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Oct 3, 2016 4:56 PM ET

Archived: With the motion picture industry rapidly crossing the digital divide. ((RADAR)) has developed high-tech tools that promise to make films faster and cheaper to produce

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 3, 2016

((RADAR)) Mobile Studios Logo

((RADAR)) Mobile Studios


With the motion picture industry rapidly crossing the digital divide. ((RADAR)) has developed high-tech tools that promise to make films faster and cheaper to produce. We have launched a rolling post-production studio that can be parked on any set, no matter how remote, to provide services usually only found at brick-and-mortar “post houses”. A fully equipped studio on wheels, ((RADAR)) is a revolutionary production hub with workstations for: Ingest, Transcoding, CGI, Compositing, VFX, Repair, Color, Sound and Editing. Clients can shoot, back-up, watch, edit, and deliver quickly and easily – without leave the set – and with full versions of industry standard tools, work done on ((RADAR)) is work done. People make movies, not computers. Fitting all the computers, servers, networking into a coach is one thing, but retaining a quiet, creative space is another. ((RADAR))’s key is the attention it places on people – providing a controllable, comfortable and productive space to work on set. Our initial client is film, however we are developing applications for mobile data and communication centers, Humanitarian, and Disaster Relief. We expect substantial revenue from these sectors.

Products / Services


RADAR)) is ground-breaking. It’s a specially converted coach with four large slide-outs that create unparalleled space and comfort. Clever design of space and computing has allowed us to maximize the utility and function, creating a cabin that is free from computers. A fully equipped studio on wheels,


Slighter smaller, at 33’ it will use much of the same hardware platform, but foregoes the some capacity, like the render-farm, to reduce the daily cost and provide an entry-level solution. Capable and robust, it provides a solid platform for independent film-makers to enjoy the benefits.




Pathfinder primarily acts as a support vehicle to ((RADAR)) with a 100 gal auxiliary fuel tank, but it is specifically outfitted for transferring data (such as camera signal) seamlessly to all ((RADAR)) vehicles. Moreover, as a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, it is capable of getting to even
the most remote shooting locations, extending the range, endurance and functionality of the crew.



Chief Executive Officer
Daren Smith

16 years experience in visual effects. Holds several patents for film-related technology in optical flow science and digital image manipulation. Creator of the ((RADAR)) concept and design. Daren recently consulted for the SL Community College on the new $32MM Center for New Media and working as a VFX supervisor. Daren will be responsible for guiding the vision of the business plan.

Chief Financial Officer
Jan Worms

25 years of financial experience in accounting, auditing and fiscal management. Jan will be responsible for comprehensive financial analysis, accelerating growth. As well as establish investor and banking relationships. She will work directly with the President and CEO in cultivating the strategic company vision, strengthening stockholder relationships and assist in development and negotiation of contracts. 5 years of working in the field of large fleet management,

Chief Operating Officer
Denis Hopkinson

23 years experience as a producer for Fox, Paramount, ABC and NBC, as well as producing top commercial pieces for national clients. Denis brings a deep understanding of location logistics and opportunities. His experience extends to serving on local governmental committees and in an advisory role at Salt Lake Community College.


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6 years, 3 months20Movie Production


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Jan Worms

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