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Oct 3, 2016 5:39 PM ET

Lynx Compact Excavators will produce the “next generation” compact-class excavator that has variable-width tracks

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 3, 2016

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Lynx Compact Excavators

New Laguna, NM 87038, US
Consumer Products

Lynx Compact Excavators will produce the “next generation” compact-class excavator that has variable-width tracks. This 36 hp “backyard” excavator will retract to 34 inches and then expand to 68 inches – ready to manufacture now!

This adjustable-width chassis allows the excavator to access a 36 inch wide backyard gate or 36″ door and then expand to twice it’s width for stability and operator safety.

Our Model 34 is in the industry standard “Compact-class” which is a contractor’s “production” unit. That means it has a digging depth of over 8 feet and is powered by a 36 HP diesel engine. Once in the confined space (such as a backyard or building) the contractor has the ability to dig basements, foundations, swimming pools, trenches, septic fields, etc. It also has the axillary hydraulic power for augers, impact hammers, etc. The tracked undercarriage has the same load-bearing capacity regardless of track width and the width can be adjusted while the unit is in motion or while stationary if on loose soil. Our production unit will have a tilt function so vertical trenches can be excavated while the unit is on a cross-slope.

Demand: 100K/yr. USA – 300K/yr. globally

Investment purpose: (1) Purchase a new compact excavator and modify the width (narrow by about 5″); (2) Mate the upper portion of the excavator to our adjustable-width articulating undercarriage; (3) Use this production “Model 34” to market in NM & AZ and secure purchase orders and “second round” investors; (4) arrange for contract equipment manufacturing. As a side note the Navajo Nation had told us sometime back that they would purchase 120 units, one for each of the Chapter Houses (local governing jurisdiction) on their reservation.

ROI: 3X @ 24 months – Manufacturing in 4-6 months – the professional Business & Marketing Plan and Manufacturing Plan is available for investor review. Lynx investment opportunity posted until 2.20.15.

Products / Services

Compact “backyard” compact-class excavator

A hydraulically-powered compact excavator with a tracked articulating undercarriage that has the ability to transform in operational width. The “nested” width is 34″ and the extended width is 68″. This allows the excavator to access a backyard gate or 36″ exterior door and then expand once at the work site. The digging depth is 8 feet so it is a powerful “production” machine. Our Model 34 is powered by a 36 HP diesel engine with axillary hydraulics to power attachments such as augers, trenchers, impact hammers, etc. that are normally used by general contractors, landscapers, plumbers, utilities, and estate owners, etc. This unit’s width can change width while in motion or stationary if on loose soil. Additionally, it has a cab tilt function so that vertical trenches can be dug while the unit is on a cross-slope.



President Development
John T. Keliiaa

John T. KeliiaaI have a degree from the University of New Mexico and over 30 years of business management experience in architecture, planning, and construction management and have a NM commercial general contractor license. As the inventor of the articulating undercarriage I have developed the Solidworks engineering drawings and the patent. Technical skills include: patent research and writing; business, marketing, and manufacturing plan writing; machine design utilizing Solidworks 2015 Professional and AutoCAD (industry standard CAD programs); and Microsoft Office Suite which includes MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I also have the ability to develop websites and create investor presentations.


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Contact Information:

John T. Keliiaa at [email protected] 505-221-1816

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