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Sep 22, 2016 11:32 AM ET

Archived: The world’s first active stress-relief wearable – Thync: A consumer wearables company rooted in neuroscience that developed the first chemical-free way to physiologically lower stress

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2016


The world’s first active stress-relief wearable


Welcome to Thync: a consumer wearables company rooted in neuroscience that developed the first chemical-free way to physiologically lower stress.

Thync was founded on a proprietary technology and product platform, which resulted from the groundbreaking work and studies conducted over the past 5 years by Thync scientists and engineers lead by entrepreneur and inventor, Isy Goldwasser, seasoned technologist, Anil Thakur, and Harvard neuroscientist, Sumon Pal, Ph.D., who came together with the goal of lowering stress in the world using neuroscience instead of drinks and pills.


Coping with stress is a universal problem. Stress damages our health, productivity and relationships. According to the most recent American Psychological Association data, the vast majority of Americans (78%) reported feeling mental-health related symptoms associated with stress such as occasional anxiety, restlessness, or worrying. These data also show that younger generations are experiencing the highest levels of stress, with 1 out of 4 saying they are not doing enough to manage their stress.

Unfortunately, alcoholic drinks, anti-anxiety medications and sleep aids are the primary way people deal with stress. These substances comprise an enormous market with more than $250 billion spent on alcohol and $20 billion spent on sleep/anxiety prescriptions and supplements.

In 2011, the top five psychiatric medications used for anxiety in the US – Xanax, Celexa, Zoloft, Ativan, and Prozac – were prescribed a combined 175 million times.

36.5 million people in the US used anxiety drugs in 2013 (IMS Health Vector One National database Year 2013, Extracted April 2014), and 9 million people used prescription sleep medication (CDC).

These substances are all accompanied with dangerous side effects and the potential for addiction. There is no question that prescription drug abuse is one of the most significant health crises facing our country. We need a solution now.

Thync’s technology will allow for a better choice: a clean, substance-free way to relieve stress using our brain’s natural mechanisms.

With Thync, there is finally a better, safer way to manage and release stress. This is a new type of empowerment, and Thync has created an innovative and reolutionary wearable– to lead this frontier.


Proven neuroscience combined with our proprietary wearable technology – Thync products deliver low energy waveforms to safely stimulate nerves on your head, face and neck, signaling specific areas of the brain to physiologically lower stress and anxiety. Thync’s core technology is the result of more than $20M in research and development and includes:

Thync successfully launched the first wearable of its kind to market in 2015. Withover 10,000 units sold and $2M in product sales, Thync created a new category with a strong brand and a huge future.

Top users experience life-changing benefits from using Thync to lower stress instead of relying on drinks and pills. To date, Thync has sold exclusively online through www.thync.com and Amazon.


Thync’s groundbreaking technology was developed by leading neuroscientists and engineers. By targeting specific nerves on the head and neck and developing proprietary neurosignaling algorithms, Thync created a new neuromodulation platform that can lower stress in the body. This platform works by shifting the balance of your autonomic nervous system away from a stressful state to a more restful and relaxed state.  

Thync’s effectiveness has been validated extensively in a large number of studies using clinical psychological surveys, biochemical markers, as well as state of the art biometric measurements. These studies have shown that Thync’s technology:

  • Significantly lowers biochemical markers of stress such as alpha amylase
  • Buffers the stress response during stressful situations as measured by biometric measurements (heart rate variability, galvanic skin conductance)
  • Lowers anxiety and boosts mood as measured by clinical psychological surveys (Profiles of Mood Scale, Anxiety Stress Scale)
  • Significantly improves sleep quality as measured by a clinical grade actigraph.

Thync’s technology has been featured and reviewed positively across the top media outlets in the technology, business, and lifestyle sectors.

Thync customers have logged more than 120,000 sessions in a year, and they feel relaxed or rejuvenated after 15 minutes. Thync is life changing for power users.

