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Oct 3, 2016 7:02 AM ET

Archived: Junction – Predictive Data Technology Detects Problematic Conditions In Buildings

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 3, 2016


Predictive Data Technology Detects Problematic Conditions In Buildings


Whether it’s your home or your business, everybody wants to know that their building is safe and operating properly. At Junction, we provide that peace-of-mind by helping you understand everything that’s happening in your property — even when you’re not in it and even things you couldn’t detect if you were there.

Our cutting-edge sensors analyze important data about spaces and equipment, including air temperature, humidity, light and sound levels, carbon monoxide, air quality, motion, flooding, and surface temperature/equipment function, all in real-time.

When Junction senses something wrong, it automatically pushes alerts to property managers, superintendents, and building owners via text, phone, and email — providing them with instant, actionable intelligence so they know exactly when and how to best remedy the condition before it becomes a problem.

The result? Greater awareness and operational efficiency, increased owner ROI and occupant satisfaction, and significantly lower maintenance costs.


The Internet of Things (IoT) has ushered in an all new era of interconnectivity thanks to cloud computing and data-gathering sensors. From homes, to watches, to toasters, and nearly anything else you can think of, it seems nearly everything around us connects to the Internet and to each other.

But despite the breakneck rate of innovation taking the digital age by storm and making our lives more efficient than ever before, there’s one notable area that’s had trouble keeping pace — and that’s the way that buildings are operated and monitored.

The fact is, most of today’s small and medium sized buildings lack the data systems crucial to improving the understanding of operations, so a lot of important information gets overlooked. While larger and newer buildings are built with automated, computer-controlled Building Management Systems, they’re very expensive and require extensive training  — especially when retrofitting older buildings with them.

That’s why we created Junction. We’re bringing a much needed 21st century upgrade to property management systems and provide peace-of-mind to our customers who can go from simply hoping their assets are running smoothly to actually knowing if they are.  


Junction uses intuitive, yet powerful tech to deliver incredible time, effort, and cost-saving intelligence to our real estate customers and their most valued assets — their properties.

Think of Junction as sort of like having a second set of eyes and ears for your superintendent. Except that they never close and keep you in-the-know about everything happening with your buildings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as it occurs. Even when you’re working remotely.

How does every property owner benefit from Junction? Imagine being able to catch a water leak before it escalates into a flood. Or avert a boiler-related disaster by gaining insight into temperature changes. Or detect steam leaks before a pipe bursts. Or prevent toxic mold from growing by knowing if and when conditions are becoming suited for it to live.

With Junction, now you can. And those are just a handful of our product’s many use cases that we’re able to bring to the nation’s…



Junction operates on two key pieces of technology:

The Sensor Box
Our all-in-one sensor boxes can be placed anywhere throughout buildings. These sensors are easy to install in just a matter of minutes and feature a built-in camera that records both still images and videos.

JunctionBox detects…

The Software
The information that our sensor boxes capture is transmitted and stored to our data analytics software that lives on the cloud. Users have at-a-glance, detailed views of all the sensor’s data findings, images, and video recorded for every single monitored space in up to hundreds of properties within a single dashboard.

When Junction detects a problem, not only does the software alert users as to the likely cause of the issue, but also offers suggestions for how to fix the problem, such as “Consider venting this room better because it is at risk for toxic mold,” for example.

And because Junction is hardware agnostic, it connects and works in perfect harmony with any of the IoT devices you might currently have, like Nest


Junction has already laid the groundwork for rapid expansion in the days ahead. Our product is built and in the market, and now we’re channeling our efforts into a number of exciting new product and service developments. Here’s a quick look at some of our most noteworthy accomplishments so far, and what we’ve got planned next.

Customer Validated
Our first generation product has been available since mid March 2016, and Junction is currently monitoring about 550 properties. About 500 properties are exclusively Nest users and around 50 are properties who have deployed JunctionBoxes. Others units are rolling out of demos and into sales every week.

IP Protected
We have applied for and received a provisional patent for our technology.

Active Partnership Discussions
We currently integrate with Nest’s API and we are in talks with the Amazon Echo business development team. We have locked down a partnership deal with a property manager in East Hampton and we are in active discussions with partners in Arizona, Canada, and a firm with a national footprint representing thousands of buildings.

Manufacturing & Distribution Secured
We have a manufacturer in Shenzhen, China for our all-in-one sensor box. We are potentially looking to assemble our second generation wireless sensors in Brooklyn, NY.


The goal now is to accelerate our forward trajectory by ramping up customer acquisition and brand awareness and diving into the development of our follow-on product. Here’s how we plan on achieving those goals.

Expanded Marketing
We currently market to owners, managers, and onsite managers of small and mid-sized residential and commercial properties with direct contact by sales personnel. We’re now moving into SEO and SEM.

Referral Program
We are discussing incentive programs with partners that will allow us to leverage re-sellers like elevator service providers, HVAC technicians, plumbers, and more to help sell Junction in all the buildings they service.

Market Expansion
We are introducing our product to other markets, including vacation home owners, boat owners, institutions managing portfolios of vacant and foreclosed homes, schools, to name just a few.  

Junction V.2
We have also finalized prototypes for our second generation wireless sensors. Upgrades include 2-3-year battery lives, compact form factor, long range wireless capability and tamper detection built in. These are designed to be placed throughout buildings and will expand the footprint of the current Junction product.

Want to learn more about Junction, its products, and their vision for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!


Junction is made up of a team of innovators and builders passionate about harnessing emerging technology to make the massive global real estate space more connected, more efficient, and more manageable in the twenty-first century.

Jake Schrader | Co-Founder & CEO | Jake is a real estate investor with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry on Wall Street. He has experience with client relations and business development.


Jeff Tarr | Co-Founder & CTO | Jeff earned his Computer Engineering degree from Harvard University and previously worked at Apple and Giga Information Group. He has 10+ years of experience as founder and owner of Tarr Technology, specializing in high-tech media and security integrations for luxury homes.

Bill Gottlieb | Co-Founder & COO | Bill brings 15 years of experience in corporate law to the table with a focus on technology and corporate clients. He spent 20 years in real estate investing.

Contact Information:

Jake Schrader | Co-Founder & CEO

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