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Oct 10, 2016 8:07 PM ET

Cactus rack: the board rack perfect for any room – A modular bamboo storage solution for the modern board rider confined by modern living

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 10, 2016

Cactus rack: the board rack perfect for any room

The Cactus rack is a modular bamboo storage solution for the modern board rider confined by modern living.

About this project

Inspired by the lack of board storage options available for our small apartment, we set about developing a modular board storage solution that would look great in any room. 

After countless designs and prototypes, we finally arrived at our perfect solution. Something that is both functional and beautiful. The Cactus rack is crafted from sustainably grown bamboo, so your sleds can look sharp whilst you sit back and feel the good planetary vibes come your way.


We developed the idea three years ago whilst living in an apartment on Sydney’s northern beaches. Struggling to throw away old boards, and no garage access, there wasn’t much in the way of storage options. Renting our current pad also meant that fixing something into the wall was completely out of the question.

After dedicating hours to research and not being able to find anything on the market that would play nice with our our living room decor; we decided to design our ideal solution. The results are something that we’re super proud of… and think you’ll love!

Product features: 

The Cactus rack can hold snowboards, Kiteboards, Wakeboards and surfboards up to 10ft in height – we capped the sizing at 10ft due to the average ceiling height of a room and the weight / size of larger boards. One of our most innovative features is its modularity; so you can pick and choose which storage size is right for you! Conveniently; this also means there is no messing around with ordering odd bits and pieces in order to have everything fit together. The innovative design also allows our product to be flat packed, which means it arrives at your door in one box and can be easily assembled using only a single Allen key. Order, receive, connect and Voila! We think its smart, simple and seamless.


We’re ambitious, believe in our product and think a good design with great workmanship should always last the test of time. So; with your help, we want to be able invest in the right equipment to get a high quality product into more hands across the globe.    


We have been selling our product online to test the waters and receive critical feedback which helps us to refine our production process and also slowly grow our business. Since launching our product, we have had great feedback from our customers which you can check out below; 





The Team

We are Felicity and Simon; the soon to be married, dedicated team behind the Cactus brand with a passion for design and the coastal lifestyle. We started this adventure together with a common goal of building something from the ground up and of course having a great deal of fun along the way!

International Backers

This project isn’t just for the legends in Australia – our goal is to make our product accessible to clients all around the globe!

Having shipped our products to many overseas clients, we have experienced some governments require additional taxes / duties be paid on items received. Unfortunately most governments do not allow us to charge this from our end and therefore they are the responsibility of each global backer. With this in mind we gently ask you, as the backer, to be in touch with your local post office to find out what, if any, these duties / taxes may be. Please also note that customs may hold your product for an additional amount of time dependant on each countries requirements. 

Risks and challenges

As we have been making these for a while now, we are confident of hitting our target dates. In the unlikely event things don’t go as planned, we will be as transparent as possible keep our backers updated and work hard to correct the issue.

Contact Information:


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