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Sep 15, 2016 2:14 PM ET

Archived: Student Loan Advisors Group is a consumer services company that specializes in helping clients reduce or consolidate their Federal Student Loans

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 15, 2016

Student Loan Advisors Group Logo

Student Loan Advisors Group

Irvine, CA 92606, US
Consumer Services

Student Loan Advisors Group is a consumer services company that specializes in helping clients reduce or consolidate their Federal Student Loans. Student Loan Advisors Group takes an integrated approach that addresses the individual needs of clients based on their current financial situation, as well as their distinct type of Federal Loans to help facilitate reducing their monthly payments as much as possible. Even more importantly, by properly structuring the consolidation we are able to help clients achieve the best chance of success for long-term repayment and eventual principal forgiveness. By evaluating the best program under the Department of Education’s guidelines, we provide our clients with advice and support to minimize the cost of student loan debt, and increase their own long-term liquidity through the most optimized payment strategies.


Student Loan Advisors Group creates revenue by assisting our clients in the evaluation and application the Department of Education’s most recent debt relief products such as the Income-Based Repayment (IBR) Program. By helping our clients understand their options, we are able to facilitate the application processes and efficiently guide the client into a reduced payment amount that fits their current financial position. Our expertise in Federal Student Loan consolidation and forgiveness allows us to provide a service where we accept a small origination fee as well as a long term servicing fees creating a very profitable revenue model. Most important, we provide payment consolidation services, so clients pay Student Loan Advisors Group and we make the appropriate payments to the lender on the client’s behalf. This consistent stream of servicing revenue amortized over the client’s loan term (on average 20 years) creates incredible margin and cash flow for a business that provides a very valuable service.

Products / Services

Student Loan Consolidation

We do a comprehensive review of the client’s current financial position along with evaluation of the best Federal Debt Relief product for their current situation. Upon approval, we aggregate our client’s reduced payments and pay the lender on their behalf.

Principal Forgiveness

Our Student Loan Advisors are comprised of industry experts and other financial services professionals who are dedicated to helping you implement the best Department of Education Program available. By maintaining this reduced payment for the term of the client’s loan the potential for principle forgiveness is maximized for our clients.



Director Marketing
Brandon Harshbarger

Brandon Harshbarger is a top tier finance and marketing professional with experience in initial capital funding as well as allocation, business planning, operations and real time analysis. His expertise in the implementation of progressive online marketing strategies along with highly efficient offline (tele-sales) direct sales techniques allows Mr. Harshbarger to identify and monetize unique consumer services that have high growth potential on a massive scale.


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Contact Information:

Brandon Harshbarger

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