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Oct 7, 2016 9:00 AM ET

Archived: Infuze | | The World’s First Hydration Pack Flavor Infuser: Custom flavor control with the turn of a dial. Attaches to ANY hydration pack in seconds. Flavor back-flow preventer.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 7, 2016

Infuze | | The World’s First Hydration Pack Flavor Infuser

Custom flavor control with the turn of a dial. Attaches to ANY hydration pack in seconds. Flavor back-flow preventer.

About this project


We’ve all tried filling our hydration pack with a sports drink. The thought of flavor and electrolytes on the trail is enticing – but it means a very messy reservoir, tube, & mouthpiece when you’re finished. Plus when you commit to that, there’s no option for pure water along the way.

We’ve Changed That.

INFUZE is a patented device that allows you to infuse custom flavor into the water flowing from your hydration pack to your mouthpiece. It takes seconds to attach, never let’s any flavor flow back into your feeder tube/reservoir, and let’s you switch back to pure water at just the turn of a dial. 


V E N T U R I + Rolling Seal T E C H

Infuze is powered by suction. 

When you begin to draw water from your hydration pack, our patented Venturi tech begins to take action. Suction causes the internal seals to roll away from the flavor ports lining the inside of INFUZE’s Venturi. This allows the water to pass through the device, pulling drops of flavor as it flows by. These drops quickly mix with the stream and continue up to your mouthpiece. 

As soon as you release suction, the Venturi diaphragm shuts and the seals roll back into place, preventing flavor from flowing back into your pack. 

infuse your water with flavor

infuse your water with flavor

F L A V O R   C A R T R I D G E S

Load with any flavor enhancer and swap flavors on-the-go.

The bottom half of the INFUZE houses a removable flavor cartridge which you fill with your choice of flavor enhancer.

Enjoy multiple flavors in the same cartridge, or, load multiple cartridges with their own flavors before you travel, and switch them out as desired while on the go.

remove, refill, replace, on-the-go

remove, refill, replace, on-the-go

F L A V O R   I N T E N S I T Y   D I A L

Dial-in the perfect mix.

Here’s one of our favorite parts of this tech. The flavor dial on the top of the INFUZE allows you to select exactly how much flavor enhancer is released into the water as it travels through our device – This means that you don’t need to worry about too much or too little flavor. 

When the INFUZE is connected you can drink ANY level of flavor on the spectrum – from pure water, to a strong flavor mix. You have control, and it’s as simple as turning the dial. 

add as much (or little) flavor as you want

add as much (or little) flavor as you want


Infuze attaches to any hydration pack without cutting. 

Here’s how:

Remove the bite valve (mouthpiece) from your hydration pack, then re-attach it to the INFUZE “flavor out” hose.


Insert your hydration pack hose into the top of your INFUZE – (“water in” side).


You’re set!

Now attached the INFUZE to your pack by sliding the INFUZE clip onto your shoulder strap.


Simply insert INFUZE into the clip, then rotate 90° to lock into place.



  • Weight: 5 oz 
  • Dimensions: 4.2 in (length) x 2 in (width) x 1 in (depth)
  • Holds 1.6 oz of flavor enhancer 
  • Adds flavor to at least 80 oz of water
  • Works with any liquid flavor enhancer


Cotopaxi is no stranger to crowdfunding. Or to the outdoors. We’re proud to partner with them to bring you the highest quality pack and hydration system for your Infuze.

1 Infuze + Cotopaxi Luzon 18L Daypack + 1 Hydration System

The durable, packable, versatile Luzon is the perfect lightweight adventure backpack. Made from lightweight, repurposed ripstop nylon, the Luzon Pack is a perfect around-town carry-all for traveling abroad or ultralight summit pack for long backpacking adventures 

This partnership/reward level is unique to Kickstarter backers only, so take advantage!

Watch this video to learn a little bit more about what the amazing company Cotopaxi is and why we are excited about this partnership.


$39 | 1 Infuze

$49 | 1 Infuze + 1 Extra Flavor Cartridge

$78 | 2 Infuze

$89 | 1 Infuze + Cotopaxi Bag + Hydration System

$98 | 2 Infuze + 2 Extra Flavor Cartridges

$160 | 2 Infuze + 2 Cotopaxi bags + 2 Hydration Systems

Each Infuze includes:

  • 1 flavor cartridge
  • 1 shoulder strap clip
  • 1 backflow preventer magnetic clip
  • 1 additional hose




Risks and challenges

We have a solid relationship with our manufacturers and have worked hard with them to work through several prototypes. They, and us, are ready to start full production. If any issues do arise, we will work quickly and efficiently to resolve them and will be in open communication with our backers.

Contact Information:

Danny Noall

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