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Sep 26, 2016 2:10 PM ET

Archived: Racquel – Bistro Rac’ian: This loan is special because it gives a breast cancer survivor a chance to fulfill her dreams

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United States
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Racquel’s story

I am a chef who is trying to start a restaurant with my husband. I have 8 years in the hospitality arena and my husband has 25 years in all facets of restaurants from front of house to back of house to management. I am a 7 year survivor of breast cancer and after 2 years of illness from chemo I am back on my feet. Today I am trying to make a dream I’ve had for 20 years come true. I am married to someone who believes in me and a life we are building together. Our next major step is our own establishment. We have entertained this since meeting and are now in the process of making our dream a reality. I owned a successful mortgage company at one point. After a few challenges with life I discovered my true passion … food and making people happy by providing them the highest quality with the best service. I am ready to step out on my own now. 

This loan is special because:

This loan is special because it gives a breast cancer survivor a chance to fulfill her dreams.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

My business is a start up. I am acquiring the building from my current boss on a 1 year lease to own. This has been in the works for roughly 6 months but I have had issues finding anyone to lend on a restaurant to start. I understand, having been in the business, that it is a risk. I also know that I have the drive and determination to make it successful. All recipes have been given to me by my boss’s wife and have been passed down in her family. All items on my menu are traditional Sicilian. Ninety percent of my dishes are homemade with the exception of 2 desserts which are just too time consuming for it to make fiscal sense. The city which I am opening in is a short drive from our capitol. It is a smaller city but has grown in the past couple of years. There are new factories opening which is bringing more to the city. I have virtually zero competition. The only competition is the local pizza place. Having eaten there, I know they are no significant threat to my business. The other establishments are a (rather overpriced) steak house, a Chinese restaurant and a Mexican restaurant. The closest Italian establishment is roughly 25 minutes away. I will be offering dine in, delivery, take out and catering. My husband brings 25 years of experience with most of that time in New York City until moving to WI in 2008. It is my plan to not only offer impeccable service with high quality product at reasonable prices but to also give back to the community. We will be running our business quite different than our current employer and will take care of our employees. We have 5 ready to start as soon as our doors are open. Unfortunately, current employer doesn’t feel the need to pay people on time and has at times said he doesn’t owe was he truly does. Thus, we have had to resort to credit cards. This restaurant is our way of living our dream and taking care of our future. It is our life’s blood and we will do anything to not only make it go but make it thrive.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan will allow me to buy the last of the equipment I require. I have reduced my menu and the original equipment I desired just to get started. It will also allow me to purchase the food inventory I need to get my doors open. In addition, it will also pay my establishment license fee.

About Bistro Rac’ian

Industry: Food
Years in operation: More than 5 years
Website: imanderson.wix.com 

A loan of $5,000 helps me realize a dream that has been in me for 20 years and I now have the opportunity to realize it. I have an amazing partner in life and business. This loan not only allows me to be in business and realize the American dream but also provides for a community.

Contact Information:


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