Gravity Sketch - An Intuitive 3D Design Tool for Everyone: The first 3D creation tool designed for touch and gesture input. Popular on mobile – and soon for desktop, tablet and VR. - iCrowdNewswire

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Oct 3, 2016 4:16 PM ET

Gravity Sketch – An Intuitive 3D Design Tool for Everyone: The first 3D creation tool designed for touch and gesture input. Popular on mobile – and soon for desktop, tablet and VR.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 3, 2016

Gravity Sketch – An Intuitive 3D Design Tool for Everyone

The first 3D creation tool designed for touch and gesture input. Popular on mobile – and soon for desktop, tablet and VR.

About this project

Gravity Sketch is the first mixed reality 3D creation tool designed from the ground up for touch and gesture input. We’re striving to make digital 3D creation easier for designers, artists, and makers alike and we hope you’ll join us. We have already developed a compelling set of tools for iOS, downloaded and used daily by thousands of creators. Now, we are launching a virtual reality and desktop tablet version to make 3D sketching even more powerful.

Gravity Sketch gives a fully immersive creation experience, in the virtual world express your imagination from handheld to architectural scale. Watch the full power of Gravity Sketch VR in action below: 


 Sketches are fully compatible with other 3D creation tools, seamlessly fitting into your existing desktop workflow. Check out the video below to get an in-depth walkthrough of how Gravity Sketch works: 


This is a perfect tool for anyone who is working from 2D sketches to 3D digital designs. Unlike other CAD tools, Gravity Sketch is useful for both professionals and novice designers. For professionals, it is a great ideation tool in the early stages of the design process before moving on to a formal CAD package. We have seen the strongest impact on the user’s workflow in vehicle, fashion, and animation design by shortening the ideation phase and smoothing the transition from concept sketch to resolved 3D model. For the novice, it is possible to leapfrog the steep learning curve of 3D design tools and jump straight in creating fully resolved and printable 3D models with each stroke!

Vehicle Designers

Starting off with a series of two dimensional inspiration or discovery sketches, vehicle designers then interpret these sketches into 3D shapes and forms in CAD software. With Gravity Sketch they can explore their three dimensional ideas in 3D at a one to one scale. This content can then be taken directly into a more industrial CAD software for future development.

Sketch by Sam Lucas 

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers begin with inspirational sketches then jump quickly into working directly with the material. There is often a back and forth with the design they are trying to achieve and what the actual form comes out to be. It is a highly collaborative craft where clear communication can cut development time in half. With Gravity Sketch, communication of these 3D concepts become so much more clear.

Sketch by Rob Jones 


Accomplished animator Gemma Green-Hope has been one of our early beta testers for some time. She works with more traditional techniques and had never stepped into a digital 3D work-flow due to the lack of her personal touch coming through with the use of the existing 3D creation packages. Gravity Sketch has enabled her to bring her hand sketched style to the digital 3D space. She is now 3D printing and animating her Gravity Sketches.

We have many more great stories from our users. Our beta community consists of animators, fashion designers, vehicle designers, maker enthusiasts, performance artists, and 2D illustrators transitioning to a 3D workflow. Gravity Sketch has already become a great tool for the early concept creation and in some cases, finished outputs.

Sketch by Gemma Green-Hope 


What You See is What You Get:

With each stroke in Gravity Sketch, you are instantaneously creating 3D geometry. Not only is the process of designing immediate with Gravity Sketch’s intuitive drawing tools – everything sketched is also exactly the same size as you see it. You are able to use your 3D space or screen as a reference for the final size of the 3D object you print. 

Powerful Tools:

Gravity Sketch comes equipped with some great tools that allow you to create complicated shapes in seconds. Designing symmetrical creations is made dead simple. Users have full freedom over their creations and individual strokes made in the software: scaling, duplication, and manipulation are intuitive and responsive.

Cross Platform:

We have designed Gravity Sketch to run across several different platforms. This means you can take your sketches from your smartphone to your desktop to VR, seamlessly taking advantage of the strength of each. You can even save complex geometry made in Gravity Sketch VR and open it across all other devices to continue creating. Create on your desktop and edit a creation from your phone on the train ride home.

Open Geometry:

Proprietary file formats have created a complicated workflow for teams that move between multiple software packages throughout the design process. Gravity Sketch unlocks your creations and gives you full control, fitting an advanced workflow for vehicle designers looking to pull rough concept sketches into a more controlled software package to animators looking to bring characters into a pre-designed scene. The 3D creations created in Gravity Sketch are saved as a standard file format .obj and .iges along with a text document that can be scripted to open in just about any other design package. You can also save 2D images and share them directly from the application.

Gravity Sketch has partnered with Shapeways, a reliable and versatile 3D printing community and marketplace. Their SLS printing process allows for very free and expressive geometry made with Gravity Sketch to be printed with no hassle. This is a great service for beginners and pros. 


