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Oct 5, 2016 6:22 PM ET

Archived: TC Ice Cream: A mobile ice cream vendor that provides ice cream that meets all dietary needs.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2016

TC Ice Cream Logo

TC Ice Cream

Plainfield, NJ 07060, US
Consumer Products

TCIC is a mobel ice cream vender,that provides ice cream that meets all dietary needs. People with special dietary haven’t been able to enjoy the simple convenus of having a ice cream treat brought to thiem at home or to the park,on a hot spring or summer day.They must stop what ever they’er doing and go to the grocery store to have a cool treat.Children with these seecial needs hear the old rythem of “I got ice cream,you can’t have ice cream.TC’s stops both of these from happening.TC is also on the front line on the war aginst obeaty by low fet ice cream made low fatcream and real fruit.TCIC has been adream for last 10 yrs and i have been carring it for the last 5yrs[it has been like carring a baby],Schooling, recearch and saving has been my way of preparing for TCIC’s birth.TCIC will come to full term in April 20012.

Products / Services

Ice Cream for all diates

TCIC will prived ice cream treats for all the people.Thier dietary needs will not be a problem.I will have ice cream for the diebtic.the lactose intolrant ,and in the war aginst obesty there will low fat ice craem.We hope have real in all of the treats sold on the truck.I will have the same flavors for all no matter dietary needs.



Senior Vice President Executive Officer
Williaim Maxey

William maxey grow-up Plainfield N.j. at the age of 17 he entrered the US Army.I spent the next 5yrs serving the country in Korea.I returned to the US in1979, I served at Fort Dix for 2yrs .I spent the next 5yrs serving the counrty in the US army.All 12 yrs I was a cook.


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Company Age Employees Sub-Industry
4 years, 10 months 2 Dairy Products


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William Makey

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