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Sep 15, 2016 9:18 AM ET

Archived: Uwi Twins – A bold fashion brand combining African art with North American style

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 15, 2016

Uwi Twins

A bold fashion brand combining African art with North American style


Created by Rwandan twins forged in fire, each piece of Uwi clothing is a reflection of the remarkable Uwi twins’ story that’s capturing the attention not just of the fashion world, but of young professionals who want their clothes to be as daring as they are.In Uwi, sophisticated fashion trends meet urban attitude. That’s a rarity on today’s store shelves, which is why a Uwi pop-up store generated $3,000 per day. We’ve taken runways by storm in North America, and soon the Uwi line will give young urban professionals the clothing line they crave.

It’s not clothing as a status symbol. It’s clothing as an expression of who you are.


The Uwi line of clothing seamlessly blends African art with the urban aesthetic. But Uwi is so much more than upscale clothing inspired by hip-hop culture.

Each piece is a story.

“More than 400 designers will show off their spring/summer 2016 collections at New York Fashion Week, in venues all around the city.

But for twin brothers Reuben and Lévi Uwi — who as children fled their homeland of Rwanda during the genocide — making that short trip down the runway in their debut show on Friday night represents a journey 20 years and thousands of miles long.”

Brothers Reuben and Lévi Uwi endured the Rwandan genocide at the tender age of seven.

But instead of letting it define them, they began new lives in Vancouver, B.C. Using their past as fuel, the brothers soon embarked on a successful acting career.

Believing life itself is a form of expression, the two pushed each other to pursue their dreams, but they never forgot where they came from.

That connection—between art and expression, between dreams and heritage—found a home in the Uwi clothing line. Each piece has roots in the vibrant artistic tradition of Africa, fused with the professional sensibilities of Manhattan.The art of Uwi is the art of looking good.


In today’s fashion landscape, that’s rare. And it’s striking a nerve in the young professional men and women who are ambitious enough to create their own path.

Never give up on your dreams.

Uwi is confidence and maturity.

It’s fun that demands to be taken seriously.


In the clothing world, an entire generation is being ignored.

Somewhere between the relaxed and unambitious nature of urban streetwear and the glistening but overpriced allure of Versace, Armani and Alexander McQueen, Uwi has found itself.

Uwi wearers love music. They love street culture.

They want to express themselves and have fun.

But they also want to start companies and save the world.

They’re publicists.

They’re journalists.




And there is no fashion line that captures their imagination.

Until now.



The Uwi Twins incredible story has captured hearts and imaginations across the fashion world. We’ve been featured in:But it isn’t our story that will ultimately define us. It’s what we create. Our label reflects a new, multiracial and multicultural generation like nothing else on shelves today. We are intimately connected with our Uwi customers. That connection became obvious when we tested the market for our first retail store, launching a pop-up store in Vancouver. We generated $3,000 in three days.

We’ve just appeared on the runway in New York and in LA. Soon, we’ll grace the runway in Paris.

Using our ten years of industry experience and a story that speaks to our values and our customers, we’ll soon launch an online store and our first retail store in Vancouver. The future of Uwi is bold and bright.

Want to join us on our journey? Click the “business profile” at the top of this page to find out how Uwi plans to become the clothing line of choice for a new generation of professionals.


Lévi and Reuben both have significant experience in the fashion industry. The twins previously cofounded R&U Styles, a brand that was eventually bought and sold by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Both brothers have extensive modeling and acting and have maintained good relationships with industry experts who support the development and the ultimate success of the Uwi brand.

Dana is Divisional Vice President of Business Development at Holt Renfrew. She was instrumental in placing our previous brand into the Hudson’s Bay Department Stores.  

With over 50 years of combined experience in fashion and managing all aspects from manufacturing, design, development, retail and trading.

Contact Information:

Lévi and Reuben

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