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Sep 21, 2016 3:22 PM ET

Archived: BRES Advisors was formed to design, develop, and sell advanced predictive software tools for the distressed residential property market

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2016

BRES Advisors, Inc. Logo

BRES Advisors, Inc.

Santa Ana, CA 92705, US
Web Service Software

BRES Advisors, Inc, formed in May of 2008, by a seasoned mortgage banker needing predictive modeling/valuation software for the purchase of distressed residential properties. Unable to find software to fulfill his needs and recognizing an emerging market void, BRES Advisors was formed to design, develop, and sell advanced predictive software tools for the distressed residential property market. This market is projected to total 18 million units between 2010 and 2015.

REOlytics™ is a product built for financial institutions specializing in distressed residential assets and the Real Estate Owned (REO) or foreclosed property markets. It incorporates predictive asset behavior modeling technology providing banks, investors, financial services providers, and loan servicers unparalleled tools to make best execution decisions when liquidating distressed assets.

REOlytics™ characteristics:
– A proprietary mathematical model whose author holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University
– Predictive model drills down to sub-zip code level
– Predicts values for property sale by multiple divestiture methods: Traditional/Realtor, auction, and bulk sale
– Many others

Products / Services


REOlytics is a unique analytical solution that gives clients the ability to rapidly determine a buy/sell decision and analyze offers on a single property, a property subset, or an entire property portfolio. REOlytics uses granular, real-time market data at the sub-zip code level for value change, inventory, sales and absorption times. This data is utilized by a proprietary model that considers the economic best execution of the asset through a Realtor® sale, an auction, or a bulk transaction.The Net Present Value, Gain on Sale and Cash
Flows are calculated for each execution method.



President Executive Officer
Jay Ledbetter

Jay has been married to his wife, Sharon, for 22 years. They have two children: Kristen, 19, who is finishing her freshman year at San Diego State University, and Jacob, 15, who is a freshman in high school.

He is a seasoned mortage banker (as proven by his background) and also a visionary for this industry (as proven by creation of BRES Advisors & the proof of products developed).

His employment history includes:
BRES Advisors, Inc Santa Ana, Ca June 2008 to present
Builders Real Estate Services, Inc. Orange, Ca. January, 2007 to July 2008
First Horizon Home Loans Irving Texas September 2004 to November, 2006
Guaranty Residential Lending Austin Texas February 2000 to September 2004
(Temple Inland Mortgage)
Mission Hills Mortgage Santa Ana, Ca December 1979 to December 1999

Consulting Executive Officer
Mike Stahura

Mike Stahura is co-owner of The Stahura-Brenner Group heading up the Application division of the company. For the last 17 years, his area of interest has been the adaptation of Legacy System with current day technology. His area of focus has understanding existing legacy applications and capitalizing on those interfaces. His choice for open systems enterprise technology is comprised of Windows .Net, IBM MQ Series and Web Services.

Director Accounting
Roxanne Shishino

I am a highly experienced accounting and financial professional who has worked in several public and private companies that have experienced significant growth.

Employment History:
2007-Present Acting CFO, 3 start-up entities;
BRES Advisors, Inc.,
Builders Real Estate Services, Inc.,
So. Cal. Fire Protection, Inc. Tustin, CA
2004-2006 Financial Analyst, First Horizon Home Loan Corporation Tustin, CA
1993-1994 Audit Supervisor, United California Savings Bank Santa Ana, CA
2004-2006 Financial Analyst, First Horizon Home Loan Corporation Tustin, CA
1992-1993 Senior Accountant, Evernet Systems, Inc. Los Angeles, CA
1989-1991 Cash Controller, The Baldwin Company Irvine, CA
1984-1989 Manager – Internal Audit,The Centennial Group, Inc. Orange, CA
& Lead Accountant, PricewaterhouseCoopers


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Company AgeEmployeesSub-Industry
7 years, 10 months8Miscellaneous Business Software


Company TypeStock ExchangeStock Symbol
Contact Information:

Marilyn Ledbetter

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