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Sep 7, 2016 7:47 AM ET

Archived: Twin Willows Construction LLC is currently developing the first solar and energy efficient community of its kind in the US in Knoxville, TN

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 7, 2016

Twin Willows Construction LLC  Logo

Twin Willows Construction LLC

Knoxville , TN 37932, US
Real Estate

Twin Willows Construction LLC is currently developing the first solar and energy efficient community of its kind in the US in Knoxville, TN. Willows Pointe displays a revolutionary proprietary solar and energy efficient construction design which implements the combination of 11 existing renewable energy materials including the use of Dow POWERHOUSE solar shingles (Dow is currently one of TWC’s top corporate sponsors). Twin Willows is the first construction firm in the Southeastern United States to receive and utilize solar shingle technology on a wide , full development scale (the owner of Twin Willows ,Adam Hutsell , has the first home in the state of TN equipped with solar shingles thanks to Dow). The other unique aspect of the Twin Willows design is the target buying market is middle income American consumers through the most affordable application of these technologies ever. Last year Twin Willows debuted their design on 5 new construction homes, all of which sold out in 37 days. They are currently implementing the phase 1 infrastructure for their 74 unit Willows Pointe Community. With national level sponsor such as Dow, Ferguson, 84 Lumber and Caterpillar their affordable, never before built design has attracted the attention of HGTV, The Pew Research Institute, TN Solar Energy Association, The Tennessee Valley Authority and all of the local print and television media outlets. With a diversified business model ranging from construction and development for residential and commercial property to retrofitting their proprietary design to existing property and all the way to wholesale and retail spray foam services, their model is designed to insulate against any economic climate and provide solar and energy efficient products and services at record low rates (currently TWC is 60% more affordable than local retrofitting competitors and 70% more affordable than local spray foam competitors ). Due to this market dominance Twin Willows created a franchise model.






Products / Services

Solar and energy efficient products and services

Construction and retrofitting of residential and commercial properties utilizing a proprietary 11 renewable energy design application that targets middle income consumers and business owners. Twin willows diversified model consists of residential and commercial solar retrofitting services, wholesale and retail new and retrofitting spray foam services, some standard construction and renovation , consulting and residential and commercial development. Because of the diversification Twin Willows can take an all encompassing approach to the soar and energy efficient products and selfies market and price retrofitting serif des so aggressively that single service competitors in Any market will simply not be able to compete. Pricing for solar and spray foam new construction and retrofitting is set at such a competitive price (letting construction and development pull the lions share load for revenue and cash flow) they are 60% more affordable than all local single service competitors.



Managing Director Executive Officer
Adam Hutsell

Adam HutsellAdam Hutsell is the founder and owner if Twin Willows Construction LLC and retains 100% ownership to this day. Mr. Hutsell extensive 6 years background in Commercial Banking have played a tremendous role in the immediate initial success of TWC. During his banking career he won Chairmans Team award honors in only his second year of banking (finishing top 20 out of 620 commercial bankers). He then went on the finish as the number one commercial banker in the entire company two years later with First TN Bank. After being recruited by a Fortune 500 capital equipment firm IDEXX, focused on veterinary technology whom maintains 83% international market share and 91% market share in North America) he quickly rose to the top of the sales ranks finishing as the number one capital equipment rep in the word q1 2013. Later than same year Mr. Hutsell would make President Club before making his hasty exit to operate and manage the explosive initial growth being experienced by Twin Willows.


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