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Oct 3, 2016 2:10 PM ET

Botanical Cosmos | 2017 Calendar: Poster-style calendar featuring Man’s signature style botanical photography.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 3, 2016

Botanical Cosmos | 2017 Calendar

Poster-style calendar featuring Man’s signature style botanical photography.

About this project


Who am I & what I will be offering… Hello, my name is Man, I am a photographer based in Australia specialising in common & exotic botanical photography. I’ve worked with botanist & horticulturists photographing flowers from around the world. 

For this campaign I will be creating a poster-style A3 size (297x420mm) 2017 calendar, featuring a selection of exotic flowers themed Botanical Cosmos. I have printed the proof for the calendar, it’s looking great and ready for production. Now it’s time to spread the word to all you botanical & flower lovers for pre-orders. The goal is to ship the calendars out early November, so it would also be an ideal Christmas gift.

My Work… This calendar will feature my signature style botanical photography that does not use digital manipulation or special effects. The flowers is captured using a light painting method that I have meticulously refined through thousands of hours of experimentation during the past 4 years.

This technique reveals in compelling details the plant’s refined aesthetics, seductive forms and stunning colours. Only slight adjustment to the brightness and contrast combined with cropping is applied to the final image, resulting in uniquely stylised artworks. The photos selected for the calendar is from my comprehensive collection of exotic flowers photographed from around the world.

Calendar details: 

• Full colour • 13 pages (including cover) • Size: 297Wx420H mm  (A3) • 12 month calendar with days displayed  • Paper Stock: BJ Ball Papers Titan Gloss 250gsm • Black wiring spiral bound with calendar hanger





View Flower Thief & DOMES



Your support will assist in the following cost:

• Printing cost – $1175

• Partial design cost – $200 

• Kickstarter Fee – $125

Further Goals… If funding goal surpasses, the funds will go towards a 2018 calendar. I would like to print my botanical photography larger, double the size from A3 to A2 (420x597mm).

Risks and challenges

The previous calendars I have created has been stock standard from online calendar print shops. It was limiting in design templates, sizes & calendar styles. Not being able to work with the printers directly also meant I could not oversee the quality of the final product, often resulting in receiving damaged goods and a high percentage of bad quality prints with terrible customer service.

This time, the calendar will be professionally designed and is printed locally in Australia by Colour Chiefs. They are a specialty printer and is known for their excellence within the print industry. Working directly with a designer & the printers means I can monitor closely the progress & quality of prints to the final printed calendar ensuring is of the highest standard.

Contact Information:


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