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Sep 27, 2016 10:42 AM ET

Archived: Luxx Network Digital Community, Exclusive Product Content: Luxx provides a community for exotic car, yacht, jet owners, makers and designers. We also feature exclusive fashion and polo content.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 27, 2016

Luxx Network Digital Community, Exclusive Product Content

by Wayne McElreath


Luxx provides a community for exotic car, yacht, jet owners, makers and designers. We also feature exclusive fashion and polo content.

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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.

What is a prototype?

About this project

We are raising funds to complete the development of the website, to execute the initial marketing plan and to acquire founding sponsorship/advertisers. We are pleased to feature Eddie Sotto, Luxx Advisory Board and Design Chief for our video preview. See the execution plan below:

A growing list of major corporations have seen firsthand that the “Motor Enthusiasts’ alone is rapidly growing. • Motor Enthusiasts’ business is larger than golf, tennis and skiing combined. • The Motor Enthusiasts’ business is highly fragmented. • There are 50 Million passionate Consumers/Enthusiasts’ with 10 million Car Collectors in the USA • LUXX has the most complete “Motor Enthusiasts’ Digital Database” • LUXX has the most complete “Designer Database – Auto/Yacht/Aero…The Who’s Who in Design.

Model: Business Our goal is to launch the “LUXX Network” and “Inside Design”. A central point for national advertisers to capitalize on this large market, and to optimize their marketing dollars with easy entry, new consumer interactive media delivery, packaged programs/promotions for the captive enthusiast market. It will also give the sponsor’s sales outlets an opportunity to develop market by market traffic builders and events.

LUXX revenue paths are advertising, supported by national companies in targeted industries, events and travel partner. The business community, suppliers and consumers will benefit from inter-active online information, services and products. Key Differentiators: • #1 Luxury Enthusiasts Website • Seasoned Executive/Design, Marketing and Content Production, Branding, Events • The only B to C focus is on National Advertisers for Enthusiasts’ • Merging the Community of Enthusiasts and Designers with the Target Audience • Broad Proprietary Content Offering • Global Distribution • Key Industry Strategic Partners • National, Regional, State, Local Enthusiasts’ marketing programs

Target Industries: • Automotive Industry, Sponsorships, Advertisers • Yacht, Cruise Ship and Marine Industry • Aero Industry • Event Marketing • Exclusive Clubs

Revenue Model:(Revenue outside of Digital) • Marketing Services • Travel Partner(s) Rev Share • Event Marketing Fees • Association Marketing

Potential Sponsors Advertisers (Customers): • Fortune 500 Companies • Auto Company (Major Sponsor) • Yachting, Cruise and Marine Industry • Aero – Business Jet/Helicopter Industry • OEM Suppliers • Hospitality and Travel Industries

Key Strategic Alliances-Partners • Automotive Industry – 40-50 Global Brands • Marine Industry – Owners – 10,403 Super Yachts / 17 Million Boaters USA • Aero Industry – 618,660 Pilots • Automotive Enthusiasts – 50 Million Global-10 million USA • Car Collectors – Est. 10 Million Globally / 4 Million USA – Car collectors • Designers – 6/10 Thousand • Hospitality Industry • Media Industry • Fortune 500 Companies • Design/Technology Industry

Target Market Demographics • Billionaires – 1,826 / 68 Countries – Buyers All 3 Cars/Yachts/Aero Planes • Millionaires’ – 14.6 million worldwide -Buyers, Cars/Yachts • High Net Worth- Buyers, Cars • 50 million Motor Enthusiasts’ • 70 million boating participants • 1.2 billion global internet users

Hits/Visits (Based on conservative estimates from initial marketing plan) • 1 Year: 500,000 – 1,000,000 visits per month • 2 Year: 1,000,000 – 2,500,000 visits per month • 3 Year: 2,500,000 – 5,000,000 visits per month

Ten Top Drivers of LUXX NETWORK:

1. Connect people with their passion through interactive media 2. Become the dominant global network for Auto, Yacht, Aero, Travel and Lifestyle Enthusiasts’ 3. Low cost of implementation 4. Speed of delivery and customer response 5. Measurable ROI 6. Reach to large target audience 7. Community Experience 8. Auction-Reverse Auction Capabilities 9. Personalized messaging 10. Customer Profiling-Detailed Analytics

