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Sep 20, 2016 1:05 PM ET

Archived: Tranquil – Discreet Active Noise Cancellation on the Ear: Noise Reduction Earplugs with Sleep, Voice and Quiet Modes. On the Ear for Discreet, Comfortable Fit. Combat Snoring or other Noises.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 20, 2016

Tranquil – Discreet Active Noise Cancellation on the Ear

Noise Reduction Earplugs with Sleep, Voice and Quiet Modes. On the Ear for Discreet, Comfortable Fit. Combat Snoring or other Noises.

About this project

Tranquil was designed to give you the luxury of being able to cancel out unwanted noises with a device that is unnoticeable even to the person sitting right next to you. Tranquil’s multiple modes allow you to reduce unwanted noises like plane engines or that disruptive snoring making sure you achieve peace and tranquility when you want it. Tranquil, with a simple flip of a switch, has the ability to change between three modes: Quiet Mode for near total silence, Voice Mode for allowing you to hear someone speaking to you while still reducing those loud background noises (like having conversations on an plane trip) and Sleep Mode which is used to mask noises while you sleep. Tranquil is designed to fit comfortably and securely over and behind the ear, making it discreet and nearly invisible.  Tranquil is also extremely lightweight making it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.


Tranquil Can be Used Everyday 

  • When traveling by plane or train 
  • For mowing the lawn or leaf blowing 
  • Sleeping in noisy settings or if disturbed by snoring
  • If you need to concentrate in noisy settings like factories or construction 
  • If you have trouble focusing on school work 
  • When you just want peaceful time to relax and unwind 

 Nearly Invisible when Worn 

Tranquil is very discreet and nearly invisible when worn because it hides behind your ear (as depicted in the line drawing above). 

How small is Tranquil? 

At only 1″ by 1.5″, Tranquil vanishes behind your ear and the clear cable connecting to the ear tip is nearly invisible when worn. 

                                  Small Size for Discreet Use 

Extremely Comfortable 

Tranquil uses an expanding memory foam tip that gently expands to your ear canal for a perfect comfortable fit every time. Other brands may use rubber or silicone tips which can sometimes feel uncomfortable or even hurt when worn for a short time. 

                     Memory Foam Tips for Extreme Comfort 


Designed for Multiple Noise Settings 

Tranquil has three modes: Quiet Mode, Voice Mode and Sleep Mode that are activated by a simple flip of a switch. 

Quite Mode is active and passive noise cancellation for the utmost silence when you want to reduce busy urban street noises, factory noises or for just total concentration.

Voice Mode allows you to hear conversations clearly even when Tranquil’s active noise cancellation is on. This means you can hear someone talking over the roar of a plane engine, or when someone wants to speak to you when you are doing tasks like mowing the lawn. Other products need to be taken off or out of your ears every time you want to talk, but this is not required when using Tranquil.

Sleep Mode is used while sleeping if you are disturbed by a snoring partner or when there are other loud distracting noises.  

How does Tranquil work? 

Tranquil’s compressible foam tip provides passive noise cancellation for the high frequencies, while the device uses active noise cancellation for low frequencies.  This is Quiet Mode. Without the active low frequency cancellation loud sounds would be almost unchanged in volume. Tranquil’s active noise cancellation uses a microphone placed inside the ear to provide the strongest low frequency noise cancellation. When in Voice Mode, Tranquil processes high frequency sounds electronically to allow clear voice communications. This overcomes the passive noise cancellation provided by the foam tip. The ability to allow clear communication when needed is not available on most noise cancellation systems including QuietOn and Hush. When in Sleep Mode, Tranquil can mask snoring sounds or other disruptive sounds to give you a restful night’s sleep.

 What is included in my Perk? 

  • 2 Tranquil Active Noise Cancellation Devices (1 for each ear, Left and Right)
  • 6 Foam Tips in 3 sizes for Left & Right Ears
  • 1 USB Charging Y-Cable 
  • 1 Carrying Case 


What makes Tranquil unique compared to other products? 

Tranquil is currently the only product that hides behind your ear making it very discreet and nearly invisible.  Tranquil will remain secure on your ear and is very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Tranquil also has multiple noise reduction modes that is unique for an active noise cancellation system. 

 How does Tranquil compare to standard noise ear plugs? 

Normal noise earplugs are not able to block low frequency noise. Tranquil can block low frequency noise and still be used to hear speech when needed with Voice Mode.  When inSleep Mode, Tranquil can mask snoring or other disruptive sounds.

Can I wear Tranquil with eye glasses?  

Yes, Tranquil can be worn at the same time.  Tranquil is very similar to behind the ear hearing aids worn by millions of people with eye glasses.  

What is the expected battery life? 

Our goal is to achieve 30 hours of use on a single charge. 

 What colors are available?

Currently we plan to release Tranquil only in black – we want to make it as sleek as possible. 

When will the first orders be shipped by? 

See below section titled “Manufacturing & Fulfillment Timeline”. 


Manufacturing & Fulfillment Timeline

 Meet the Team 

                              Tad Ell – Designer/Electrical Engineer 

Tad Ell has over 20 years of experience working with acoustic devices that fit in or over the ear. He was a project manager at Siemens Healthcare, and was an Engineering manager at Unitron Hearing for over 15 years and holds a worldwide patent on a cross-over hearing aid design. His extensive hearing aid and ear anatomy experience has allowed him to design Tranquil to be a discreet but yet very comfortable product to wear. 

                               Jake Ell – Marketing Manager 

 Jake Ell heads the marketing effort for Tranquil. Jake is studying Marketing & Communications and is a full time college student.

Risks and challenges

One potential risk is moving from a prototype to mass production. We have a good understanding of the components and assembly but there is always a risk when making a product in high volumes. We will select only high quality components from reliable partners. We have many contacts who have worked with components like these for many years. The products functionality will be ensured by proven production methods and quality control for every unit manufactured.


Contact Information:

Tad Ell

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