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Sep 15, 2016 10:47 AM ET

Archived: HÖMDRY: The Perfect Home Hand Dryer – The 1st Hand Dryer Built For Your Home: Compact, Affordable, Cordless and Environmentally Friendly!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 15, 2016

HÖMDRY: The Perfect Home Hand Dryer

The 1st Hand Dryer Built For Your Home: Compact, Affordable, Cordless and Environmentally Friendly!

A Hand Dryer is something you always see in public restrooms, but never in a home. HÖMDRY is the first Hand Dryer specifically built and designed for your home’s bathroom or kitchen. HÖMDRY is compact, affordable, hygienic, cordless and environmentally friendly. HÖMDRY can be placed on it’s base or mounted on the wall. Eliminate paper towels and dirty rags and support HÖMDRY!

HÖMDRY is the first compact, affordable, hygienic, cordless and environmentally friendly Home Hand Dryer. 







As we continue to introduce HÖMDRY and break down all the beneficial and revolutionary features, we will first explain the problems HÖMDRYaddresses:

  • 99.9% of the population uses either, some sort of reusable towelpaper towel or nothing at all to dry their hands after washing them in their home whether it be in their kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere.
  • The problem with drying your hands with a reusable towel is that unless you wash the towel after every use, it will build up with germs and bacteria, making cleaning your hands counter-productive.

 photo ezgif.com-optimize_zpsitfbkcwi.gif

  • Bacteria needs three elements to thrive: organic materialwarmth and moisture and a used towel provides all three.
  • Towels pick up dead skin cells, get wet and sit in warm and moist conditions in the bathroom.
  • This makes them the perfect home for bacteria.
  • Using paper towels to dry your hands is not an environmentally conscious, hygienic, and financially responsible option.

  • According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 28.5% of municipal solid waste produced is paper waste.
  • By using HÖMDRY you will significantly lower your carbon footprint and solid waste production.


  • In fact, up to 88% of unused paper towels in the U.S. contain bacteria, which can transfer to your hands. 


  • The cost of using HÖMDRY is up to 97% cheaper yearly than using paper towels. 


  •  Currently there are alternatives for your home:

  • Unfortunately, they are expensiveclumsywiredvery difficult to install, in other words there is nothing available that is Built Home Conscious™ likeHÖMDRY.

  • Built Home Conscious™ means a product is specifically designed and engineered for home and personal use.
  • There are many products that are dual use: commercial and personal use.
  • However, to be Built Home Conscious™ a product needs to meet certain criteria to be perfectly suited for home use.


1. Space Conscious

  • HÖMDRY is specifically sized to fit comfortably in a home bathroom or home kitchen.  


  • Standing on it’s base, HÖMDRY is 17.91 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide and 9.51 inches deep.  


  • Mounted on the wall, HÖMDRY is 22.64 inches tall, 6.13 inches wide and 9.14 inches deep.


 2. Easy Installation

  • HÖMDRY comes with everything you need to easily set up on the standing dock and has an easy mounting kit for wall use.
  • A manual for setup is included, but not needed.
  • What’s in the box?  Everything below.


3. Learning Curve

  • HÖMDRY has little to no learning curve for first time use.

  • HÖMDRY’s ON button is triggered by its hand sensor placed exactly where your hands need to be.


 4. Life Cycle

  • HÖMDRY is equipped with a lithium-ion battery.
  • On a full charge the wireless battery lasts 1,920 session, and an average of 480 days or 1.3 years.


5. Maintenance  

  • The only hands-on maintenance needed is taking out the HEPA filter once every 3 months and cleaning it for under 20 seconds.

 photo ezgif.com-resize 1_zpsnmpdtred.gif


 6. Accessibility

  • HÖMDRY’s wireless functionality is specifically engineered to be used standing on your counter or mounted on your wall.


360° View of HÖMDRY and it’s components:

 photo output_CSfgAk_zpsaz6tncri.gif







  • Place HÖMDRY with base on your kitchen or bathroom counter.


  • Use the included mounting kit to secure your mount on wall and place HÖMDRY with its external battery onto the wall mount.


  • After washing your hands, place hands underneath the hood of HÖMDRY.
  • Built in sensor will detect your hands and automatically run a patented session of Warm Air and UV Blue Light.
  • Heated HEPA filtered air will blow out at 2x the speed of a normal industrial hand dryer.


  • After 16 seconds.
  • Dry and clean hands.


  • Each session last 16 seconds.
  • Our patented process blows heated air the entire 16 seconds and shines our Blue UV Light for the last 8 seconds of each session.
  • Blue UV Light is safe on skin and proven to kill bacteria soap can miss.
  • Charging time takes 3 hours for a full battery.
  • HÖMDRY is safe and the most environmentally cautious option to drying your hands in your home.
  • HÖMDRY is currently the only hand dryer Built Home Conscious™.

Color Options:

  • Available in CHROME (Left)
  • Available in GLOSSY CLEAN WHITE (Right)
  • Limited Quantity Available in MATTE BLACK (Center)

Additional Information:


  • Included in each box is a built in, removable, reusable custom HEPA filter

  • Easily remove your filter to clean once every 3 months.


  • Included in each box is charging port that doubles as a stand.

  • Easily charge your HÖMDRY when battery is low.


  • Each box includes an external battery that serves as a second battery whileHÖMDRY is in the wall mount position.
  • Easily Slide the bottom of HÖMDRY into the external battery when using on the wall mount.

  • The external battery is designed so HÖMDRY can be charged while on the wall and never needed to be removed.



Stretch Goals:

Check back here as the project progresses to find out more about our planned secret perks.

We have some in mind that we think you’re going to love!




About Us:

We’re a team with a straightforward vision.  We love building products that solve real world problems.  Our team focuses on innovative, futuristic items.  HÖMDRYwas one of those ideas that just clicked instantly.  We couldn’t figure out why we had never seen a hand dryer in anyone’s home. After researching, we learned that there is nothing built for a home – from all aspects including: size, cost and practicality.  Also, from our research we learned about all the environmental benefits of using a hand dryer instead of paper towels.  As well, we learned about the sanitary benefits of hand dryers over reusable towels.  This was a no brainer and we were excited.  We channeled our excitement and built an amazing product!

What We Bring To The Table:

We’ve had an amazing journey coming to where we are today with HÖMDRY, and now feel confident we will deliver a true life changing product in a timely matter.  We have extensive skills in the following areas:

  • Manufactoring
  • Design
  • Leadership
  • Retail
  • Project Management

Our Leadership:

Eddie Btesh, CEO, has owned and sold an online business selling electronics in 1999.  Since, he has been leading and advising in various tech ventures.

Jason Rosenbaum, CTO, sold an app development tech company and has since been heavily involved in product development and design.

Kim Lewandowski, COO, has been responsible for bringing over 150 products to market in the last 20 years.

Early Concepts:






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Risks and Challenges:

The main challenge we face is getting production cost low enough to hit our target price. Based on our set goal, we will be able to produce at an affordable rate. Our team has a combined 100+ years working with manufacturers and hitting key delivery dates with major retailers.

We are working with a trusted manufacturer that our team has developed and produced products with for over 12 years.

We are excited to continue to share the HÖMDRY journey with you

Contact Information:


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