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Oct 11, 2016 6:34 AM ET

Archived: RE Ready: We give consumers a $250 Visa gift card when they match with real estate or mortgage professional on our site.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 11, 2016

RE Ready

Gilbert, AZ 85234, US
Real Estate

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We give consumers a $250 Visa gift card when they match with real estate or mortgage professional on our site. Professionals in the real estate/mortgage industry spend a lot of time and money trying to find new clients. Real Estate Ready brings the client to them by reverse prospecting. This process also puts more control in the hands of the consumer. On oursite people can look over any professional’s bio, read reviews from their past clients and even watch a short video from the agent. This convenient review process allows people to screen and select professionals anytime, from their phone or PC. We only ask that people are ready to buy or sell before they search and connect with a proffesional. Before allowing a buyer to be matched with a buyers agent we look to make sure that they are pre-qualified. If the potential buyer is not pre-qualified, they will be given the option of selecting a mortgage professional on our site and receive an additional gift card. RE Ready data – will be able to produce a snapshot of projected sales. Knowing where people intend to sell before they list or where people intend to buy before they make a purchase, we can produce a live picture of what is happening in the market at any given time. Much like a fish-finder, we can see where the
action is, not where it was. We will be able to offer forecasting data never seen in the industry before. We bring new technology to the public giving them a better way to find a professional. Our business improves the overall consumers experience when it comes to buying, selling or picking a professional to work with. We also revolutionize the way real estate agents and mortgage professionals find new clients, convert leads and market themselves. Bottom line, our service is unique, revolutionary, recession proof and in line with today’s tech market! People are going to buy or sell real estate. The question is, do you think they’re not going to want to get paid to do it?

Products / Services

Real Estate transaction related services

We plan to offer an advertising platform for most industries related to the purchase and sale of single family residences.

Example – For Real Estate Agents – On average over 4.5 million single family homes are sold in the US every year. That’s 9 million
transaction sides (buyer and seller). All this work is done by the 2 million licensed real estate agents
nationwide. If we were to capture one quarter of one percent (22,500) of the total transactions, that
would produce a revenue of $7,875,000 (22,500 x $350). Our immediate goal is to shoot for 10% of the
nation’s market (900,000) which would produce a revenue of $315,000,000 (900,000 x $350). It would
be feasible to see our market share closer to 30%-40%.



President Business Development
Tony Mendoza

Tony Mendoza

Programmer, Network engineer, Real estate professional, Brokerage owner, Inventor and Entrepreneur


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1 year, 9 months2Other Real Estate


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Tony Mendoza

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