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Sep 28, 2016 11:10 AM ET

Archived: Nflight Technology LLC seeks to identify problems in the aviation industry that can be resolved with technologies that exist in other industries

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 28, 2016

Nflight Technology LLC Logo

Nflight Technology LLC

Fayetteville, AR 72701, US

Nflight Technology LLC seeks to identify problems in the aviation industry that can be resolved with technologies that exist in other industries. We specialize in modifying these technologies to fit the needs of the aviation market, certify the products for use in aircraft, and market the products to the aviation community.

Products / Services


The Nflightcam is a 5 ounce full HD video and data logging solution that has been optimized for the cockpit. The built in GPS receiver allows us to capture speed, altitude, and position 4 times per second adding detail to the story that the video tells. Our custom aviator lens removes the propeller distortion that renders the competitions cameras useless in aircraft. Our aviation audio cable also allows the camera to capture the audio from the aircraft radios and intercom allowing the student and our passenger to capture useful audio in the high noise environment of the cockpit.


The S-Squared video surveillance system uses a network of permanently mounted micro cameras to stream and capture all activity around the aircraft. The S-Squared processor then disseminates this video stream to three different channels. The first channel sends the video to an ipad or tablet device in flight, the second channel archives the video on a DVR, and the third channel streams the video live to the internet when the aircraft is on the ground. These three channels drastically increase the level of safety in flight and the level of security on the ground.

S-Squared Monitoring

The S-Squared monitoring service will be offered to all S-Squared customers. We will providing live monitoring of their aircraft at all times and alert the necessary individuals if any concerns arise. This service will be modeled after high-end home and security monitoring services.

Nflight Vcase

The Nflight Vcase is a custom designed iPhone case that integrates our Aviator Lens technology into the iPhone allowing pilots to capture audio and video during a flight using their iPhone. The aviator lens removes the propeller distortion and our audio cable captures the aircraft radio and intercom audio stream. Our Nflight app utilizes the iPhones GPS, and accelerometers to log the speed, altitude, position, heading, g-load, and other pertinent information and embed it in the video stream. Apple’s robust applications and network make the process of editing and sharing videos a snap.


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