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Sep 13, 2016 12:04 PM ET

Archived: STEPP I Your Real-Time Running Coach Helps You Run Better: A real-time wearable that speaks to you as you run & pushes you to achieve your goals and ideal running zone.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 13, 2016

STEPP I Your Real-Time Running Coach Helps You Run Better

STEPP is a real-time wearable that speaks to you as you run & pushes you to achieve your goals and ideal running zone.

About this project



When it comes to running, many concerns can arise for those aiming to maximize efficiency. Without an accredited expert’s feedback, one can be engaging in improper form resulting in more harm than good. Stepp is the first wearable technology that maps out your entire lower limb motion while you run. With this in ear coach, you get real-time, actionable feedback about your running form and your likelihood of injury. Get world-class, personalized coaching on the go!


Our running matrix is composed of the following parameters  





 See what it feels like to run with STEPP through the eyes of one of our beta testers.

 project video thumbnail



For the past five years, we have developed STEPP in collaboration with scientists working in gait analysis labs. Our objective in the design process was to use cutting edge technology to create a product that can meet the needs of any type of runner.  

So whether you are a professional athlete or a casual runner, STEPP is ready to help you set targets through personalized suggestions.  





We often overlook these crucial first steps resulting in excess strain to the body. STEPP makes them a priority so now you can finish strong.


Consistently analyzing your every motion, STEPP works towards keeping track of overpronation, heel strikes, and other mistakes that can cost you.


Provides a solution to difficulties such as increasing cadence, maintaining pace and much more. This all helps push you towards improving your form and stamina


Keeping up with an experienced runner or even comparing your stats with overseas coach is now so much more convenient 



 Unlock unique data points such as feet contact angle, contact time-fly ratio and other running essentials. No longer should you settle on knowing your record times alone. Train harder with the knowledge of how your particular metrics can affect your performance


 Be more critical of yourself in your personal evaluation and work on getting passed the roadblocks. With our post analysis, you’ll be able to track data on the go while keeping your running history in mind. Track every single step and maximize efficiency.


Train smarter and better! With STEPP, you can share your data with friends, trainers & coaches. No longer will you need to to travel far or adjust your schedule to run with your peers. Run any time and anywhere while staying connected.  



No longer do you need to drive 30min just to monitor a client and/or student. STEPP’s advanced motion capture technology will digitize your trainee’s movements enabling you to give data-driven feedback from anywhere. Distance and time zone will NOT be an obstacle anymore.Share your knowledge and experience with people across different states and countries. Track their performance and know how well they are following your instructions.  











STEPP comes with an iOS & Android app. When running, be wary of the two major sources of injury: bad running form and overtraining. Now run with real-time actionable feedback to fix those bad habits. You can stay alert and keep track of your fatigue on the go.

After running, devour the post-analysis to review and share your performance data with friends or coaches. You also get to select fun drills, challenges and work on the exercise suggestions. Use the app to set your training goals, review your running history and customize your experience.


Let STEPP be your guide to a safe and carefree run. Unlock wearable motion metrics that have never before been made available. Our unique algorithm keeps track of your every single movement and gives you data that was previously only accessible in a biomechanics lab. 

Inspired by advanced technology tested in gait-analysis labs, we have developed a solution composed of 3 smart sensors that tracks your left feet, right feet and hip movements while delivering real-time feedback through your earphone about how to improve your performance.

Motion capture systems were previously only accessible for top level athlete. Combined with sensor network technology and biomechanics science, STEPP provides the most complete insight of your running 

It`s not about how many steps you should take every day but HOW you take each step that matters. That’s why STEPP takes a 360 degree image of everything waist down as you run and now you can examine the differences between your right and left leg performance. 

Coaches cannot run with you 24/7, but STEPP can. It will keep an eye on your running form and fatigue level. When you are doing it right, STEPP will motivate you to push harder but will also call a halt if you are close to injury.



Here is elaborating on the process through which STEPP makes real-time coaching so much more effective and efficient.


The complicated science of Biomechanics is now made simple with STEPP. Here is a thorough view on the technology behind it. 




Here is what you will get if you pledge now

You are the end user hence we want to show our love by offering you a personalized STEPP package. Go ahead and pick your most favourite combination of sensor, sensor sleeve and charging case colours!





Our objective is to bridge the gap between advanced gait analysis technologies and to widen the range of wearables available to regular runners today. Here is a sneak peek of how we intend to execute it. 

In order to execute this vision and reach this stage today we were able to connect to a lot of worthy collaborators and build amazing relationships. In our aspirations to launch this vision, we have molded numerous partnerships and relationships.  

Firstly we are a proud alumni of HAX accelerator batch 8. HAX is the largest hardware accelerator. Our batch had 15 teams chosen from around 500 applications. This privilege is one that served as an immense booster for us.  

We spent 4 months at the location where most hardwares are made: Shenzhen, China. Around us, there were HAX mentors and experts from various areas like industrial design firms, marketing firms and manufacturers who had the experience working with previous batches allowing us to thrive in the most complete hardware ecosystem of Shenzhen.  

Here are the list of other special collaborators who made this possible. 

We cherish these partnerships and hope they continue to aid in our future. A shout out to all the beta testers whose eager support and insightful suggestions helped us shape our user experiences. Now it’s your turn to join the cause! Jump on the bandwagon and together let’s make a better world for runners!

The funding will be mainly used on the following parts:  

A. cost of materials and manufacturing. This is the major part of cost. We need to pay for the electronic parts and raw materials in advance. Manufacturing and assembly also takes up a bulk of the expense  

B. certification fees. To fulfill all regulations of different parts of the world, some certification are needed. This includes but is not limited to CE, FCC, MFi, UL, RoHs etc.  

We are hoping to raise $70k and achieve a key milestone in our journey. Kickstarter gives us the unique opportunity to harness our technology in a more supportive and collaborative environment where backers like you are there rooting for us and making our dreams your own.  

With such love also comes a responsibility and we promise that your pledged money would be used wisely to manufacture the best quality product and excellent service you deserve. We want to get your support and also hear your opinion. So spread the word and share the love. Let’s do this together!  

Risks and challenges

First time mass production of any product is always a challenge when it comes to processes like manufacturing and supply chain logistics. Though we set the shipping time to be 10 months to avoid any possible disappointments but we do acknowledge the probability of delay which will be mainly caused by following aspects:


Some certifications are required, such as MFi, U.L, CE, RoHS and others. The processing time for getting them can vary a lot.

Quality control

Mechanical strength of the soft parts, color consistency, injection and ultra sonic welding, etc requires adjustments to achieve a good and consistent quality. As it is our priority to deliver the best quality product to you we will also be checking every unit before shipping.


There is no limit to improving your user experience and we will never stop putting effort to ensure you get the best service.

That being said, luckily we also have the appropriate resources to avert it.

Our team has been working on STEPP for years dividing our product development between Singapore and China. Based on rigorous iterations and feedback from runners testing our product we have progressed further in our aim to deliver the best product we can.

We have worked with our trusted partners to develop and manufacture our current prototypes and now stand in the final stages of production. Our mentors and partners are expert in the areas involving industrial design, DFM, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and others pertaining to production. We have been working closely with them in the past 8 months and they are currently helping us streamline our manufacturing processes in order to minimize any additional risk in future.

And also, now we have YOU, our supportive and beloved kickstarter backers, running along us. With your valuable feedback and helpful suggestions we can deliver a revolutionary product

Together, WE can make STEPP come to live.

Contact Information:

VST Technology

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