If you’ve ever lost yourself to the magic of a story, “Intrepid” is for you. We’re making this film as a way to celebrate and give back to the magical world of storytelling! “Intrepid” is the adventure of a young witch who must learn to appreciate her roots in order to realize her true strength.


About The Project

Intrepid” is about a brilliant and overly ambitious witch named Hazel. In an effort to make her senior thesis unforgettable, she attempts to steal Merlin’s ancient book of spells from her magical college’s library! When the library unleashes an army of legendary guardians, will Hazel escape alive, graduate Le Fay University and, most importantly, realize her own strength?


We are really enthusiastic about this film. It’s our love letter to the magical world of storytelling! We all grew up reading books and watching kids on screen find the magic that comes from believing in yourself.


“Intrepid” will be our senior thesis here at Chapman University, and just like Hazel, we want to make our thesis unforgettable! When “Intrepid” is complete, we plan to enter it into film festivals across the country and pitch it to movie studios and investors to turn it into a feature film.


With your help, we can make “Intrepid” as extraordinary as it can be! Our goal is to raise $12,000. This money would go towards many different things in our budget, including lots of charming costumes, marvelous makeup, phenomenal props, lovely locations, enchanted equipment, and (most importantly) fantastical food for the courageous crew! 


We can’t wait to share this enchanting story with you. But we need your help to make this dream a reality. Contribute to “Intrepid” and become part of the team today!

Current Team

Emily Fong
Unit Production Manager
Amelia Nista
Visual Effects Supervisor
Alberto Achar
Production Designer
Alexa Tuttle
Bryce Cyrier