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Oct 6, 2016 1:41 PM ET

Crowdability : Vibe-It Software – Improving Customer Experience

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 6, 2016

Vibe-It Software

Improving Customer Experience




Customer Relationship Management Software


Manhattan, Kansas

Josh Reid and Jeff Smith were chatting over coffee when the conversation turned to the relationship between their coffee business and their customers. Now these two guys are about as down-to-earth as you can imagine, but they pack a ton of business experience. That background told them that nearly every large business – if it deals with people – shares a challenge: How to tackle “enterprise feedback management” (AKA: getting customer comments and managing it across lots of people and places!) simply and cost-effectively. Smith and Reid knew the explosion in mobile and cloud-based technologies held the key. So they pooled their experience and skills and developed Vibe-It Software.

More Than Just a Rating

Vibe-It was designed from the start to be a meaningful conversation between businesses and customers. A platform that simplified the way customers and businesses interact over the customer experience. To refine it, they talked to many different businesses. Bounced ideas off a lot of people. Tested concepts. Retested. The main takeaway? Create an enterprise feedback management platform that was simply, easy to implement, and didn’t break the bank!

What problem(s) do we solve?

At Vibe-It software we believe a huge opportunity exists to provide businesses with the most state-of-the-art SaaS enterprise feedback management technology available. Our software is focused on connecting enterprise business and it’s customers by way of mobile, social and web channels. What we call the “Vibe-It Customer Experience Center” is truly a high performance multi-function customer engagement platform delivering one-of-a-kind solutions to enterprise CX problems. Here are just a few Vibe-It CX platform deliverables: gathering of omni-channel, location-based and real-time customer feedback; enablement of real-time customer “close-looping” with audit trail; location-based enterprise VOC benchmarking, omni-channel loyalty-based survey capabilities, and much more.

Why we believe we will be successful?

As we launch our software company, we believe to be “successful” there must be a few key ingredients. First, we must be a SaaS technology that solves key problem(s) facing an industry or industries. We clearly do. Although we can’t give away too much of our secret sauce here, we will gladly dive deep for investor candidates who are interested in learning all the details. Additionally, four fortune 100 companies that have viewed our product demo agreed that we are on the cusp of delivering something amazing and yet to be seen.

We also believe the odds for success are increased when the team behind the company and product bring the right skills, expertise and drive. Per our executive summary, you will note our team brings significant experience from some of the worlds top companies.

Who are we?

Jeff Smith: Co-Founder and CEO

Smith played football under the renowned Bill Snyder at Kansas State, then launched himself into the entrepreneurial world of business ownership. He’s been involved in a wide range of businesses, including utility-based manufacturing, retail coffee and firearms. He’s worked in management, sales, human relations and operations. In other words, just about every phase of business. He has a deep passion for developing visions, helping businesses get better, and creating products and services that help them meet their customers’ needs. You might think football is about brute force. But Smith knows that it’s really all about working together with precision and a strategic plan. And that’s just what he does. Every day.

Josh Reid: Co-Founder and President

You might know Reid for awhile without realizing he’s a former Kansas Mr. Basketball and a Division I athlete for Kansas State. Because these days he’s making plays in the enterprise software industry. He’s worked for IBM, Archer Technologies, Ernst & Young and NASDAQ. In sales, consulting, product management – for some of the world’s largest companies. American Express, British Petroleum, Target, Bank of America. To name a few. It’s all inspired him to create business software that makes people more productive and businesses more efficient. Still, you probably don’t want to challenge him to a game of one-on-one.

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Vibe-It Software

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