Thync is proud to announce that Thync Relax was selected as the stress reduction solution for both the fire and police markets by First Twenty, the only national program that deals with these two cohorts. Thync Relax will be part of the program available to our 2 million plus first responders. First Twenty is responsible for the performance, wellness and survival of our nation¹s first responders. When they went looking for a solution, they came to Thync. Early versions of Thync Relax will begin deploying to an initial firefighter cohort by end of year.

Thync is also embraced by high performing individuals in sports and fitness. NFL’s Josh Norman is a strong supporter and promotes Thync. Likewise, fitness influencers such as Anna Keiser, Scott Herman, and Dean Karnazes laud using Thync.

Here are just a few of the inspiring responses people have had to Thync:


Thync’s neuromodulation technology utilizes safe, low-level electrical waveforms to stimulate specific nerves in the head and neck to lower physiological stress. Four decades of clinical research on transdermal electrical stimulation as well as 150+ internal studies and an independent peer-reviewed, published study validate safety characteristics for Thync’s technology. Thync received a 513(g) no action letter from the FDA indicating the product is a low-risk, wellness device. Thync focuses on creating lifestyle products that lower stress but are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition.


Having successfully introduced the first wearable of its kind that actively relieves stress, we will soon launch our 2nd-generation product, Thync Relax.

Thync Relax is an entirely new, reimagined device for delivering the stress-relieving effects of Thync’s groundbreaking technology. Leveraging customer feedback and analytics data from our first 10,000 users, we designed Thync Relax to be a major leap forward in efficacy, comfort and usability.

Here are a few major highlights:

Thync has a close relationship with Flextronics, one of the largest contract manufacturers in the world, after partaking in the Flextronics accelerator program, Lab IX. Since launch in Spring 2015, Flextronics has built more than 10,000 Thync Edition One products. Flextronics is engaged with Thync in the development and manufacturability assessment of Thync Relax, and is prepared to scale Thync’s current production capacity.

With the launch of Thync Relax, and retail distribution through traditional channels, Thync will substantially expand the market and position the company for high growth.

For more information about the future of Thnyc and how you can be a part of it, please request access to to the Business Plan page of this profile.


“Harnessing the power of the human mind and unlocking the vast potential we all have in our brains is an all-consuming passion for me,” says Isy Goldwasser, Co-Founder and CEO of Thync. “I constantly think about our untapped potential as people… about how we will reach it and what it will be like when we get there. Imagine technologies that help our mind do amazing things. Imagine that potential. Imagine what it could do for your potential. We are on the brink of taking a giant leap into the future. A leap from chemical to digital, from external to internal, from pure information to pure experiences.”


Max Polyakov – Director
CEO of Noosphere Global 

Dr. Polyakov is a serial entrepreneur who has founded numerous successful companies, including IT-Ukraine, HitDymanics Ltd., Maxymiser Ltd., Maxima Group, and Cupid Plc. Dr. Polyakov has an extensive experience in leading online projects from the idea stage through to sale or IPO launch.  In 2012, Dr. Polyakov moved to Silicon Valley and shortly thereafter founded Murka, Renatus, and EOS Data Analytics.   Dr. Polyakov is a graduate of Dnipropetrovsk National University where he received his Doctorate degree in International Economics in 2013 with a doctoral thesis on information technology development in the global economy.

Eric G Potterat

Dr. Potterat, who recently retired as a Commander and Head Psychologist for the Navy SEALs, is considered one of the leading experts in individual and organizational resilience, stress mitigation, high performance teamwork and performance enhancement in high-risk operational occupations. In addition to his former military work, Dr. Potterat serves as a high performance psychologist and consultant to elite athletes and first responder (law enforcement and firefighting) communities. 

Yaron Sheba
Leading industrial designer

Yaron Sheba is Head of Industrial Design at Juicero and co-founder of Stringify.  He is a leading industrial designer with broad experience in consumer product and UX design.  Yaron has influenced and shaped products for Israeli and US based startups and companies for over 15 years.

Contact Information:

Max Polyakov

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