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Sep 24, 2016 9:02 AM ET

Archived: ADAM: Apex’s Debut EP. 7 voices. 4 stories. No Instruments. 1 visual album done A Cappella. Music + Film + Art. Breaking the boundaries of vocal music.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 24, 2016

ADAM: Apex’s Debut EP

7 voices. 4 stories. No Instruments. 1 visual album done A Cappella. Music + Film + Art. Breaking the boundaries of vocal music.

About this project

Who is The Apex Project?

The Apex Project is an up and coming A Cappella group from Singapore. We perform a pop/jazz repertoire with a theatrical twist. In 5 short months since our inception, we have won multiple awards locally and internationally:

  • Winner @ 2016 National A Cappella Championships (Singapore)
  • Jury’s Choice @ 2016 Vocal Asia 3rd A Cappella Cup (Taiwan)

We hope that with our debut EP, we can make our mark in the local music scene as well as bring a fresh perspective to vocal music in Singapore.  

Prior to the making of this EP, we have released 16 videos on YouTube as of September 17, including 2 music videos, 3 travel diaries, 3 behind-the-scenes videos and 8 regular vlogs. Every song and mashup that The Apex Project covers aims to communicate a core message the group believes in.

Who’s In The Group?

  • Cheeyang Ng (Winner of Campus Superstar, 超级星光大道, Vocalosity)
  • Jean Goh Sijia (Winner of Starhub’s Hear Me Sing)
  • Alejandro Houlu (Top 20 Campus Superstar)
  • Genevieve Seah (Winner of Yamaha’s Asian Beat Band and NEA Eco Music Challenge)
  • Yvonne Ng (SGAG’s Pokemon Beatboxer, 2016 Acachamps Best VP)
  • Bryant Koh (Singapore Beatbox Battle Judge)
  • Kevin Wijono (Music Director of SMU Voix)
L to R: Kevin, Gen, Yvonne, Cheeyang, Jean, Ale, Bryant
L to R: Kevin, Gen, Yvonne, Cheeyang, Jean, Ale, Bryant

What is ADAM?

ADAM is the title of The Apex Project’s debut EP. This visual album will be released as a 4-part music video series on YouTube and made available on all major platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc.

ADAM embodies the stories of all 7 members of The Apex Project.  The EP will follow our musical journey and struggles that we’ve gone through in life. By incorporating different art forms including film, music and dance, we hope to elevate the listening and viewing of a cappella music. We’d also like to combine the storytelling elements of all three art forms into a cohesive entity in ADAM.

We aim to release the EP in June 2017.

ADAM: Apex's Debut EP
ADAM: Apex’s Debut EP

How will the funds be used?

We aim to use Kickstarter to partially fund our EP. The other half will be funded through grants, gigs, and more. The cost breaks down as follows:

  • Music Production, Engineering, Studio Rental and Arranging Fees (SGD$1,250 per song x 4 = SGD$5,000)
  • Videography and Filming (SGD$1,000 per song x 4 = SGD$4,000)
  • CD Duplication and Distribution (SGD$250 per song = SGD$1,000)
  • Total Cost = SGD$10,000 

(Note: These are heavily discounted rates and do not reflect market rates)

If we succeed in funding the $5,000, our stretch goal would be to hit $10,000 in order to fully fund the EP through Kickstarter!

How can you help?

If you believe in what we are setting out to do, there are a few ways you can help The Apex Project fund our debut EP!

  • Pre-order the EP on Kickstarter at just SGD$5
  • Talk about The Apex Project (@apexprojectsg) on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Hire us for a show for your company (if you’re based in Singapore)
  • Back the project at a higher level and receive even more rewards

How do the Rewards work?

1. Choose the reward that attracts you the most
2. Pledge a minimum amount at that tier level, or more if you’d like.
3. Key in your payment information.
4. Once the project is successfully funded at the end of 30 days, you will be charged the amount. If the project does not hit our goal a minimum of $5,000, then you will not be charged and ADAM will not happen 🙁

Most importantly, you can just choose the reward level you want, and donate additional amounts as you wish. For example, if you only want the digital download of the EP, but want to donate $100, you can choose the Friend reward level and still donate $100 at the donation landing page!

In Summary

The Apex Project has come a long way in 5 months and we don’t want the momentum to stop. We want to prove that there is talent in Singapore, and people who want to tell meaningful stories with a lot of heart.  

With you, a young group has hit 21,000 views on our second music video.  
With you, a talented vocal band can represent Singapore in the regional market.  
With you, The Apex Project can make ADAM a reality.


Risks and challenges

If we cannot raise at least SGD$5,000 this project will not be able to start. We are currently in the midst of our writing process, finding the voice of all 7 individuals. If we don’t raise the minimum, we cannot get into the studio and start recording the music, and the product will be undeliverable.

Take a risk on us and we will promise to deliver the best product with a lot of heart. Our biggest challenge is that if this Kickstarter does not raise enough money, our stories will go unheard because we would not have the minimum funding required to carry out the project.

Help make “ADAM” a reality!

Contact Information:

The Apex Project

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