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Sep 15, 2016 4:27 PM ET

Archived: TFSbeauty is an online retail store focused on bringing brand name beauty products at the best prices – Our mission is to be the #1 stop for women who are looking for those hard to find & discontinue brand name cosmetics that they love so much

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TFSbeauty, owned by Lukat Group LLC, is an online retail store focused on bringing brand name beauty products at the best prices and obsessed on proving outstanding service. Our main selling channels are Amazon US, Jet.com, eBay, and TFSbeauty.com.

Lukat Group, LLC is a family business founded on 2009 after 2 years of experience on eCommerce, and specifically eBay. Throughout the years, we have increased our presence under the name of TFSbeauty on the most important marketplaces, such as Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon Japan, Amazon UK, Amazon Deutschland, Amazon France, Newegg, Rakuten (former Buy.com), Sears, and TFSbeauty.com, offering a variety of beauty products from the best brands. In addition, we have opened our doors worldwide, offering our products and great service to over 125 countries. By 2016, we have fulfilled over 200,000 orders which represent over 360,000 units.

Our mission at TFSbeauty is to be the #1 stop for women who are looking for those hard to find & discontinue brand name cosmetics that they love so much. We are obsessed in providing our customers with an extraordinary shopping experience by constantly delivering a personalized customers service, great tips and tutorials about our products, the best prices, shipping rates and timings.


Products / Services

Beauty Products

We carry a large variety of discontinued and hard-to-find beauty products which comes from shelf pulls and overstock of big retailers. After a period of time, these big retailers take their cosmetics out of their shelf, to keep with the plan rotation of their merchandise, and then liquidated this merchandise to resellers like us. Therefore, we can find these precious products at great prices and pass those big savings to our special customers. TFSbeauty guarantees that our products are 100% genuine and authentic, ready to wear and enhance your natural beauty. Our dedicated TFSbeauty team does their best to ensure the quality of the products by individually checking them for quality control at all times.



Chief Financial Officer
German Baez

German Baez

German Baez is originally from Venezuela. He moved to the United States back in 2004. He graduates from the University of Florida with a Bachelor in Business Administration with a Major in Finance. He also has a master in General Management from Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. He was Vice President in planning & budgeting for Banco Latino SA (the second largest bank in Venezuela at the time) and CEO of Inversiones Gremar CA, in Venezuela, for 17 years. Altogether, he has over 29 years of experience managing businesses.
German is fluent in Spanish & English. He has very strong skills in business planning modeling, cost analysis and business budgeting, and the ability to transfer complex business financial and management concepts to anyone in the company. You can see his passion for entrepreneurship and business development throughout Lukat Group.

Chief Executive Officer
Eduardo Baez

Eduardo Baez

Eduardo Baez is native from Venezuela. He migrated to United States in 2005 and had live in Gainesville, FL since then, where he completes his Associate Degree on Building Construction Management. Prior to founding Lukat Group, Eduardo has worked on the food industry and the construction industry, and in 2009, he opened his first eBay store with his father German Baez. After a year and a half of selling on eBay, they moved to a warehouse where, together with Bernardo Baez, Lukat Group was born.
His passion about computer systems, technology, and logistics, has helped his education in programming languages like Java and VBA. He is in charge of the development and optimization of the systems by constantly looking for new software and ways to improve optimization in the current systems. Fluent in Spanish and English. His understanding of systems helps him to create and improve processes which translate on cost reduction throughout the different areas of the business.

Chief Operating Officer
Bernardo Baez

Bernardo Baez

Bernardo Baez is originally from Venezuela and moved to the United States back in 2005. He is at his last year to earn his Bachelor’s degree at Saint Leo University in Business Administration with a specialization in Management. At the same time he has been working in conjunction with German Baez & Eduardo Baez to form what is today Lukat Group. Prior working to form Lukat Group, he had worked in retail, restaurant, & catering companies that give him the work ethic and experience which he has used to build a great team among all Lukat Group’s family members. He also speaks Spanish fluently which will be a strong advantage in expanding Lukat Group’s reach in the Hispanic community.
Fluent in Spanish & English. Team building and supervision. Thorough knowledge of the operation process of Lukat Group which he has helped developed through working directly in this process. High creativity in applying esoteric principles to solve real life problems.


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Chief Financial Officer - German Baez

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