LUXX Network Executive Team Co-Founder: – Charles F Stoyka Exp: President International Marketing & Design CMO, GoTrump Travel Design Director, Chrysler Co-Founder: Wayne McElreath Exp: EVP, Relevant Placement Solutions-Internet Marketing CEO, Affinity Online Media-Content Production and Advertising President, Media2ME-Video Content Distribution VP/Marketing: Bill Sandberg Exp: President – Niche Marketing (Sporting Events) Vice President / Marketing – Rolex Director of Sales: Kevin Weinhoeft Exp: Previous Owner, Mile Hi Agency Successful campaigns in Creative and TV Media, Music/Entertainment, Motorsports, Pro Sports and Consumer Electronics Director of Digital Creative and Design: Ty Walsworth Exp: Owner, Culture Red Brand Manager, Neiman Marcus

Content Production Team: Larry Brown Exp: Award Winning Producer, American Airlines, Porsche, Dresser Industries, Budweiser, BF Goodrich, Bridgestone/Firestone, Frito Lay, Microsoft, Mazda Ted Fitzgerald Exp: Media Production, BBC Media Development, Apple-UK Founder, Clear Blue Sky-Specializing in Global Yacht Photography, Documentaries and Biographies Eric Gallina Exp: Eric is Editor-in-Chief of FormTrends.com and a freelance automotive journalist, photographer and editorial consultant specializing in the automotive design industry. Clients include: Automotive News Europe, Autoweek, BBC Autos, CAR magazine, Car Body Design, Car Design News, Green Car Design,

Advisory Board: Eddie Sotto-Most recent accolade is award recognition from the 2015 Yacht and Aviation Design Awards in Venice. His interior designs for private aircraft and yachts are unique in the industry. His auto interior and exterior designs are equally unique. Sotto’s strength lies both in ideation and team based execution, skills he honed as Senior Vice President of Concept Design at Disney’s Imagineering division, where he ran his own concept development studio. His portfolio at Disney alone contains $500m in built projects ranging from “E-Ticket” Attractions and retail, restaurants, web and mobile technology, including digital architecture like ABC Times Square Studios. Eddie currently owns Sotto Studios and is active in experiential design for the luxury community.

Franco Lodato-Franco pioneered “Bionics,” the theory and practice of nature-inspired design, and is an expert in the interplay between design & technology. He has served as Master Innovator of wearable technologies for Google-Motorola, was Motorola’s MIT Media Lab Liaison, led Design for Herman Miller and led Pininfarina in N.A. Franco holds 71 patents including the first wireless ECG, a multi-blade conformable razor (precursor to Gillette’s Mach3) and the Motorola i830/833. Franco has helped shape innovation agendas for Dupont, Coca Cola, Ferrari-Maserati, Boeing and others. Franco heads up the Miami College of Design and is the Vice Chair of the Industrial Designers Society of America, (IDSA).

Stephen Page-Extensive experience developing game changing Leadership Teams ( Senior Level Executive Search). Substantial experience with Enterprise Social Networks and the development of proprietary Communities for large companies, celebrities and vertically focused, passion driven groups. As Founder & CEO, he has founded several successful businesses: – ESN Guru (Enterprise Social Networks – www.esn.guru – 2013 to Present – Page-Wheatcroft & Co., Ltd – Global Executive Search Firm – www.p-wco.com – 1981 to Present – The VRL – the leading community for people who love racing and cars – www.thevrl.com – The Texas Museum of Automotive History

Risks and challenges

We have the required content partners in place and we have a target demographic e-mail database exceeding 50M enthusiasts. The challenges are in attracting the related national advertisers early on as the numbers develop. As co-founder of Luxx, I also have interest in an SEO company and I have working knowledge of internet marketing. We are employing an arsenal SEO campaign to attract a global audience which will help grow the numbers. Once the numbers are validated and the digital analytics are proven, the ad revenue will exceed projections.



Contact Information:

Wayne McElreath

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