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Oct 4, 2016 8:42 PM ET

Archived: Short Pajamas Pineapple Project: The light and the dark sides of a man and a pineapple. Help support another Short Pajamas attempt at Australia’s Tropfest!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 4, 2016

Short Pajamas Pineapple Project



Short Pajamas Pineapple Project project video thumbnail


The light and the dark sides of a man and a pineapple. Help support another Short Pajamas attempt at Australia’s Tropfest!


About this project

The Film – or, what you are supporting

George has a very strange job that requires him to wear very strange outfits. George also has a very loving wife that he can’t help but keep happy. After an unusually long workday, George can’t wait to get home and get some much-needed rest.

But there’s the small matter of a grocery list.

Sore and exhausted, George heads to the store to get the things his wife has asked him to get. He’s so tired, however, that he’s forgotten to change out of his work clothes.

This is George’s very strange night at the grocery store.

Our Need – or, why you should support us

We have already shot the film, but due to the film’s location requirements and the time constraints of the Tropfest short film festival, the producers have had to borrow money to ensure production finished and post-production will finish on schedule.  We need the $5000 we’re asking for to pay the borrowed money back and to ensure that post-production proceeds efficiently and effectively.  

Simply put, we need your help in obtaining our goal of finishing a high-quality film, quickly, and without leaving anybody hanging out to dry.  $5000 will get us to that goal.  Please contribute to this Kickstarter campaign.  Even if you can’t contribute financially, please share this campaign with your social media network, “like” and leave comments on our posts and updates, and follow our short film filmmaking endeavors at the Short Pajamas Facebook page.

Cast & Crew – or, who you are supporting

Risks and challenges

As with all films, the production of the Short Pajamas Pineapple Project has encountered obstacles, hiccups, and acts of nature that threatened to derail the project. Indeed, at least one such obstacle threatened to cancel the entire project.


That’s why we hired professional crew. That’s why we obtained filming permits and insurance. The safety net and peace of mind provided by doing things right was worth the time and the borrowed money. But we’re running out of time.

Short Pajamas itself is not new to the filmmaking game, and neither are the people we work with. We don’t want to short-change any aspect of the filmmaking process and, with your help, we can accomplish all of our goals.

Contact Information:

Short Pajamas

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