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Sep 26, 2016 6:00 AM ET

Archived: JIB // a new rock musical, album, and film: These strangers unknowingly co-compose ONE ONGOING SCORE across time and space . . . their collaborations unknown to one another, but witnessed by the ghosts that surround and move between them.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 26, 2016

JIB // a new rock musical, album, and film

by Old Sound Room

JIB // a new rock musical, album, and film project video thumbnail


About this project


Jib // A New Rock Musical, Album, And Film

brand new songs by AMANDA PALMER & JASON WEBLEY 


script / music / direction by MICHAEL McQUILKEN


consulting producer BETH MORRISON PROJECTS

JIB is a story of the invisible strands of inspiration that bind us together.

JIB was first produced in 2011 as Michael McQuilken’s directing thesis at the Yale School of Drama.  Now, THE WINDMILL FACTORY ­(TWF) – creator of sublime installations, events and rock concert stage designs – is teaming up with OLD SOUND ROOM performance ensemble (OSR), to breathe new life back into this work. 

The 2016 incarnation of JIB will be performed live in PHILLY in December — along with the release of a FULL LENGTH ALBUM and a FILM version, which is made as part of the performance. Our goal is to then bring the production to NYC in the near future.


MARRIS follows the news story of a maniacal musical savant, BEN dies in a traffic accident and must finish his magnum opus from the afterlife, and JIB’s songs shove her into the public eye.

These strangers unknowingly co-compose ONE ONGOING SCORE across time and space . . . their collaborations unknown to one another,  but witnessed by the ghosts that surround and move between them.

A story of the invisible strands of inspiration that bind us together.


 project video thumbnail

LEAH SIEGEL (Firehorse, Leisure Cruise) offers us a little taste of what’s ahead with her in the title role of JIB:

 project video thumbnail


A deeply rehearsed, deftly executed, highly cinematic, and narratively necessary one-take film made throughout the live 90 min. show, featuring the audience.

The Living Cinema camera appears when the story calls for it in TV studios and on red carpets and is otherwise hidden in shadow. . .

WRITER/DIRECTOR MICHAEL McQUILKEN explains JIB’s LIVE FILM and SOUND worlds in more detail, below:

 project video thumbnail


Yes, an actual rock show with you on your feet and inside the performance….and did we mention new songs by 


This August, Amanda and Jason will compose new songs for JIB — their acoustic versions will be released as a separate EP. However, their recordings will be passed along to Michael McQuilken (a.k.a. THE FEW MOMENTS) to be fully orchestrated with a rock band, and re-presented with the rest of JIB’s score in the show, in the film, and in a full-length LP format, exclusively available through this Kickstarter campaign.  


WHO are OSR & TWF?

OLD SOUND ROOM is a performance ensemble created in 2013 by a group of like-minded theatre artists, all Yale School of Drama graduates. Three years later, OSR has grown into an internationally recognized and award-winning performance ensemble, including Machine Makes Man, which won best international performance at Fringe Amsterdam 2014. Michael McQuilken’s latest work, Angel Bone, was part of the Prototype Festival 2016 and received rave reviews from The New York Times. 

OSR couldn’t be more excited about teaming up with our great friends and collaborators…. THE WINDMILL FACTORY, who manufacture sublime experience where the audience is king.

TWF is a creative collective based in Brooklyn, NY founded by Jon Morris with Ana Constantino. TWF has produced art installations, performances, and events from a Nine Inch Nails Tour to re-creating the night sky on the Hudson river to residencies at the Watermill Centre and La Mama etc to 5-star productions at the Edinburgh Fringe. Their work has been acclaimed internationally by WIRED, Rolling Stone, SPIN, The New York Times,The Gaurdian, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, The Scotsman, NBC News, The Creators Project….


PERFORMANCE : Neighborhood House, Philadelphia // 1st – 18th, December 

CINEMATIC ONE TAKE FILM : Available as a reward // January, 2017 

FULL ALBUM : Available as a reward // January, 2017



With your help we want to raise $50,000….this is a huge part of our fundraising campaign, but to fully realize the project we need $75,000. 

The additional $25,000 will be raised through events: join us on Facebook and Instagram @OLDSOUNDROOM to find out about fundraising events we are putting on in NYC & Philly.

Every dollar counts to make this happen. If we raise more than $75,000, we will use the additional funds for a more dynamic design and pay our actors and creators more than our current passion project wage. 

Please become part of our community by supporting us, and check out the amazing rewards that we are offering…album / tickets / posters and everything signed. 

Where does the money go….

Venue // Equipment Rental // Light Rental // Rehearsal Space // Set // Costumes // Transportation // Fees: actors, designers, production team, crew, camera operator, musicians. 

OSR is a licensed non profit and all donations to JIB can be seen as a charitable contribution and tax deductible.

a sneak peek at the signed songwriting notes from Jason and Amanda -- collectors: these are for you!! only 21 pages available!
a sneak peek at the signed songwriting notes from Jason and Amanda — collectors: these are for you!! only 21 pages available!

JIB’s First Life…

Here is a little peek at that original production:

For that initial production Michael wrote the music, script, and directed. Since that time there have been significant rewrites and improvements to the script as additional collaborators have been brought on: Jon Morris, Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley, as well as the support of OSR and everyone shown in our Kickstarter video. 

The original production received rave reviews and is remembered by many of the Yale School of Drama professors as a unique work of art. 

Here are some responses to JIB from Beth McGuire, Liz Diamond, Robert Woodruff, and Ron Van Lieu — some of the Yale School of Drama Professors who saw and supported the thesis production in 2011:

 project video thumbnail


Risks and challenges

With any ambitious artistic project there are many challenges. At this point with JIB, our main challenge is raising enough money to pay all of our artists so they are able to focus on the work.

Another challenge will be with ticket sales and marketing in Philadelphia, as this is not our home turf; however, we are planning on expanding our community in Philadelphia. We have already been welcomed by the Philly community from Neighbourhood house, Fringe Arts, Pig Iron and Pex, and we plan on scheduling special events leading up to JIB in Philadelphia to expand our community within the local art scene. Such as:
An open reading of JIB
A performance by Odysseus Finn (Michael McQuilken’s band)
A performance by Firehorse (Leah Siegel’s band)

We are all highly experienced theatre makers and will be drawing on the support of our communities.

The complex nature of creating a one-take cinematic live film during each performance requires detailed choreography and technical execution for which we will need additional rehearsal time, we have already budgeted for this, and it’s a key part of where the Kickstarter funds will be allocated.

Both OSR and TWF’s past projects have prepared us to take on the complex beast that is JIB.

Contact Information:

Old Sound Room

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