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Oct 11, 2016 7:31 AM ET

Archived: THE WHITE BRIEFS: A rapidly growing fashion brand offering high quality organic underwear/casual wear within the premium segment

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 11, 2016


Elevator pitch

The White Briefs is a rapidly growing fashion brand offering high quality organic underwear/casual wear within the premium segment. Since reaching breakeven already in their third year of operations (2012) The White Briefs are now beeing sold through 100+ stores in 16 countries. Our target is to build a global brand offering the world’s best organic underwear/casual wear, while staying true to our core values of quality, design and sustainability.

Investor proposal

The White Briefs is an already profit-making fashion player with a sales forecast of reaching 300+ stores and 25+ countries within five years. When reaching their target, the revenue would be 1.5-3 times today’s revenue, meaning a potential valuation of 20-30 million (or 8-16 times current value). The aim is to do either a partial or full exit through sale to trade buyers or private equity. 
Our offer: 10% of company shares for 215 000 EUR, price per share 21.50 EUR and 250 EUR minimum investment.


The problem this product solves

The company started in 2009 as an antithesis to the enormously marketing driven underwear business. We wanted to create underwear that is good for the environment and for the people who are going to wear them. Undergarments that simply fit nicely, but with a proper conscience to back things up. Eco-friendly pieces that are both as stylish as they are functional. We are still the only brand working in this nisch. 

How the product solves it

The White Briefs are offering high quality organic underwear/casual wear, without compromising on design. Working with GOTS certified producers in Europe ensures not only organic production, but also the ethical values that are equally important for The White Briefs. There is so much waste in the world, especially when it comes to the garment industry. With our offering, we make sure that people have access to reliable daily essentials. We work only with the highest quality of cotton, which is soft, with a natural flexibility and thus each piece truly feels like a second skin.


Product features

The White Briefs products are made from organic cotton or non-mulesed merino wool. We have all our manufacturers in Europe, where we have easy access to them. Our core business, which marks about 75% of our total turnover, consists of underwear, t-shirts and singlets for men and women. The other 25% is made up of our seasonal collections. They are presented twice a year and here we can express our creativity and secure our spot in the fashion arena. Together with the collections, we have been able to build a lifestyle brand.

Product use cases

From the start The White Briefs have been present in some of the best high fashion and department stores around the world, including Colette (Paris), Holt Renfrew (Canada), Selfridges (UK), United Arrows (Japan), Harvey Nichols (UK), Opening Ceremony (New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo), etc. Our customer is well educated when it comes to both fashion and sustainablity.
The White Briefs have also been featured in several fashion shows, style magazines and worn by style icons such as Ryan Reynolds, Matthias Schoenaerts and Jared Leto among others.


Target Market

The White Briefs belong in the category underwear/casual wear, but also women’s/men’s apparel. The global market size of these categories are huge and they continue to grow. Our vision is to take at least 0,01% of the world’s total underwear business, which is estimated to reach 11 billion dollars in 2020.
Our main markets today are Germany and Japan, but we have also entered 14 other markets with strong market presence in the Nordics, Benelux, France, etc. Considering the market size there is still much to achieve.

Competitive landscape

We are the only brand offering high quality organic underwear/casualwear within the premium segment.
When looking at competition within related segments there have been other brands of underwear starting up, but these are found in the lower price range with Asian mass production. These companies do not carry the same values and production ethics as we do.
Our main competition is in the premium segment with brands such as Sunspel, Hanro, Schiesser, Zimmerli, James Perse, but we are still the only organic brand in this section. 

Unique differentiator from competitors

The White Briefs has it’s strength in beeing in both the underwear business, with department-stores, and in the high end fashion stores. To be able to diversify the brand like this brings value and helps building the brand by keeping up the interest with fashion magazines, editors, social media influencers and quality newspapers. We stand out by being an organic brand with strong ethical values within the premium underwear/casual waer segment. We are the only one in our nisch!

Business Model

Company revenue streams

We sell our clothes via retailers, wholesale, and through our own web-site.
  • Our web-site generates today 150K euro annually with a gross margin of 80%. This channel will grow fast with the right tools. Online marketing will be our main focus.
  • Wholesale business with a minimum of 50% gross margin. Here we work both with sales agents (15% commission), direct sales and distributor (30% discount)
The White briefs are growing rapidly with increasing sales and a strong profit margin since 2012. Our revenue for our last fiscal year (April 2016) was 680′ euro.

Product/service distribution

We distribute our products through:
  • Sweden agent
  • Germany agent
  • Benelux agent
  • Japan distributor
  • Direct sales – key accounts, independent stores
  • Departement stores
  • Åhlens Stockholm City, available at Men’s and at the underwear section. New in-store display from 25/9.
  • Printemps department store in Paris in January 2017, The White Briefs shop in shop one of 10 leading international brands.
  • Logistics partner with pick-pack and shipping in Sweden
  • Production in Lithuania and Portugal with potential to grow quick with us.
  • PR in Paris, international press coverage.
  • Finance and invoicing in Sweden 


Previous milestones/traction

  • 2011 Collaboration with dutch fashion magazine Fantastic Man
  • 2012 Collaboration with style icon Nick Wooster
  • 2013 Print collection with photographer Peter Lindbergh / J. Lindeberg
  • 2014 Pop up store Venice, LA
  • 2014 Collaboration with designer Stephen Burks, US rizing star industrial designer
  • 2015 Collaboration with Woolmark, the global authority of wool.
  • 2015 Shop in shop at Opening Ceremony in NYC
  • 2016 TWB enters Sweden largest department-store, Åhléns City, both for casual and underwear.
  • 2017 (January) TWB enters one of France’s largest department-stores, Printemps, with a corner in their underwear department.

Next key objectives

During the next five years The White Briefs will focus on:
  • Building a growth oriented organisation, focusing on sales
  • Focusing on digital marketing for our e-commerce
  • Wholesale, stimulate the export markets with our agents, distributors and retailers. Be hands on with our key accounts to generate better performance and to win new markets.
  • Marketing
  • Product development for scalability – hotels, airports, airlines etc.
  • Own retail, Stockholm and Paris

Previous Financing

We have from the start in 2009 been granted loans from Swedbank (today 32k euro) and Almi (today 37k euro) and have a montly mortgage of 2k euro. Except for the above, all additional investments have been made by the founders. 


Our many collaborations with world famous fashion magazines like InStyle (2016), GQ (2012), Monocle (2010), etc. have given us a huge boost in marketing and brand awareness. They have also provided us with entrance tickets to some of the best high fashion- and department stores within 16 different countries. The White Briefs have quite a few famous people who like and carry our clothes, artist SIA, actor/singer Jared Leto, actor Ryan Reynolds and actor Matthias Schoenaerts.

Industry Recognition

Industry Certification/Awards

In 2010 The White Briefs was nominated to Rookie of the Year by The Swedish Fashion Council. The year after we presented our first collaboration, with Dutch magazine Fantastic Man, followed in 2012 with a collection together with style icon Nick Wooster. In 2015 The White Briefs did a collaboration with Woolmark, the global authority of merino wool, generating a strong international awareness among conscious customers.

Use of Funds

  • 30% Marketing: Mainly for digital marketing to grow sales on the web
  • 20% Building organisation: Focus on a sales driven organisation
  • 20% Operative capital for growth: To secure stock availablity
  • 30% New markets: We believe the US is a market with huge potential for our brand. We have many US customers on our web-site and the pop-up shops we did innVenice CA and NYC were both very successful.
Join the success of the Withe Briefs, the premium fashion brand offering high qualite organic underwear/casual wear!


Contact Information:

Henriette Simonsson

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