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Sep 22, 2016 4:56 PM ET

Archived: Vastech LLC, DBA OptaHEALTH: We help companies lower healthcare costs by combining evidence-based stages of change research with social networking to help people change their behavior

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2016

Vastech LLC, DBA OptaHEALTH Logo


Conway, AR 72034, US

We help companies lower healthcare costs by combining evidence-based stages of change research with social networking to help people change their behavior.

We are capitalizing on three macro trends:
1. Corporations’ need to control growing healthcare costs
2. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that allows premium discounts inside Health Contingent Wellness Programs
3. Wide adoption of social networking

Most health improvement programs fail for three reasons:
1. They do not account for participants’ readiness to change
People change in five stages: pre-contemplation, contemplation, planning, action and maintenance.) Most online wellness programs only address action items, alienating 80% of the audience. The Stages of Change model determines what stage of change a person is in and provides coaching and tools to move them to the next stage.

2. They do not have analytics or a solid ROI
CFO’s will not budget for programs that do not have a ROI. We are developing partnerships with health analytics companies that provide before and after assessments based on the company’s historical claims data. This will give us a solid ROI to present to CFO’s while maximizing our revenue potential.

3. They don’t leverage the power of groups
People change in groups. Peer pressure, competition and encouragement help people change. Most health improvement programs focus on the individual and do not capitalize on the potential of groups.

The OptaHEALTH program coaches people inside a private social network with a user experience similar to Facebook. We group people by their change needs (i.e. “quit smoking”) and change readiness. Health coaches participate in these groups, helping move people forward. Online exercises move participants through the stages of change. Engagement is supported by points, rewards and incentives for participation along with departmental contests that create competition.

Products / Services

Social Health Coaching System

The OptaHEALTH Social Health Coaching system is a social network similar to Facebook that groups users by their change needs (i.e. “quit smoking”) and their readiness to change (pre-contemplation, contemplation, planning, action, maintenance.)

The social network is monitored by health coaches trained in stages of change that engage participants inside the social network. Users are rewarded for participating in the social network and completing online exercises that move them through the stages of change. Rewards include points, badges and prizes. Users can also compete in groups with other



President Executive Officer
Darrell Amy

Darrell brings 18 years of sales and management experience in the technology business. In the office technology industry, he worked with organizations in the US, UK and Australia to implement sales and marketing strategies to enter the software and managed services business. During this time he provided consulting services to companies like Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba and CDW. He has managed field sales and service operations. He has also worked as a channel sales manager for Toshiba where he took an underperforming district to first place in two years. In 2004 he started a business providing marketing services to office technology resellers. In 2009, Amy began working full time on the CardioID project. Darrell is experienced in strategic planning and business modeling. His undergraduate degree in business is from Harding University. He holds his MBA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

President Operations
Bryan Henry

Bryan has 20 years experience in business and management and currently serves as the COO for Vastech/OptaHealth Solutions. Prior to Vastech/OptaHealth Solutions Bryan’s experience was in the diabetes testing industry. In 2006, he started Summit Medical, a diabetes testing supply company that served customers across the United States. He sold this company in 2010 to Liberty Medical, a national diabetes supply direct sales company. Prior to that, he worked as a sales manager for Anchor Medical, a diabetes testing supply company. His primary experience is in leading operations, sales and marketing, customer service and billing. Bryan also has experience in compliance with federal and state business operation laws and fee for service laws. He has also worked in marketing and advertising sales for Arkansas Business Publishing, McNabb Kelley & Barre, and Boise Marketing Services. Bryan holds a bachelor’s degree from Arkansas State University.


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Darrell Amy

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