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Sep 19, 2016 6:46 PM ET

Archived: Crowdability: PowWow Mobile – Mobilize Enterprise Applications

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 19, 2016

PowWow Mobile



Mobilize Enterprise Applications





Mobile Software & Services


San Francisco, California

Addressing a multi-billion dollar enterprise pain point: Enabling employee mobility and productivity is a priority for large enterprise. While the Fortune 500 have begun deploying mobile phones and tablets en masse across their businesses, their thousands of enterprise apps are rarely usable on these platforms. Gartner estimates that the average Fortune 500 will request 300 of their business apps moved to mobile in 2017, but get fewer than 15 completed due to high costs and long development timelines. The market for workaround solutions has grown to the tens of billions of dollars, and enterprise satisfaction with the end results is universally low. PowWow enters this environment with a platform that transforms an enterprise’s existing applications into fully native mobile apps, scales to thousands of mobile apps and tens of thousands of users, creating highly productive employee experiences.

Technologically sophisticated, highly differentiated solution: Leveraging the team’s extensive background in enterprise software and machine learning, PowWow developed a powerful engine that takes a desktop application and transforms it to a fully native mobile application with no developer input. The system observes the use of the desktop application for a period of several days and uses machine learning to form a framework of understanding about how the app works. It then allows a designer with no programming knowledge to rebuild complex applications into intuitive mobile formats. As such, PowWow’s solution addresses the core problems of enterprise mobile application delivery fast delivery of key functionality in an modernized, elegant, native mobile app, all without hiring developers.

Team with decades of experience in development, commercialization, and sales of enterprise software: Co-founder and CEO Andrew Cohen started his career at IBM Research, moving to senior operational roles running services, strategic sales and product management at Kanisa (which became Knova Software and then was acquired by Aptean) and Kana (acquired by Verint NASDAQ: VRNT), where he developed the strategic services and sales practice. Andrew has a PhD in Cognitive Science from University of Toronto. Co-founder and CTO Jonathan Kaplan spent over a decade in application development and architecture, starting at Sun Microsystems. Kaplan later went on to co-found and serve as CTO of Wonderbuilders, selling software to Lockheed Martin and Booze Allen Hamilton.

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PowWow Mobile

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