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Sep 19, 2016 7:56 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Sep 19, 2016

Pingo – High Quality, Affordable 3D Printer

by Pingo3D

Pingo3D is all about bringing you high-quality 3D printing at an affordable price.

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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.

What is a prototype?

About this project

We are thrilled to bring to you Pingo, our 3D Printer!

Pingo - Our 3D Printer
Pingo – Our 3D Printer

Large Build Volume

Pingo boasts an impressive 200x200x200mm build volume – large by the standards of even much more expensive printers. To put that into perspective, if you were to print a hollow box as large as you could, it could hold over 2 gallons of water!

Build volume illustration
Build volume illustration

Reliable Extrusion

Extrusion issues can be some of the most frustrating problems in 3D printing. Hotends tend to clog, extruders jam up, and motors overheat. That is why we have spent the most time developing our extrusion system. We went with a Bowden-style system to reduce moving weight and improve print speed, but we didn’t stop there. The extruder is integrated into the X-End so that the filament path is always consistent. Furthermore, we use an authentic E3D hotend for sharp prints and jam-free printing, and a Kysan stepper motor with 5.5 Kg.cm of torque.


Our integrated X-end and Bowden extruder
Our integrated X-end and Bowden extruder


Authentic E3D Lite6 hotend for jam-free printing
Authentic E3D Lite6 hotend for jam-free printing

Precision Z-Axis Motion

An issue plaguing many other consumer 3D printers is Z artifacts. Manufacturers skimp on components and often use imprecise threaded rods or sloppy couplers for the Z axis, causing ribbing and banding on prints. To avoid these issues, we use CNC-grade leadscrews and couplers. These precisely-machined parts give the Z axis smooth motion, and prints have flawless sides.

Z axis 8mm leadscrew and CNC coupler
Z axis 8mm leadscrew and CNC coupler

Affordable Price

We know exactly where Pingo fits into the market – an affordable printer that produces excellent prints time after time. By focusing primarily on quality and not on extra features, we were able to meet both of these goals with a low price of $399 (Early-Bird price is $370).

Printer comparison chart
Printer comparison chart

Carbon Fiber Printed Parts

We use 3D printed parts in our printers -everyone does. It is a cheap, easily-scalable way to prototype and manufacture mechanical parts. But then we went a step further. Our parts are printed from a composite carbon fiber filament that gives our parts extra rigidity and stiffness – as well as a beautiful matte black finish that complements the printer nicely.

Carbon fiber corner piece
Carbon fiber corner piece

SD Card Support

Pingo comes with a built-in SD card. You can send a print to the SD card from a computer, then start the print and run it without being connected to a computer. This feature frees up your computer and negates the need for a control panel on the printer itself.

Pingo connected to a laptop computer
Pingo connected to a laptop computer

Open-Source Design

We don’t want to limit anyone to our current vision for Pingo. That is why we will be releasing all of the source files for free to the public. You can tweak, customize, and modify to your heart’s desire. Here at Pingo3D we believe in collaboration and teamwork among makers, and we want to help give back to the maker community. 3D printing has been developed by the community, and that is how we want to keep it.

All files will be released on our GitHub
All files will be released on our GitHub

Non-Proprietary Filaments

There are countless brands and varieties of filaments out there. Wood, conductive, metal, carbon fiber, and flexible, just to name a few. Pingo does not limit you to a specific proprietary filament – you can run wild experimenting with you favorite kinds of filament. Pingo can print with PLA, PHA, PETG, TPU, TPE, wood composite PLA, bronze composite PLA, iron composite PLA, UV color changing filament, PET, and much much more. You can print any material up to 245 degrees Celcius, but due to the lack of heated bed, materials like ABS that warp a lot would potentially pose a problem. Feel free to contact us for questions about specific filaments. Flexible filaments (TPU, TPE, Ninjaflex, Filaflex, etc) are normally quite difficult to print. Our extruder path supports the filament as much as possible so that flexibles can be printed easily – however the speed will need to be reduced.

Pingo with some of our favorite filaments
Pingo with some of our favorite filaments

Stunning Prints

The most important aspect of any 3D printer is print quality. Thanks to all of the above design considerations, Pingo is capable of producing beautiful prints time after time. Below are some photos of prints that demonstrate Pingo’s capability. Note that the prints have not been sanded or smoothed.

Pingo and some of our favorite prints
Pingo and some of our favorite prints


Batman bust in Carbon Fiber PLA - thing:241899
Batman bust in Carbon Fiber PLA – thing:241899


Skull in green PLA - thing:441087
Skull in green PLA – thing:441087


Pirate coin in rusted Iron PLA - thing:31536
Pirate coin in rusted Iron PLA – thing:31536


Elephant in Gold PLA - thing:257911
Elephant in Gold PLA – thing:257911


Spiral Chess Rook in White PLA - thing:470700
Spiral Chess Rook in White PLA – thing:470700

Pingo comes partially assembled with clear instructions and all the tools required to assemble. Also included is everything you need to print (a sample PLA filament pack, a gluestick for the bed, and a print removal tool). No soldering, drilling, or gluing is involved, and most builders should be able to finish assembly in an hour or two.

Risks and challenges

We have spent over a year and a half developing Pingo, and are confident that it is ready for production. However, several challenges or delays could occur after completion of the campaign – delayed orders from manufacturers, shipping issues, or quality issues with parts we recieve.

To help eliminate these risks, we have lined up all of our manufacturers and part distributors to ensure quick, riskless fulfillment of your pledges.

Please note that printers are shipped out based on pledge order. We anticipate being able to produce and ship around 50 printers per month.

Contact Information:


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