Discovery Kids, HBO Family, and many more.

This film is my passion project, and I’m willing to take these risks in order to make a meaningful contribution. I hope you’ll be willing to take that leap with me, and show your support!

We have an amazing team of producers, actors, cast, crew, marketing gurus, and operations wizards that are attached to this project. Together we will work as a unit to tell the best story we can tell and deliver to you a television show that you and your family will be proud to have supported.

Thank you.

Contact Information:

Jefe Greenheart

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