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Sep 27, 2016 6:51 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Sep 27, 2016



Campaign for the publication of the book “Dialogues (real) of a psychopath” (in Portuguese) by Publisher Esfera do Caos. A true story that in many moments resembles an elaborate fiction, such facets that a psychopathic personality can achieve.

After extensive research on the subject and living with a real case, the book “Dialogues (real) of a psychopath” (in Portuguese only) is exactly what the title suggests: are real dialogue exchanged between a couple that is breaking and where the ex-husband shows its true face in front of the new events in the life of both. Manipulation, lies, guilt, forgiveness cycle. A true story that in many moments resembles an elaborate fiction, such facets that a psychopathic personality can achieve. How to deal with someone like that, when this one is the father of your children? An invitation to reflection and more attention to such cases, which are more common than we think.

For the publication of this book, Esfera do Caos publisher made a proposal for an initial print run of 400 copies to be distributed throughout the country. The books published by Esfera do Caos are distributed by the second largest sales force of the book market in Portugal (excluding the schoolbook segment) and benefit from guaranteed visibility in major booksellers. The authors published by the publisher are accompanied in the catalog of four winners of the Nobel Prize (Al Gore, Barack Obama, Ilya Prigogine and Wislawa Szymborska) for a Goncourt Prize (Gilles Leroy) for a Médicis Award (Jean Hatzfeld) and for some the biggest names in science, culture and thought current Portuguese and foreign.



Formed in Cultural Production in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Grazi Calazans discovered a passion for letters in 2005, when it began to produce the first festivals and literary events in your country. He worked on two radio stations in Rio de Janeiro, producing and presenting programs related to independent culture. In 2007, she collaborated in the foundation of SOMA Movement, in Rio de Janeiro, promoting festivals, fanzines, shows, film clubs, workshops, concerts and lectures. She presented and produced the TV SOMA, also focusing on independent culture. She acted in some radios and in 2011 was Coordinator of Stage Instrumental Fair of Music  of Fortaleza and in 2012 was Tourism Director of the municipality of Sobradinho. Residing in Portugal since 2014 and has already published an book about travel, ends this year “Dialogues (real) of a psychopath”. 


The funds raised will be allocated to the publication of the book and sent to backers.

  • Contract with Esfera do Caos for initial print run of 400 copies
  • Sending books to  backers.
  • Rates of 5% of the PPL, plus VAT at 23% of the printing costs, as well as any fees of Paypal

The book is ready for publication, which will take place until December, with the intention to send to backers before Christmas. The e-books will all be sent by e-mail by the end of November.

Note: In case of exceeding the total campaign the extra amount will be used to publicize the book.


Contact Information:

Grazi Calazans

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