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Sep 19, 2016 12:28 PM ET

MOBODEXTER – Backend software platform makes it easy to launch any IoT company

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 19, 2016


Mobodexter makes it simple for Internet of Things companies to build and launch. We handle all the complicated backend software so teams can focus on beautiful products. Just like Amazon Web Services supports millions of websites, Mobodexter will be the out-of-the-box foundation that powers the entire IoT industry. Eventually every smart lightbulb, thermostat, bluetooth and wifi device will rest on our Paasmer software. Mobodexter is the foundation of a connected future that’s only just begun.


Chandramouli Srinivasan



Nest and Sonos were the tip of the iceberg — connected devices or Internet of Things has emerged as the next frontier of technology to make our lives better by seamlessly connecting humans to our environment. Our platform is ready – we’ve already partnered with Amazon for robust cloud storage and Intel, Qualcomm, Advantech and Microsoft to simplify IoT hardware. This industry is about to explode and Mobodexter will be the backend software that powers an entire connected hardware revolution.


Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the Internet of Things and it’s radical effect on business. Companies like UPS, Boeing, GM and Starbucks (to name a few) are all embracing IoT. Yet the current strategy to build backend IoT software in house stifles innovation and costs companies huge profits in the long run. They need an end-to-end solution to make it simple to launch new products without the headache of complicated backend systems.

The MoboDexter team has developed the flexible and versatile software that ties it all together and makes it simple for companies to focus on real innovation and not just the costly foundational infrastructure.

In the long term, PAASMER’s goal is toenable Artificial intelligence so that Things can act with their own intelligence in the best interest of the user. MoboDexter has arrived at the perfect time just when the the IoT industry is about to hit exponential growth. This is an incredible value proposition and opportunity for their investors.

Dilraj Ghumman

PAASMER fills an important gap existing in the market today and that is to protect existing cloud investments of enterprises to implement their IoT solution. That is a good niche for the platform to target. Enterprises are going to like it.

Benoit J. Lheureux

VP at Garnter Inc
MoboDexter’s IoT Platform as a Service, named PAASMER, has been built with an inside-out approach from gateway upwards or downwards that makes it more versatile and flexible to integrate than existing platforms


International Media

PAASMER Allows Business to Launch their IoT Products

Our partnership with hardware vendors allow the clients to choose the right hardware for their IOT product and our ready-to-use, easy-to-deploy software for various components like IOT Gateway, Connection software, Mobiles applications, Cloud and Analytics gives the flexibility to launch an IOT product within months. We can enable an IOT solution at the fastest time of one month from conception to launch.


The Problem

  • Most IoT Platforms in the market are Cloud or Enterprise based platform architectures which allows Things to connect and leverage the cloud.
  • Businesses have to figure out a way to design their edge side of the architecture by working with System Integrators.
  • They need to build the IoT skill, identify various partners for implementing IoT solutions.
  • Results in complex, costly and time consuming efforts for enterprises looking to build TTM Iot solutions.

The Solution

  • PAASMER is a true IoT platform and aims to be a single stop for customers looking to build IoT solutions.
  • Our software manages the edge components with an edge centered self sufficient solution.
  • PAASMER provides lots of build-in components for faster TTM solution.
  • We provide Edge Side Analytics and seamless integration to any cloud of clients choice.

We’re Growing Fast

“PAASMER fills an important gap existing in the market today and that is to protect existing cloud investments of enterprises to implement their IoT solution. That is a good niche for the platform to target. Enterprises are going to like it.”
– Benoit J. Lheureux, Iot Research VP at Gartner

Our Partners are Industry Leaders

“I like the extreme flexibility and affordability claim of the platform as I can see them reflected in the way the platform is architected and priced to scale for our unique business needs.”
– Tushar, CEO of SmartifyHealth


Our Features


Fastest Time-to-Market

PAASMER allows clients to launch an IoT product in a short time, as all the components required for the end-to-end solution are prebuilt and ready-to-use.



We offer the entire solution at an extremely affordable price with flexibility on picking the components needed by customers for their solution.


Wide-Range of Components

We provide a rich array of components ranging from compatible hardware, communication protocols, analytics cloud and value-added services.


Extreme Flexibility

Clients have the flexibility to not remain locked into any of their choices by having software layers that transition smoothly. We also can accommodate existing client platforms.



Analyse the data using powerful intelligence on gateway or cloud using automated machine learning tools for immediate insights and actions.

PAASMER Powered Products


A Smart Power solution for the Smart Home that control and manages power of all connected devices.


A Voice based services order and control platform that can integrate into all essentials services in a smart city.


A GPS-Based Smart Parking solution that helps identifying free parking slots in a smart city.


A remote generator monitoring solution that helps to manage the generators efficiently and effectively.



A health-care solution that helps in managing patients vitals and hospital lab equipment in efficient and effective way.


A retail solution that guides consumers to best offers in a mall and shop owners to push offers based on consumer interest.

What We’ve Achieved So Far

November 2013

Inception of Mobodexter in USA and India with HQ in NY

December 2013

Signed up Intel & Sandisk as Clients for P.E.S.

March 2014

Achieved Profitability from Revenue & Started IOT R&D.

December 2014

Completed Architecture for IOT Solution

October 2015

Signed up Intel, Advantech & Qualcomm as Hardware Partners.

December 2015

Software Achieved Beta and Platform Pre-Launched

January 2016

Started Onboarding Clients on Paasmer

March 2016

Paasmer Launch Solution Demo Done in Iotasia 2016

April 2016

Paasmer Recieves International Media Coverage.

Our Deck



CoFounded by Ex-Intel Veterans

Chandramouli Srinivasan

Overall 17+ years of experience in software domain with strong technology and business skills. An Ex-Intel. Has been instrumental in leading MoboDexter’s global execution and business operations.

Kavitha Gopalan

Has 16+ years overall experience in technical marketing with strong client and partner engagement skills. An Ex-Intel. Has been instrumental in driving partner and client strategy and execution.
Contact Information:

Chandramouli Srinivasan

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