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Sep 12, 2016 8:18 AM ET

Archived: Intelligent Cranium Helmets LLC (ICH): A technologically advanced and smart motorcycle helmet

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 12, 2016

Intelligent Cranium Helmets LLC (ICH) Logo

Intelligent Cranium Helmets LLC (ICH)

Woodbridge, VA 22192, US
Consumer Products

ICH is developing a technologically advanced and smart motorcycle helmet. We are integrating available technologies into a helmet giving a rider a 210° view around them and enable them to take advantage of everything their smartphone has to offer.

ICH has brought together a select handful of experienced US Army and US Air Force Veterans, Development Engineers, and energetic, young talent. By leveraging the core staff’s over 50 years of experience in development and acquisition programs, ICH is positioned to become a major competitor in the motorcycle/scooter rider safety industry. Enormous helmet markets exist both in the United States and abroad, and no product currently available or in development combines technological advancements as our patent-pending helmet. ICH will leverage our unique design, dedicated staff, and a strong business plan to build market share within the safety equipment industry.

The innovative, patent-pending designs from ICH have received significant press coverage from high level media outlets such as Gizmag, The MotorCycyleMag, Top Speed, and The Ride Advice. The initial public release of the iC-R concept resulted in amazing reviews from riders and those that share in the passion of what our product will provide for riders all over the world. These riders are:

• Raving about how unique and needed this product is
• Voluntarily providing feedback in support of the advancement of the iC-R project through the company’s custom Rider Survey/Questionnaire
• Inquiring about when the product will available for sale

The iC-R concept received over 30,000 views via social media in its week 1 public release. In a little over a month after its public release, the iC-R concept has reached over 98,000 views via social media, and that figure continues to climb. The iC-R concept video has also received interest from several private Department of Defense entities for use in military application.

Products / Services

iC-R (Intelligent Cranium Helmet – Rider Edition)

• Two transparent heads-up LCD Displays. The heads-up display lenses will provide a projected split view of all real time video streaming from the two rear-view cameras, as well as mobile software related functions such as incoming calls, navigation, rider speed, rider telemetry, etc.
• LED Interior Notification Lighting. The LEDs will provide proximity alerts to the rider.
• Software Center. The software suite will consist of Bluetooth/LE, over the air software updates, Open SDK capabilities (for custom mobile application development), user customization interfaces, etc.
• Two rear-view cameras. The two strategically-placed cameras share a total 210° field of view allowing the rider to see a wider view of what is behind him or her, completely removing the need for the rider to take his or her eyes off the road ahead.
• Power Port. The power port will be built into the rear of the helmet, will be the primary power source, and will allow the helmet and all internal components to be



Chief Executive Officer
Ambrose Dodson

Ambrose Dodson has 11 total combined years of Project Support, Logistics, Web Design, & Tech Support experience. He was a critical part in the successful deployment of 65+ Cellular Data Benchmark test vehicles for Global Wireless Solutions Inc., serving as Project Support Team Lead & Logistics Specialist. His passion is fixing problems and finding ways to make things truly better for people. He is dedicated & determined to bringing to market the smartest and most technologically advanced situational awareness motorcycle helmet for riders across the globe.

Chief Operating Officer
Anthony Dodson

Anthony Dodson is a former, Airborne, Armor and Acquisition Officer who served in the military for 23+ years as a Commissioned Officer, and retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel as an Acquisition professional in the Army. Anthony is a twenty-three year Acquisition Professional with a Level 3 certification in Program Management and a graduate of National Louis University with a Master’s of Science in Human Resources Development.

Chief Technology Officer
Brandon Hostetter

Brandon is a highly accomplished veteran of asymmetric operations with 8 years of progressive success in project management, technology development, innovation and advising. He is a known collaborator who has successfully managed numerous cross-functional teams throughout his 11 years in leadership roles. He has demonstrated great success in the strategic planning and program execution associated with complex, multi-million dollar development efforts. Brandon is a creative problem solver with an innate ability to identify customer needs, engage key stakeholders and align technology solutions with strategic business objectives. He is adept at developing proposals as well as conducting cost and technical analysis. He is well versed in key managerial competencies such as critical thinking, strategic management, systems engineering, organizational theory and design, resourcing and budgeting.

Chief Financial Officer
Robert Irvine

Rob is a former Air Force Captain who has served as a senior budget & financial analyst, lead & senior cost analyst, & comptroller for the Combined Joint Forces within the U.S. & abroad. He has over 15 years financial analysis & cost analysis, over 7 years of experience in multi-billion dollar programs. Rob can provide acquisition, financial, & cost analysis leadership & support to programs in all stages of their life cycles, as well as overall organizational budget execution support & expertise. He is knowledgeable in the analysis requisite to demonstrate the costs and benefits associated with an acquisition objective & successful financial execution. Rob earned 6 individual performance decorations while in the Air Force, including Cost Analyst of the Year, Financial Analyst of the Year, & Executive-Level Manager of the Quarter. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Maryland & a Master’s degree in Cost Analysis from the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Chief Engineering
Navin Mathur

Navin is an Electrical Engineer with over 20 years of experience developing systems that include complex hardware, algorithms, and software components. Navin is currently supporting efforts in the Defense Industry for the development of soldier-borne precision targeting capability. A successful completion of this effort will have evolutionary impact in the area of navigation. Navin has developed features in aviation systems that are used for inspection of aircraft navigation and landing equipment at an aiport. Navin has been involved in the design and development of system used for landing aircrafts – a safety-of-life application. Navin has supported several product developments at various aviation Industries, US Defense Industries, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), US Army, and DARPA.

Russ Irvine

Russell J Irvine Jr is a former US Air Force Airman and an accomplished electrical/systems
engineer. For the past 14+ years, he has worked for Lockheed Martin supporting a number of technically advanced and challenging programs including navigation and gravity systems, and space systems. More specifically, he has worked as the senior production and assembly specialist of gravity gradiometer systems and a member of Launch Team Operations for FLT-02 and FLT-03 of the THAAD anti-ballistic missile system. He has experience in all phases of development program including component level troubleshooting and repair of first article circuit card assemblies, creating test procedures for production and R&D systems, and 3D solid modeling, design, and documentation. Russ has earned Associates Degrees in Business and Electronic Systems Technology, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Stoney Brook University. He is an avid motorcycle rider and technician.












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Ambrose Dodson

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