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Oct 10, 2016 2:15 PM ET

Archived: Buzz360 – Marketing automation software specifically designed for small businesses

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 10, 2016


Marketing automation software specifically designed for small businesses.


People start businesses because they have a passion. Typically, however, that passion is not sales and marketing.

What small businesses need, is a partner who’s passion is marketing and who can bring the power of an integrated marketing platform to their fingertips, allowing the business owner to focus on their passion. Something that’s simple, powerful, and affordable.

Led by a team of passionate and experienced entrepreneurs, Buzz360™ is the second software venture for this group of founders after their first company was acquired by the software giant, SAP AG.

Buzz360™ works hard so you look great, stay top of mind, generate new leads, and create loyal customers. To see everything Buzz360™ has to offer, read on!


Unfortunately, marketing is too often the first thing to go for small business owners who don’t have enough hours in the day.

In 2016, small businesses prioritize their website above all other marketing tools, yet, In a world where digital marketing is becoming increasingly complex, the issue only gets worse.. So many factors go into this: web-design, search engine optimization, point-of-sale integrations, digital advertising, social media marketing, and more.

The solution: integrated marketing solutions from a trusted partner who will take the burden of marketing off your plate and allow your business to grow in ways you never thought possible.


Buzz360™ helps small businesses succeed by providing them with…

Simplicity & Ease of Use
Why have four or five different marketing software tools? Buzz360™ takes a holistic approach to your marketing needs, proving a one-stop shop where all your automated email marketing, contact management, sales tools, reviews, website and social media work together seamlessly, providing you a simple but powerful marketing platform.

More Power
Because everything is integrated, each component is more effective and you become more efficient. Marketing automation will help you turn a website visitor into a prospect, a prospect into a customer and a customer into a repeat customer– all in one system.

Better Results
Teaming up with Buzz360™ and our team of writers and experts provides you with more SEO-friendly content, higher email open rates, and better engagement rates. The right marketing tools and better content makes for better results.

White Label Capabilities
Buzz360’s unique white label capabilities allow it to be used by any type of customer. We can work directly with any small business, or with larger organizations/franchisors who then offer Buzz360™ solution to all their franchisees or small business members or small business customers.


Be Found
A “one click” mobile responsive website helps businesses be found on any device.


Get Reviews
Satisfied customers are the best marketing resource. Automatically ask for a review; automatically show those reviews online.


Stay in Touch
“Stay in touch” emails turn prospects into customers and customers into promoters.


Be Social
Leverage social networks to spread word of mouth.

Be Mobile
A mobile sales tool lets you quantum leap competitors.

Be Google Friendly
A Google-friendly online profile helps you be found when customers are searching online.

Get to Work
Implementation of Buzz360™ is incredibly quick — all it takes is an hour! Compared to competitors that can take weeks to ramp up, Buzz360™ lets you get back to work quickly and focus on what matters — growing your business!


The following are stories of actual, current Buzz360™ customers .

Ryan is 33-year-old home improvement contractor who had a crew of five people working for him.  He wanted his business to grow and recognizes the benefit of referrals, as well as the significance of staying in touch via email and social media to grow those referrals. He encourages every customer to leave feedback on his website and to share their experience on social media. He also belongs to the local builders’ association, and a couple of other organizations and maintains listings in their respective directories.


Ryan recognizes that for all the marketing he has going on, an automated system to manage it all would make his life so much easier. He looked into Infusionsoft, but it was far too complex. He realized it would take two weeks of training just to understand the product, and then another month to learn the software and import all his data. Ryan chose Buzz360™ because it had all the tools and features he needed to manage his marketing  without any of the hassle of long learning curve. Since subscribing to Buzz360 2 years ago, Ryan has added a 2nd crew to his business.

A state political party organization provides a list of their endorsed candidates and officeholders to the public. The directory has an extensive profile of the candidates and provides a central place to donate to candidates. The party also provides candidates access to an online marketing platform to reach donors, volunteers and voters through emails, social media postings, and attractive websites. This organization used to use Hubspot but once they heard about Buzz360™, they realized it was a much more cost-effective tool that still had everything they need in a simplified manner. The first 6 candidates in the party to adopt Buzz360™ won their elections.

Most recently one of our clients, the former VP of North American Sales for SAP Business One, provided us with excellent feedback about his experience:


Buzz360™ is already in the market with approximately 500 small business customers from the sale/relationship of 6 partner customers:

1. The Minnesota GOP
2. Home Business Magazine
3. Edina Chamber of Commerce
4. Duluth Wedding Show
5. Flag Family Radio
6. Leading Results Marketing Agency

We are currently in talks with the Republican National Committee as well, and will soon start a partnership with Xero and Freshbooks in which we will build an interface to their products and sell to their customers. We have performed this type of partnership successfully in the past with SAP.

Moving forward, we will continue to expand our sales by targeting more large organizations with multiple subsidiaries or smaller entities within them (such as franchises) in order to capture a large amount of business customers at once. The Minnesota GOP, Home Business Magazine  as well as the Edina Chamber of Commerce sales gave us access to all of their customers, for a much more efficient selling process for Buzz360™.

We are also working on future products such as:

  • Pre-written industry content, including blog posts and emails.
  • Connections to online industry marketplaces like Angie’s List, Houzz, Roofers Talk, etc.
  • Enhanced social media features & digital advertising.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into Buzz360™!


The core Buzz360™ team has been working together in a similar configuration for 12 years between Buzz360™, SAP, and the founders’ previous eCommerce and CRM software company, Praxis Software (which was sold to SAP AG). The team’s experience in both large and small businesses is unique, and its commitment to building a product that levels the playing field for the small business stems from the understanding of the priorities and predicaments of small business owners.

Lisa Schneegans, CEO/Founder
In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Lisa has held management and executive positions at SAP America, American Crystal Sugar, and Praxis Software Solutions, which she and her partners founded, grew, and sold to SAP AG.

Klaus Schneegans, CFO/Founder
Klaus has a wealth of business experience in both the U.S. and Europe. His primary focus has been on the management of small, high-growth companies. Klaus created and sold several successful companies in the IT field, serving small business as well as Fortune 500 companies. He was a co-founder of Praxis Software Solutions, which was acquired by SAP AG. Klaus holds an MBA from Aachen University in Germany.

Shawn Lee, Product Architect
Shawn has a passion for leveling the playing field for small business by creating web-based applications that are easy enough to use yet very powerful. Shawn was one of the early beta testers for Netscape and developed the first online communities integrated with ecommerce and CRM systems in 2000.

Graeme Thickins, Marketing Advisor
Graeme’s experience spans branding, messaging, launch strategy & execution, community engagement, media/blogger relations, social business, and more. His clients have mainly been focused in software/SaaS, cloud, Big Data, storage, hardware, mobile, health, and med tech. He is also a widely read blogger with a large social-media following and high online influence scores.

Contact Information:

Lisa Schneegans, CEO/Founder

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