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Oct 7, 2016 12:01 PM ET

Archived: BUTTON BACKERS – Simply securing buttons: Simply slide behind your buttons to stop them popping through loose button holes.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 7, 2016

BUTTON BACKERS – Simply securing buttons

by Mark & Helen Beckhelling

Simply slide behind your buttons to stop them popping through loose button holes.


About this project

Our project came from an irritating problem

Button holes stretch. Fact. Not fault.

My wife was forever frustrated by her blouse buttons popping open.  

So I designed a simple solution that is…

Hidden,  reliable,  reusable  and very simple to use.

How do they work?

BUTTON BACKERS are slightly larger than standard buttons, so…

Simply sliding behind your buttons prevents them popping through loose button holes.  

When you’re finished for the day, simply slide them back out.

There is no – one size fits all clothing range

Sometimes clothes just don’t fit correctly, but yet you make do by wearing vests and camisoles to prepare for the worst! 

Our survey has shown that…

73% of women who wear blouses have between –

1-4 unworn blouses in their wardrobe because of this issue.

This has a direct knock on effect and tends to prevent people from buying and wearing new garments.


Our design is so easy to use.

Say goodbye to vests and camisoles, fiddly pins and tape or sewing button holes.

Say hello to getting fitted…We have you covered!

How simple can they be?



Shirts ,  Blouses ,  Skirts ,  Cardigans ,  Dresses
Shirts , Blouses , Skirts , Cardigans , Dresses

We aim to sell through www.buttonbackers.com

as well as any wholesale opportunities that arise.

BUTTON BACKERS are inexpensive,  simple to use,  hidden,  and solve an irritating and embarrassing problem so…

Get your stocking fillers in time for XMAS!!!


Risks and challenges

We have ironed out the immediate problems to get our product to market, although we went through many different plastics, designs, manufacturing techniques and sizes to get the perfect product.

I am a CAD engineer so product design and manufacture were no issue and we are currently assembling packaging ourselves which means the rewards can be on their way as soon as our pledge total is reached.

We wish to gain financing for packaging tooling to streamline our business
We will use heat sealed blister packs, where the product is placed into the packs, sealed and sent to our door, making a very efficient and smooth process.
Like all of our local sources we have a packaging company that has been very straight with us, given very fair pricing and are ready to go!

My wife is in marketing and sales, so there has been strength in the areas we need to go forward. So with a little momentum, a great marketing plan and a new packaging process we are ready to face the unseen hurdles of the future.

We have had interest with major retail companies, internet sites and dry cleaning chains so we are embracing the journey ahead.

Thank you, and lets stop the button pop!

Contact Information:

Mark & Helen Beckhelling

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