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Sep 7, 2016 6:55 AM ET

Archived: Third Millennium Materials, LLC: TM2 (TM Squared) a materials company formed to develop carbon/metal materials called covetics

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 7, 2016

Third Millennium Materials, LLC Logo

Third Millennium Materials, LLC

Waverly, OH 45690, US

TM2 (TM Squared) a materials company formed in 2005 to develop carbon/metal materials called covetics (named in 2010). The first patent issued by USPTO January 2013, five additional patents issued in 2013 with more patent-pending. The patents describe materials within a new class of materials called covetics, where carbon at the nano-scale is infused and bonded with base metals and their alloys in a single phase which cannot be separated by re-melting. The nanocarbon bonding allows tailoring of the finished covetic by adjusting carbon content and post processing to enhance the properties of the base metal such as conductivities, durability, and corrosion resistance. The first $5M investment in TM2 was used to secure composition of matter patents, to develop production procedures and robotics for repeatable control, to setup a studio/research lab (in Dayton, OH), and to develop an understanding of the “covetic” bond and the properties of covetics (first peer-reviewed paper submitted November 2013 by University of Maryland under Academic Research License from TM2). Market research has been performed in numerous industries following the traditional metals segments of copper, silver, gold and aluminum as well as analysis of the nanocarbon markets concentrating on graphene, CNTs and other carbon allotropes. Covetics have been shown to contain sp2 and sp3 nanocarbon structures and graphene-like nanoribbons, which enhance many properties of the base metal. Enhanced properties of covetics, when fully developed, will replace metals in many applications. Silver covetics, for instance, is very easy to work with, casts into finer part geometry, hardens beyond pure silver without alloying and resists tarnish well beyond fine silver. Copper covetics can carry much higher current density, with higher tensile strength and resists corrosion better than pure copper. Capital to acquire production equipment to apply covetics into specific products is being raised.


Products / Services

Engineered and tailored covetic material products

Custom produced covetics in product forms, such as thin films for conductive surfaces, covetic wire for jewelry and electronic circuitry, Silvond TM for custom art and jewelry. Niche applications requiring solutions of previously unsolvable enhanced material properties. Product application companies are being created which have exclusive use of covetics for that specific application and market. Covetic design training, covetic processing services and specialized covetic reactors for daughter companies.



Managing Director Operating Officer
Louis A. Luedtke

Louis A. LuedtkeGeneral manager of technical companies, developing strategic and tactical plans, market analysis and executive business development.

Executive Vice President Technology Officer
Harry Couch

Harry CouchRetired General Motors research manager focused on process chemistry and scale-up.

Group Leader/Lead Science/Scientist
Melbs Lemieux

Melbs LemieuxChief films scientist with nano particle experience and training from Stanford University.


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Company Age Employees Sub-Industry
11 years, 3 months 5 Other Materials


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Contact Information:

Lou Luedtke

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