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Sep 15, 2016 12:01 PM ET

Archived: The Chromoxome – Music social media hub for artist, record labels, and fans

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 15, 2016
Music social media hub for artist, record labels, and fans.
Music social media hub for artist, record labels, and fans.

About this project

The above image is the “Artist Dashboard Page”. From this page you will be able to remove/upload tracks, look at sales, check your notifications, update your profile, and so much more! *We will be adding a statistical graph along with other additions in the future with your help.

This is the Chromoxome “Home Page”. You will be able to login, use the search function, sign up, view top selling artist, and check out new releases. *Future additions will be added to this page.

Have a project you want to collab on? You can communicate with other artists’ and fellow producers. Fans too. There will also be a “Forums Page” for all in the Chromoxome Community to communicate with each other!

Never miss a beat! We have a notification system. Get updates wherever you are. 

  • We are raising funds to cover the cost of the website and the testing.     
  • We have a group of artists and producers who are willing to submit music to support raising funds for the Chromoxome.                                                               
  • We are building a social media platform where independent artists and music labels can upload and sell their music, merchandise, and other products.                                                               
  • We want the artists and the fans to be able to connect on a personal level if they choose. We want producers and artists to link up and create magic. Which is why we added a direct messaging system, a comment section, as well as a forum.                                                             

Help us create a platform designed as: 

• a spot for donations to independent artists

• a place to search, listen, purchase new music and products 

• And a social online community where artists, labels, and fans can communicate on a deeper level with support, collaborations, and sharing ideas.

Here is what a few artists had to say about the support from the Chromoxome through Facebook and other social network platforms.


Risks and challenges

One of the problems we may encounter when the Chromoxome platform is operational is traffic.
We have a good line up of artists and producers but the challenge would be bringing in the fans.
We plan to overcome this obstacle by promoting the Chromoxome day and night.
We plan on hiring a marketing team who can successfully help us reach our launch target.
Within the first month of launch we hope to secure 1000 loyal fans.
We will use our social media fan base as well as google analytics to advertise the Chromoxome.
We have put every single penny into this project and have a lot riding on this.
With hard work and perseverance anyone can overcome anything, failure can NOT be an option.
Thank you all for your support!

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