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Sep 12, 2016 7:04 PM ET

Archived: Nicoma Park Elementary School, Choctaw, OK: Added Technological Support – My students need added technological support to aid them in visual and kinesthetic learning

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 12, 2016

Added Technological Support


My students need added technological support to aid them in visual and kinesthetic learning.

My Students

We are a class of 27 active students. We are a diverse class with many cultures, socioeconomic statuses, and family dynamics represented. My students learn in a variety of ways but my main focus is to make sure my kids are up and moving. I do this throughout the day to keep them involved and engaged no matter what subject I am teaching.

My students are active learners who learn best through movement and music.

I incorporate music in our everyday routine from transitions, to thinking music, brain breaks, and songs to reinforce skills. I encourage students to get up and dance; and find songs and movements to engage the whole brain.

My students are encouraged to take control of their own learning. We engage in lots of whole group and small discussion groups. I have found that students can learn so much from each other, so I am always having kids talk through skills together. I try to instill in my kids that they are in charge of what they learn and no one can take away the power of knowledge.

My Project

My students need added technological support through a document camera and a wireless speaker. A document camera will aid students visually by allowing them to see or work through lessons that are not accessible through our Smartboard. I will be using it daily with special emphasis on our Phonics curriculum. A wireless speaker will allow me to use music to engage and move students easily throughout our school day. I will use added music in transitions, brain breaks, thinking music, and added songs to reinforce skills being taught (days of the week songs, super e songs, counting by 10’s songs, etc). A wireless speaker will allow added time to focus on skills needed, and not limit me to using certain outlets that require constant access.

Contact Information:

Mrs. McBryde
Nicoma Park Elementary School
Choctaw, OK
Grades PreK-2

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