Sketch by Paul Piliste printed with Shapeways


Sketch by Oluwaseyi printed with Shapeways

You can send your models to 3D print with Shapeways directly from Gravity Sketch. Once uploaded you can then select materials, order your design and receive it at your doorstep in a matter of days.




Read what users and people in the industry are saying about Gravity Sketch iOS. 



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We launched our mobile iOS version in March and have had a huge number of downloads. We joined forces with Shapeways and Sketchfab to unlock 3D creation to thousands through the use of the iPad and our intuitive touch interface. Check out our YouTube page and watch some tutorials to get started. 





Gravity Sketch is deployed on smartphones, tablets and desktop and VR devices (in beta), the same great tools accessed tough various technologies. Gravity Sketch is currently offered on iPad, iPhone (beta) and with the help of the Kickstarter community we will extend the the software to Windows and Mac, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

The official Gravity Sketch Desktop and VR license will sell for 45GBP (60USD) as a one time payment. Kickstarter backers receive the software for 25GBP. Through the purchase of the license, users have full access to both the desktop as well as the VR version as they are one in the same! 



Backers will receive a set of wonderfully design wallpaper images for their desktop. Our artists in residence are currently designing three sets of themed wallpapers for the smartphone, tablet, and desktop. These will be beautifully rendered and delivers via email along with a special thanks from the Gravity Sketch Team. 


Thanks to our partners at Shapeways, backers can pick one of three fun 3D printed ornaments each sketched by one of our artists and 3D printed with Shapeways directly from the app. This is a limited offering as we want to make sure you receive your ornament in time for the holidays. 


Kickstarter backers are the first to get their hands on Gravity Sketch Desktop and VR. With your pledge, you’ll be gravity sketching on your computer or in virtual reality in no time! 


We are currently looking to expand our beta community so that we can share your early builds and exciting new tools and features. We have a limited number of pledges that will get you in and using the beta version of Gravity Sketch before anyone else. As a part of our beta program, you will also be the first to gain access to exclusive offers from our current and future partners.

We’re a team of three tackling a very large problem. We’ve been working on Gravity Sketch for well over two years now. We have a lot of Gravity Sketch already built, but it’s an extremely complex application and we could use some help with development to help finish things up in a timely manner and polish off the final product. Kickstarter funds would be used to bring in development resources for the following areas: 

1. Core geometry algorithm development: Much of the core is complete. We need to finish up a couple features and take the time to thoroughly test everything. 

2. OS X: We’ve been focused primarily on the PC version due to the compatibility with VR headsets, but need to develop some features in a slightly different way in order to deliver an OSX version. 

3. Native PC: We want to round off a few details of our desktop version to allow a truly seamless experience moving from VR to desktop with a tablet within the same session. 

 4. User support mechanisms: We’ll be deploying forums, developing a robust help section, and a boat load of tutorials giving by experienced designers and artists. 

5. Special features: We have a few unmentioned – and pretty awesome – features that we’d love to give you, uniquely developed for the desktop/VR version 1, which we’ll be able to do if we raise enough. More soon on these!



(Left to right – Oluwaseyi, Daniela, and Daniel)

Based in London UK, we’re a team of designers and engineers who are passionate about developing inclusive creation experiences. We come from mixed backgrounds ranging from mechanical engineering, physics, and industrial design. As individuals we have extensive experience with design and manufacturing of physical products. One thing we continuously found frustrating during development was the initial ideation stage where the creator moves from 2D sketches to a digital 3D environment through the use of traditional CAD tools. 

Traditional digital CAD tools have a steep learning curve based on mathematical logic and linguistics and in turn have a very heavy weight on the end result. Often the end result is far from what the user initially intended due to the constraints of the digital tools. This shared frustration brought us together in hopes of developing a tool that could not only address the issues around the current work flow, but also open the doors to a larger audience democratizing the space and increasing 3D literacy for all. We believe allowing people to develop their 3D ideas directly in 3D will change the way we design and bring ideas to life. 

The software features a set of powerful digital 3D design tools. The user interactions are specifically designed for each platform the software is offered on in order to deliver a natural and intuitive creation experience. We have worked extremely hard to insure these interactions take full advantage of the technology being used and create an intuitive seamless experience.

Risks and challenges

Gravity Sketch is the first of its kind offering truly cross platform creation through intuitive gestural input, this is a huge engineering challenge. The power behind the tool relies on advanced algorithms to make beautiful 3D geometry with each stroke. However, we’ve been developing this experience for the past two years and already have launched an early version on iPad. We’ve conducted user testing of our desktop and VR solutions with a range of creative professionals. We are confident that with the Kickstarter funds we can overcome the engineering challenges bringing Gravity Sketch to completion in a timely manner.

Contact Information:

Daniela, Daniel, and Oluwaseyi

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