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Sep 23, 2016 1:50 PM ET

Archived: Butler Healthcare will provide “ONESTOP, 21st century state of the art healthcare to El Paso, Texas

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 23, 2016

Butler Healthcare

El Paso, TX 79912, US

Butler Healthcare will provide “ONESTOP, 21st century state of the art healthcare to El Paso, Texas. It will be a multi-physician, multi-specialty outpatient healthcare center with specialties in Oncology, Internal Medicine and Urgent Care. Diagnostic imaging such as: Nuclear Imaging, PET/CT, X-Ray; CT scan; Ultrasound imaging. A full service lab with hand held metabolic chemistry analyzers. Radiation therapy will be available on site and a large pharmacy is available for various Chemotherapies.


Products / Services

One Stop Healtcare with advance diagnostic imaging and laboratory service

Multi-physician group specializing in Oncology, Internal Medicine and Urgent Care
-Medical and Radiation Oncology services, including Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy
-Advanced diagnostic and imaging services
-Diagnostic lab services



President Executive Officer
Christopher Butler MD

CEO-Christopher J. Butler, MD. (USAF-Capt). All licenses are current, active and in good standing.

Executive Vice President Executive Officer
Mark Xxxxxx MBA

Senior Healthcare Executive successful in the startup and turnaround healthcare clinics, cancer treatment facilities, ambulatory surgery centers and medical facilities for private healthcare organizations and the military. Skillful negotiator and respected leader with a strong background in healthcare management, staffing, training and accreditation. Last name is omitted as to not compromise his current position.


Strategic Business Planning, P&L, Budgeting & Reporting, Partnering Alliances
Physician Recruitment & Retention, Best Practices, Staff Recruitment & Training
Service Line Development, Quality & Process Control, Operational Modeling
Risk Management, Marketing & Community Outreach, Space Utilization
Contract Negotiations, Executive Presentations, Program Development & Leadership

Executive Vice President Operating Officer
Jay A. Butler ARRT(N)(CT)(R), LVN, NMTCB

Jay A. Butler, experience with multiple new start ups with state and federal compliance. . As a multi-licensed technologist in Nuclear Imaging (NM), Computer Tomography (CT), Diagnostic Radiology (R) by the ARRT and am an LVN with a current active license with nursing experience; my credentials allows me additional insight as to all the dynamics diagnostic imaging and nursing teams share and our common goals in relation to the various types of facilities and hospitals mission and values. I have training as an Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) from the University of Texas at San Antonio. . All licenses are current, active and in good standing

Senior Vice President Operating Officer
Bradley Moseley, RDMS, RCVS, BA

Brad Moseley, BBA, RDVS, Administrative Director of Diagnostic Imaging. Managing a Radiology Department of over 60 employees. Services included diagnostic radiology, CT, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, PET/CT imaging, Women’s Imaging, Cardiac imaging. Responsibilities included physician recruitment, and physician contracted, marketing of services, human resource management, technical and managerial supervision of employees, implementation of PACS and upgrades to the PACS systems, contracting and conversion of offsite and after hours physician interpretations, management of a union environment. Financial accountability including productivity standards, inventory management, contracting for equipment and equipment maintenance, capitol budgeting, RFP standards, equipment selection, room preparation, remodeling and startups. All licenses are current, active and in good standing.

Executive Vice President Operating Officer
Amanda N. Butler RN, BSN

Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)-Experienced with critical care and administrative nursing. Also does case management and working with various insurance companies for patient care management. All licenses are current, active and in good standing.

Senior Vice President Operating Officer
Frank Ortiz, RN, BSN, MBA

Visionary with strong focus on customer satisfaction and quality outcomes. Strategic Planning, Performance Improvement, Quality Management, Project Management, Contract Negotiations, Supply Chain Management, Budget Administration, Supply Chain Management, Negotiation Skills, Process Improvement, Department Operations, Staff Management (PLUS) & Forecasting, Community Outreach, Bi-Lingual (English/Spanish), Leadership/Communication Skills, Customer Service Oriented, Team Building, Cost Reductions. Oversaw the nursing operations at Las Palmas Medical Center. Participated as a member of the hospital’s senior executive team in; planning, policy formulation, strategic decisions, and design and development of projects. Administrator for 300+ FTE’s at a 316 bed acute care facility. Assumed CNO role in CNO absence

Successfully consolidated and standardized nursing policies between two healthcare systems. All licenses are current, active and in good standing.

Senior Vice President Business Development
Jonathan P. Butler, BBA

Marketing and financial services director. BA degree in Economics, BA degree in Marketing.

Consulting Physician/Medical Officer
Judith LaBarbera MD

Nuclear Medicine physician. Physician Administrator de Facto when Dr. Butler is not available, Advisor/Consultant/Board Member. All licenses are current, active and in good standing.

Consulting Physician/Medical Officer
Wayne Watson MD

Internal Medicine physician. All licenses are current, active and in good standing. Position: Advisor/Consultant/ Board Member.

Consulting Physician/Medical Officer
Russel Baker DO (Physician) and Sunny Baker (Physician Assistant)

Physician and Physician Assistants performing Concierge Medicine services. Russel Baker is a physician and Sunny is a Physician Assistant. Both are experienced in trauma, emergency room medicine, field medicine as well as portable ekg’s, ultrasound and use of hand held chemistry analyzers.
Physician Assistants also available to provide care are Jun Ming PA (Chinese), Jose Rincon PA (Spanish)

Consulting Counsel/Legal Officer
Fred Haiman JD

Experience business.corporate attorney with offices in El Paso, Tx and Dallas, Tx

Consulting Advisor
Fady Kassem MS

Physicist-Will assist with the instillation and ensure all diagnostic equipment meet state and federal standards and regulations. Currently on the ACR board.

Consulting Advisor
Walt Moller

Tax and wealth management advisor

Consulting Physician/Medical Officer
Douglas Hilbert MD FACP

Physician placement service owner of MD Enterprises. Doug will recruit and place physicians as needed for Oncology and Internal Medicine. He will ensure physician compliance and are licensed in the state of Texas before hire.

Consulting Physician/Medical Officer
Teresa Reed MD (Radiation Oncologist)

Local Radiation Oncologist physician who will provide radiation oncology planing and treatment for patients requiring radiation therapy treatment.

Consulting Business Development
The HUB of Human Innovation in El Paso, TX

Provides start up and business development mentoring and stratigizing. Current team consist of Cathy Swain (President) and Ernesto Gamboa (lead mentor), a bank president, VP of finance for Texas Tech medical school, Neurologist (physician), City of El Paso economic development, University of Texas at El Paso CREIE program, retired CEO of Tenet hospital in El Paso, Tx., as well as other regional business, community or civic leaders.

Ross Davidson

Experience business and corporate attorney with offices in San Antonio, Tx



Contact Information:

President Executive Officer - Christopher Butler MD

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