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Sep 20, 2016 1:55 PM ET

SETi – SIDOG Entertainment Technologies int: Merging the physical and virtual world for a revolution in online gaming

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 20, 2016

SETi – SIDOG Entertainment Technologies int.

Merging the physical and virtual world for a revolution in online gaming.



SETi is an IP Development company with significant gaming/digital platform patents and designs they have developed, sold and licensed in association with Intellectual Ventures, one of USA’s top 5 patent owners/investors. SETi is currently seeking funding to begin developing and coding its pre-eminent IP, a proprietary real-time live action VR/AR/immersion-centric gaming platform that, once programmed, will enable home-based consumers to seamlessly experience / play along with, learn and profit from remote experiences in a patent-defensible manner in a new paradigm that causes the virtual and physical worlds to come together in one seamless, awe-inducing gameplay platform.

Programmers can take their existing games and gaming communities to the next level for more realistic gameplay. Instead of merely mimicking reality in an augmented SIM environment, SIDOG games place gamers at the center of real, live action events like auto and air races, music concerts and karaoke, extreme sports, educational events and so much more as they happen in real-time. SIDOG gamers can jam with Rock stars, race with pro Drivers, learn to fly from commercial jet airline and banzai wingsuit Pilots, take batting practice against real MLB pitchers, ride with pro Mountain Bikers, Skiers and Snowboarders and surf with the pro Surfers all on the same day!  

SIDOG is part simulation and all real life! SIDOG gamers will have the ability to participate in real adventures as they unfold all from the comfort of home or while they’re on the go.

Next to being there, SIDOG is the ultimate online gaming experience and the logical end game for those seeking immersive live action thrills from which to learn, play and potentially profit from.

The potential to spin-off SIDOG games is limitless: whenever and wherever there’s a live action sports, music or educational training event happening, developers can use SIDOG technology to make a game of it. Game developers under the SIDOG patent umbrella can design their own proprietary games and apps. The SIDOG patent umbrella not only secures developers a faster and considerable less expensive way to market but serves to ensure a more timely ROI and exit strategy for investors .  

Ergo – online gaming will never be the same again!


Online game playing continues to evolve with SIDOG representing the next evolution as a result of technology finally catching up with what gamers have long since been dreaming about. Virtual reality is heading to the mainstream, presenting modern gamers with new levels of immersion, of excitement, of possibilities. 


Gaming can only mimic reality. Soon, SIDOG will literally immerse you right in it. SIDOG isn’t a virtual environment, instead, it’s a digitally blended overlay of real, live action events that enables gamers to transport themselves to their favorite events, competing against their favorite stars and other gamers at the same time.

Even though these events may be happening thousands of miles away, with SIDOG, it doesn’t matter.

You can golf with pros at St. Andrews in Scotland from your Rhode Island home.

Climb mountains with real Sherpas in Peru, then meet up with other gamers for an after party in your native London.

Gaming isn’t just gaming anymore. With SIDOG’s patented technology, now it’s a real time social adventure – and everyone on the planet is invited.


Watching other people experience life to the fullest has become a seriously popular trend on YouTube, Instagram and other social media. What reality did for Television, SIDOG holds the promise to do the same for the multi-billion dollar online gaming industry.

SIDOG brings the escapade to gamers so they can experience their own personalized adventures instead of just simply passively watching them play out onscreen.

A Long Time Coming
SIDOG is a technology decades in the making. The original idea was spawned back in the late 80s, but the limits of current technology always kept SIDOG just out of reach.

Now, it’s finally time.

Bandwidth, fast internet speeds and emerging web and mobile technologies mean SIDOG can now become a reality. SETi has patent protected all the necessary technology, and we’re ready to license our cutting edge innovations to adventurous game developers who want to take part in the biggest revolution gaming has ever seen.

As they play, jam, climb, surf, or sing their way through the game, gamers will simultaneously compete against the real, live stars taking place in the real-world event, and against other gamers who are playing the same event, racking up higher and higher scores as they play on their way to fun, fame and fortune.

There will be many winners, but no one really loses playing a SIDOG game.

As each gaming event is truly a unique one-of-a-kind life experience each and every SIDOG experience will be completely unique. They cannot be repeated or replicated, no reset button, no cheat codes. So when you play, you get one shot, and one shot only.

The Indy 500 only takes place once a year as does the World Series and the Super Bowl and myriad other world-class live events such as major golf tournaments, major surfing and mountain biking competitions to name but a few.

This is gaming like you’ve never experienced before but will want to try again and again.


SIDOG’s technology may be a new era of online gaming, but the technology isn’t limited to gaming. Imagine the educational possibilities of placing learners in a hands-on environment from hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Higher education. Corporate training. Or simply recreational classes.

Remote Surgical training, learn to drive a car and fly and land planes and much more!

One Instructor, limitless Students.  Yep, this is going to be huge!

Securing patents has been our foremost priority, ensuring no one else can marry the digital and virtual worlds during live events. SETi will lead this revolution.

Next, we build a working prototype to demonstrate to the world’s game developers just what SIDOG is capable of.

Ready to hear what’s next for SETi with SIDOG? Click the “business profile’ tab at the top of this page to find out how we plan to revolutionize online gaming—and dramatically transform how people will think about and interact with live events—from this day forward.  


John has expertise in patents, start-ups, invention development, marketing and acts as the company’s computer tech and internet research specialist when he’s not busy inventing new products and services. He has had 17 inventions developed at the University of B.C. His journals contain over 800 entries for new products and services dating back more than 30 years.

Martin brings many years of professional services to SETi. A former Chairman of the Board of Trafford Publishing, he specializes in start-ups, business mentoring, business management and finance.

David is well connected globally, received his Masters from Harvard with a focus on using VR in education, and is both a many-decade digital and feature film Executive Prod. Credits include “Lawnmower Man” (Pierce Brosnan) in the 90’s and his latest movie “JOBS”, (Ashton Kutcher).

Contact Information:

John L. Coulson - Founder

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