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Oct 11, 2016 11:45 AM ET

Archived: The Hijab Lab – Innovative Hijab for Muslim Women: A pin-free adjustable Hijab that can be styled twenty different ways. With ear ports for glasses and earphones, this Hijab does it all!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 11, 2016

The Hijab Lab – Innovative Hijab for Muslim Women

A pin-free adjustable Hijab that can be styled twenty different ways. With ear ports for glasses and earphones, this Hijab does it all!

About this project


 The Convertible Wrap Hijab can be styled 20 different ways all with no pins! You have full control with this unique hijab. Control the fit, the coverage, and the style of this Hijab. In seconds you can take your Hijab from a casual look to a formal one.


The Convertible Wrap Hijab has so many features we stopped counting! This sleek pin-free design takes only seconds to put on. At The Hijab Lab we understand that everyone is different so we made this Hijab adjustable so you can get the perfect fit. When you’re on the go you don’t have time to fidget with your Hijab, with our contoured cut you never have to worry about pulling or tugging. The special cut (based on the golden ratio) fits all sizes and falls just right so you can accessorize without fabric bunching up on you! Our Hijab is designed so you can tuck the back or front in to get the coverage you want

This sleek Hijab design has ear ports. Get quick access for your glasses, sunglasses, earphones, and even stethoscopes! 

 stethoscope friendly!

 The convenient ear port allows for direct contact with the ear without an exposure.  


We asked hundreds of muslim women: What would you want in your dream hijab? We got the same answers. We want style, comfort, and functionality. 

At The Hijab Lab we’ve been working hard to create an everyday Hijab that is simple, versatile, and functional. Our team in The Hijab Lab is comprised of brilliant and innovative minds. We are dedicated to taking these breakthrough hijab designs to market. Our design blueprints are finally complete and the Hijabs are ready for the production. We need your help in making this Hijab available to Muslim women everywhere. 


 Another great feature of the Convertible Wrap Hijab? It’s jewelry friendly! That’s right, you can wear short and long necklaces with this Hijab without the bothersome bunching around the neck. 

The Hijab Lab Timeline


 The Hijab Lab specials are only available for a short time to Kickstarter backers. Help support us so we can bring this project to life and make this innovative Hijab available to muslim women everywhere!


Right now we need funds to manufacture the Convertible Wrap Hijab. This is a crucial step to making sure each detail gets its due attention. High quality design paired with high quality material is our goal. With your help and support we will achieve this final step and bring The Convertible Wrap Hijab to life!







Risks and challenges

Since we have spent a lot of time perfecting each detail of our prototypes, risks are minimal.

At Hijab Lab our biggest concern is quality. We have worked very hard to make sure we use only the most comfortable woven blends for each Hijab. We have high standards and are prepared to stand behind our designs. From the stretch of the woven fibers to the dye’s used, we want to achieve our goal of quality without compromising our integrity.

We understand that Hijab is typically worn on a daily basis for a prolonged period of time. So we plan to use the most comfortable fabrics we can get our hands on. The biggest challenge we face is meeting all of our quality standards and manufacturing our designs in time to ship to all our wonderful backers. Luckily we have a great team in New York that are well equipped to handle all these challenges. We will periodically update our loyal backers. If there are any delays in this process at all we will notify our backers immediately. In such case we will use a faster shipping method at no additional charge to our backers!

Contact Information:

Matab Brahimi

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