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Oct 5, 2016 4:21 PM ET

Archived: Wilcox Launches Restoring American Leadership PAC

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2016


Todd Wilcox, combat Veteran, former CIA case officer and business leader, today launched a Super PAC, Restoring American Leadership (RAL). Wilcox, a former candidate for the United States Senate, will serve as the Chairman of RAL.


We are at a crossroads in this country where we must decide whether we continue on the destructive path we have been on for eight years, or do we renew our commitment to American leadership,” said Wilcox. “I am fighting to do everything in my power to ensure we elect only those who will fight for the conservative principals of limited government, free market capitalism, strong national defense and the liberty ensured by an originalist interpretation of our Constitution.”


Restoring American Leadership Mission:


Ours is a nation built on the backs of its entrepreneurs and defended by the hearts of our men and women in uniform. We are the envy of the world because we are the land of opportunity and prosperity – and we are willing to defend every man, woman and child’s freedom to pursue that authentic liberty.


The United States of America is truly the shining city on a hill because our foundation is firmly entrenched in the values and principles necessary to sustain our safety and security and our economic freedom. From the shop keeper on Main Street to the soldier on the battlefield, they are the pillars of American success. They are the touchstone from which we must govern our cities, our states and this great nation.


Our mission is to harness that irreplaceable experience, determination and tenacity of successful business leaders and the brave men and women who have proudly served our nation in the armed forces. Our mission is to ensure the American people have the leadership they deserve from leaders who’ve strengthened our economy dollar by dollar and defended our way of life battle after battle. Our mission is to ensure hard working entrepreneurs and brave warriors occupy seats from the state house to the White House in pursuit of the more perfect union our Founders intended us to be.

Todd Wilcox, Chairman of the Restore American Leadership PAC


For more information about Restoring American Leadership, visit us online at www.RestoreAmericanLeadership.org.

Paid for by Restore American Leadership PAC, an independent expenditure committee not affiliated or coordinated with any candidate or candidate committee.






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