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Sep 21, 2016 8:05 PM ET

Archived: The Circuit: TEN STORIES. ONE CONVENTION. EVERYONE’S INVITED. The first ever Pop-Culture Convention Anthology film, true to the convention circuit with the fans DIRECTLY INVOLVED

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2016

The Circuit



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About this project

*The First 100 Donors of $10 or more get 4 “The Circuit” temporary tattoos

**The First 100 Donors of $25 or more get the limited edition “The Circuit” Collectable Pin previously only available during our campaign around the convention circuit this past summer! We’ll even throw in the 4 temp tats!



The first ever Pop-Culture Convention Anthology film, true to the convention circuit with the fans DIRECTLY INVOLVED. Imagine a multi-genre anthology film where fans and long time entertainment professionals collaborate to create 10 original stories, all intertwined and taking place over a single convention weekend. Fans are submitting scripts and resumes, as you read this, to work with our professional team from some of your favorite hollywood movies and shows. 

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Have you seen the credits at the end of a movie? There are hundreds of jobs needed to make a feature film, and fans will participate every step of the way in each key department. For example, cosplayers can design and create original wardrobe with our Costumer Designer for a slew of Hollywood actors. The very people who love the content of conventions play a leading role in its creation. 


Some of the Cast
Some of the Cast

A huge slew of fantastic actors who are regulars of the convention circuit are all excited to be a part of “The Circuit”. Icons of sci-fi, fantasy, superhero and horror, you name it.  We have signed actors Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov, Star Trek), Tim Russ (Lieutenant Commander Tuvok,Star Trek: Voyager), Gigi Edgley (Chiana, Farscape), Robert Beltran (Chakotay, Star Trek: Voyager), Armin Shimerman (Principal Snyder, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Terry Farrell(Jadzia Dax, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Robert Picardo (Dr. Dick Richards, ABC’s China Beach), Ethan Phillips (Neelix, Star Trek: Voyager), JG Hertzler (Martok, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Robert O’Reilly (Chancellor Gowron, Star Trek: The Next Generation), Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn, Stargate SG-1), Hana Hatae (Molly O’Brien, Star Trek: TNG, DSN), Rob Archer (Pixels, Kick Ass 2), Jai Koutrae (Nathan Chapel, Death’s Requiem), Mindy Robinson(Tabitha, V/H/S/2), Olivia D’abo (The Wonder Years, Conan The Destroyer), Cody Saintgnue(Brett Talbot, MTV’s Teen Wolf), Doug Jones (Abe Sapien / Chamberlain / Angel of Death,Hellboy Series), John Billingsly (Doctor Phlox, Star Trek: Enterprise), Miltos Yerolemou(Syrio Forel, Game of Thrones) and many more will be joining!

Thanks Yoshi!  Fan contribution!
Thanks Yoshi! Fan contribution!



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We already have on board creatives and technicians from some of your favorite shows. With SFX credits from features like “Beowulf”, “BASEketball”, “What Dreams May Come”, and VFX credits from, “Iron Man”, “Hellboy”, “Spiderman 2”, “Starship Troopers”, Disney’s “Planes”, as well as TV credits from “Flash”, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”, and “Arrow.” Plus so many more big budget shows that we don’t have room to name, our team is very well equipped to make a high end feature film.

How can we hire these fantastic folks? Because they are fans just like you. They are excited to work on something made for all of us, by all of us. The content that is celebrated at conventions is exactly why we became filmmakers in the first place.

We have pulled together team members from other fan funded projects like, “For the Love of Spock”, “Renegades”, “5th Passenger”, and others. So we know what we’re doing.

 Check out the cool Bonuses as we achieve our goals!


Our goal is raise enough to make at least three episodes, which will cost $450,000. However, if we only raise $200,000, we can pay our pre-production costs as well as the first episode as a proof of concept. In Spring of 2017 you will get to see how amazing this anthology film will be.

 Of course, if you believe in “The Circuit” as much as we believe in it, then we can raise our ultimate goal of 1.5 million dollars and shoot the entire feature! We want to provide big time talent with big time effects on the big screen. To do so, even at pennies on the dollar, it will cost us over a million dollars. So please tell your friends, donate to the campaign so we can make the most collaborative Convention Feature Anthology Film ever.

If we are making the entire feature, you can expect to watch the final version, available to donors first, in Fall of 2017.

Conventions are awesome, duh.

This year is the 50th anniversary of science fiction pop culture conventions. We HAVE to make a movie that takes place at one!

In honor of the fans, the setting of the stories will be a massive pop culture convention. Some of these stories come directly from our actors who have been at conventions for decades and are based on true stories, and some will be completely be fictional. Telling the difference between the two will be part of the fun.

Did we mention many of the stories in THE CIRCUIT will be written by the fans? Fans have the opportunity to submit screenplays for the movie, making them truly a part of the process. Because it wouldn’t be THE CONVENTION “CIRCUIT” without YOU!

Conventions cover all genres and so shall we. We want to include all fans, so all genres are open; Sci-fi, horror, suspense, comic book, drama, comedy, fantasy, action, adventure, holiday, crime, legal, docudrama, mockumentary. No Genre or cross genre is off limits.

 project video thumbnail


Not sure if you noticed, but the studios really like to make the same thing over and over. They want marketing focus group tested corporate cookie cutter revamps. Blarg (I vomited in my mouth a little). So something new like “The Circuit” is completely out of the question for the studio system. The studios don’t go to conventions and celebrate with the fans. They don’t understand the passion and the experience we all have. But our team has and will continue to, because it isn’t about making money, it’s about inspiring generations with our collective stories that make the world a better place to live in. Are the studio executives even aware that it’s been 50 years of conventions?

As one fan told us, “we fans are more supportive of the actors [in the convention family] than the franchise ownership, but you seem to inherently know that.”

How can we have ten stories in multiple genres and have them tie together? That depends on what you write. But as an example:

Ep1 Genre: Spy Thriller/Dark comedy Ethan Phillips, as himself, is secertly a CIA undercover assassin. After 35 years of friendship, Robert Picardo discovers his secret. Uh oh…

Ep2 Genre: Horror Cody Saintgnue is an actual werewolf. Unbeknownst to him, the full moon is the night of the convention that Phillips and Picardo have just arrived to. Will Mindy Robinson survive the convention massacre?

Ep3 Genre: Zombie apocalypse Cody’s rampage ignites a Zombie apocalypse and Ryan Eggold must lead the convention survivors to safety.

Ep10 Fortunately, Terry Ferrall is actually from another dimension, and with the help of Doug Jones and , they successfully travel back in time and stop the apocalypse from ever happening.

“The very first professional feature length, convention based, multi genre, anthology film in the history of hollywood.”

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 If you want to join “The Circuit” simply visit our webpage and sign up. There is a contact form on the bottom of the page. When you write to us, it doesn’t go to a computer or simply log your email into a database. Your message goes straight to the creators of the project. We will contact you and start a conversation about how YOU can be a part of the team. We also have a section on the page where fans can submit their stories to be read by our creative team. Just go towww.thecircuitfilm.com and check it out! 

























Risks and challenges

Our team is devised of industry professionals who have made their careers in Hollywood working on some of the shows adored around the globe. The modern age has empowered fans to create their own content, so much of which is fantastic. But there is still a gap between Hollywood and the fans who make it possible.

We wish to bridge that gap. To do that, we need the participation of fans, and the funds to produce a high end feature worthy of the cinema. We need more than just money to do this right, we actually need fans to participate.

Contact Information:

The Circuit

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