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Sep 21, 2016 11:26 AM ET

Archived: Roshell – Liquid Courage Cosmetics is a virtual beauty destination serving the lifestyle of women on-the-go that provide meaning and value to their families, businesses, and communities

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United States
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Roshell’s story

I’m Roshell Rinkins, a tom boy turned beauty enthusiast. Unlike my peers I was super late to the “beauty party.” In fact, I’m embarrassed to say this now but I purchased my first lipstick (only wore lipgloss) at the age of 23. I’ve had the privilege of being inspired and mentored by wicked smart courageous women who literally changed the trajectory of my life. As a way to pay it forward, I have dedicated my time to building platforms that serve and edify women. I draw on my ten plus year experience in Corporate America at all Fortune 100 companies to serve a growing multi-cultural beauty audience online. I have always lived life on my own terms. So when I got the calling to give the beauty industry a much-needed diversity & inclusion facelift, I accepted the challenge! 

This loan is special because:

It supports a passionate entrepreneur supporting women and their businesses in her community.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

Liquid Courage Cosmetics is a virtual beauty destination serving the lifestyle of women on-the-go that provide meaning and value to their families, businesses, and communities. From virtual beauty & grooming education to our bold merchandise, Liquid Courage isn’t just a brand…..It’s a Lifestyle!

Liquid Courage was born to expand the reach and role beauty brands play in the lives of customers to beyond the point of purchase. By leveraging beauty as the connector, Liquid Courage provides a suite of other lifestyle services, products, and tools to our community of 12K+ beauty enthusiasts.

What is the purpose of this loan?

In August, Liquid Courage launched its first live event: The Eye in IMAGE: PowHer Brunch. The EYE In image event is an empowering conversation for women seeking to take their personal brand to the next level. Influential women tastemakers are invited to attend a moderated panel of diverse speakers representing an array of backgrounds & experiences. Attendees leave with the following: – Walk away with an actionable game plan to upgrade your personal brand – Learn how to shape your personal narrative – Introduction to the P.I.E. (Performance, Image, and Exposure) Model-Formula for Success

The loan will be used to expand the PowHer Brunch series to three additional cities (Miami, New York, and Atlanta) proving out the proof of concept. Below is a breakdown of costs: -Facility/Venue Rental : $300*3 = $900 -Venue SetUp/ AV-equipment : $150*3 = $450 -Insurance: $125*3 = $375 – Marketing: (Programs, Social Media Ads, Printing): $150*3=$450 – Decor (Flowers, linen, plate chargers, etc.: $150*3=$450 — Swag Bags: $500*3 =$1500 — Inventory: $875

Total: $5000

E-mail addresses are required for entry into the event. As a result, I’m expecting to add a total of 150-200 prospective customers to the Liquid Courage sales funnel and generate $5000 in product and tickets sales which will be used to re-pay the loan.

With the success of four events, this will position Liquid Courage to secure ongoing sponsorships for future PowHER Brunch events.

About Liquid Courage Cosmetics

Industry: Retail
Years in operation: 1 year – 3 years
Website: liquidcouragecosmetics.com 

A loan of $5,000 helps women take their personal brands to the next level. Help us spread the courage!

Contact Information:


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