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Sep 21, 2016 7:55 AM ET

Oakwood Academy of Spells and Sorcery: A Visual Novel Series

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2016



Oakwood Academy of Spells and Sorcery


Oakwood Academy of Spells and Sorcery is a fun adventure visual novel game filled with romance and intrigue. You play as Toma Tokisawa, a first year student, who tries to get by while encountering a diverse set of wacky and fascinating characters along the way!  

Oakwood features an engaging story with rich dialog from characters accompanied by vivid scenery and character artwork! ^-^ There is also some choice making involved for the player which can lead to side paths/dialog, but is for the most part a kinetic story with one end! The game includes tons of high quality CGs, Backgrounds, and Character sprites!

Spread the word every chance you have! Provide us feedback, we welcome all types. We will listen and think about the feedback you provide. Thank you very much for checking our campaign and do not forget to greenlight us through Steam! :3


Watch the Trailer! Gameplay/Screenshots on Steam Greenlight!

 Read more about the Project below!

There are four wings within Oakwood Academy of Spells and Sorcery in which students are divided. These wings consist of gifted students from a variety of backgrounds and talents!

The first of the four wings is called Flumahens, where students bear the yellow and orange mark of the small and colorful Hummingbird. These students are known for being very sociable, friendly and hardworking. Their easy going and loyal attitude helps them build long lasting relationships with others. They have a charming quirkiness about them that can be a hit or miss with many classmates. They are perhaps not always the most popular among their peers, but they take their responsibilities seriously, making them reliable students.

Then, there is the Ursidales, the strong and courageous leader types. Their wing proudly displays the red and brown sigil of a powerful grizzly Bear. These students strive to be the best they can be and set an example for the rest of the classmates. They are loud and confident, expressing their opinions bluntly and try to make people see their ethical perspective. They are very protective of their friends and will always have each others backs.

The third wing of Oakwood Academy of Spells and Sorcery is called Cetaseas. The sigil for this wing is a blue and white bottle-nose Dolphin. These students are considered to be very intelligent and imaginative. They seek freedom and independence and are usually found contemplating subjects in deep thought, often getting lost in their ideas. But, in social circles where the topics interests them, they can be very charismatic and bring new life to the party. They are also very smart and take their studies seriously. They are opportunistic and sometimes considered a bit arrogant and detached.


The final wing of Oakwood is called Kerdestus. This wing is veiled in a purple and green color and their sigil is a black widow Spider. These students are creative and artistic types. They can often come off as judgmental to other students and can be narcissistic and methodical. They are very cautious about their decisions and who they allow into their social circles. They like to have control and can be a little manipulative to get what they want, often using subtle tactics rather than just facing things head on.

ll of these students from different wings have strengths and weaknesses in their personalities that make them belong in one or another wing. 

And it is in this school, that a great tale of cunning, love, and bravery would be told, through the most unlikely group of characters….

Oakwood has a tremendous cast of exciting and complex characters with different personalities and perspectives that you will encounter throughout the plot. Here is a small few, including the main girls from the story!

 The framework for this visual novel has been made. However, there are three apparent obstacles that needs to be overcome: Artwork, Programming, and Editing(audio,writing). 

Both require funds to help produce a high-quality visual novel because we recruit talent and incorporate our skills; such as handling the rest of the writing, working with the audio design and the rest of the art coordinating. We are determined on handing you a refined visual novel in the shortest span of time. Each episode of Oakwood will be consistent in quality. Each day, we strive to maintain our high standards of quality. However, we will need your support! :3

If funding surpasses the initial goal, we will invest those funds into improving into this first episode and any that follow after that. Oakwood has choices but is mostly kinetic. We plan to have even more choices in the future.


  •  Art is 40% – Art will be the most costly. It involves the rest of the sprites, many high-quality cut scenes, detailed backgrounds, and GUI elements. Even more so, the more stretch goals that are reached. With all in consideration, we are making sure that all is done before deadline.
  • Writing is 25% – Writing an immersive story with a huge cast of fascinating characters in a fantasy setting takes both time and money. Editing is a very tedious and intensive process. While editing, we make sure the story flows right and the writing is impeccable.  
  • Programming and Audio Design is 20% – Both will be done in time for release. As we program the script into the game, we are making final revisions, especially formatting dialog and the script as a whole. As we accumulate more art, we refit and incorporate each art asset into the script. From scene to scene, we are applying the right transition effects. We are designating the right scores for each scene and we are also planning for sound effects into Oakwood.  
  • Reward Fulfillment is 5% – Reward Fulfillment is low compared to other sections. Our lower-tier rewards for Oakwood are digital. Our physical pledge rewards, in the higher-tiers, are limited and exclusive. We plan on putting most of the kickstarter funds into the production of the visual novel.  
  • Kickstarter Fees are 10%

We are aiming for a November 2016 release for the first episode!

$12,800 – Funded! The game would be completely funded! Oakwood will release on November 17th! We thank everyone for their support!  

$19,000 – More Sprites! There is always room for improvement! And for spicing up character interactions including more sprites is the best solution. Enjoy each character’s new reactions.  

$21,000 – New Love Interest Unlocked! A new mystery special character will be unlocked that will be added into the story and join the cast. She will have her own scenes and dialog.  

$25,000 – More Cgs! We will produce even more high-quality Cgs to give an even better aesthetic pop to Oakwood!  

$27,000 – Maid mode! Unlock a new mode to choose for a different set of outfits. Every girl will wear french maid outfit while the guys will wear tasty butler attire!  

$30,000 – XXX Fantasy Fandisk Included – Amaya Side-Story added to XXX Fandisk Have an intimate encounter with the sweet and fashionable, Amaya Kujiro! Unlock the XXX Fantasy Fandisk. Each section of the fan disk will be lengthy, include dialog, include Cgs, include character choice options, and include an erotic fantasy mini-storyline. [More updates will be posted as we come closer to reaching our goal!]

$32,500 – New love Interest-Side-Story added to Fandisk New character scenario added to the XXX fantasy fan disk as well!  

$35,000 – Elsa Side-Story added to Fandisk Spend a romantic summer night with the serene and dreamy Elsa Masako!  

$37,500 – Kimie Side-Story added to Fandisk Throw the books away and have a party night for two with the quirky and energetic, Kimie Natsu!

$40,000 – Izumi Tara Side-Story added to Fandisk The time is right! The moment approaches! Woo ice queen Izumi into loving arms!


Currently, the remaining obstacles will be creating additional artwork, making final edits and revisions to the script, and programming it all together so we can make our target deadline. We are devoting all of our time to accomplishing it! :3

Production of a quality visual novel involves funds and a dream team of artists, and most definitely, coordination of each artist to bring Oakwood to life. To reach this current point, we’ve endured and overcome many complications of life and business. Over time we established relationships, found our key people we can rely on to produce quality work, that are exactly up to our expectations. We are driven to succeed and deliver a fantasy experience like none other!

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